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Nicole Here – Owner of Sweet Stamp Shop

I’ve noticed, after 10+ years in the industry and 3+ years selling and producing my art — how hard it is to break the ‘barrier’… It feels like our industry is really ‘closed off’ to educating each other on **how** to chase our dreams. Years ago, I showed a stamp company some of my sketches (I even forget exactly why I showed them) — but, the owner loved them and offered to buy them from me…. buy sketches?! You mean, I could sell my art?! How do I start to do that – what computer programs do I need – how hard are they to learn? What do I need to know for the craft industry?! —- I had a million questions, and I was mostly alone. I stumbled through opening and starting my own stamp line and I learned A LOT the hard way. I met other people just like me – and we began to commiserate how ‘closed off’ our industry really is to helping EACH OTHER! I knew when I got to a place where I could – I wanted to HELP. But, it had to be the right time – the right opportunity – and the right people.

Over the years of building Sweet Stamp Shop – we’ve had designers share stamp ideas and even share private sketch books of ideas they’ve had. I started to realize just how many designers out there had thought about – wished – hoped – even dreamed of starting a product line – but, simply – didn’t know where to start. Like me, they were intimidated by an industry that seemed full of professionally educated artist and allowed their personal insecurities to get in the way of asking HOW.

Recently, Sweet Stamp Shop has brought on a new illustrator Alyssa Bennett – and as Alyssa and I were talking – sharing tips and tricks on illustrating… we thought, we have something special to share here! We have YEARS of *self taught* design experience that is specific to our craft industry – and we can really empower other designers to chase their dreams without all the ‘hard way’ lessons we learned. We sat down and created the outline to an ‘intern’ program that benefits our designer friends and also allows us the opportunity to finally ‘give back’ to a community we love!

We started our first intern group towards the end of 2013 and it’s been such an amazing experience we’ve decided to make our intern program more ‘official’.. We’ll be accepting new interns every three months – please feel free to email us if you’re interested in applying. info@sweetstampshop.com

Below are our current interns – we’ll be producing stamps for them for a few months and helping them find a more ‘full time’ home in the industry. So, please follow them and support them as they chase their dreams!

Take a moment to click on the designers picture to visit their blog and hear more about their journey through the intern program!





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  1. Becky says:

    This is amazing and it shows what a truly giving person you are! Empowering OTHER people is a gift that not everyone is blessed with. Just one more reason to love you! 🙂

  2. Chelsea R says:

    What a wonderful idea Nicole. You are the definition of sweet. I knew there was something special about you right from the beginning, and I feel lucky to have watched your business grow so much. Your success is so well deserved.

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  4. Nicole, it is so amazing of you to do this, just out of the goodness of your heart! You’re so inspiring, and I am so encouraged by your drive and willingness to help others. this program sounds like exactly what this industry needs to bring in fresh faces… hopefully, I will be one of them one day! Looking forward to seeing what Sweet Stamp Shop has in store for the future!! xx Michelle

  5. Lyndal says:

    Sounds FABULOUS!!!! Huge CONGRATS to you Nicole 🙂

  6. leslieharvey says:

    Lisa and Brit’s photos don’t click through. Just a heads up. THIS IS EXCITING!

  7. cschaan says:

    What an interesting and unique offering. I love that you share what you know.

  8. kmcorby says:

    It’s cool that you want to give back. I don’t think I’m ready yet, but I might apply in the future.

  9. konarose says:

    Wow, may you be ever blessed. You are not insecure or in fear. Rather you are self-taught and willing to share. Those are the people who make the world cohesive, expressive and courageous!!!! I just love your generosity and empowering others.

  10. Kim A, says:

    You are amazing and giving and another reason that I just LOVE your stuff!!!

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