Sweet Tombow Dual Brush Tutorial 9 Thanh wm

The fun with Tombow Dual Brush Pens is still going strong! We are halfway through the week with more inspiration coming your way. Our contributor team is having a great time creating with these ‘brush lettering pens’ and we still have plenty of tricks up our sleeves.


If you missed the other posts so far, you have some catch up to do:

  1. Coloring on Watercolor paper
  2. Creating Watercolor Backgrounds

Today, Thanh Vo, is going to be showing you how she creates a beautifully blended background to create several cards at a time.

About the markers, Thanh says:

For many years, I’ve been eyeing the Dual Brush pens and saw over and over again how so many different people would create beautiful things with them. I was inspired, but also scared. Being a self declared perfectionist, I normally don’t dabble into things unknown, lol. I’m glad to say that part of the fun was actually experimenting with the markers and seeing just how many different ways I could create backgrounds with all the colours!

Sweet Tombow Dual Brush Tutorial 2 Thanh wm

To create the watercolor brush stoke look, Thanh laid down the colors of the rainbow from the Bright Palette set on an clear acetate sheet that is a little larger than an A2 regular card. Thanh continues:

It’s so quick and easy! All you have to do is scribble and overlap the colors so they bleed into each other and blend well on to the cardstock.

Sweet Tombow Dual Brush Tutorial 1 Thanh wm

The next step is to use a spray bottle and lightly mist the acetate sheet with all the colors. See that beady look? Yup, that’s what it’s supposed to look like!

Sweet Tombow Dual Brush Tutorial 3 Thanh wm

Take your piece of cardstock or watercolor paper and smoosh it up against the acetate sheet. Press firmly. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re doing this on a surface that can easily be washed off or that you won’t mind getting messy.

Sweet Tombow Dual Brush Tutorial 4 Thanh wm Sweet Tombow Dual Brush Tutorial 5 Thanh wm

Thanh has a confession:

So… I didn’t actually have any watercolor paper on me when I was creating. I ended up using a heavy cardstock instead, but don’t worry – it all works out in the end. The cardstock will curve and will need to dry. You may quicken the drying time by running your cardstock underneath a heat gun. Your cardstock may still be a bit warped, but you will be adhering that down onto your card base and it will straighten out.

Sweet Tombow Dual Brush Tutorial 6 Thanh wm

The Tombow Mono Adhesive Runner has been a favorite of Thanh’s for years! It’s light and compact and perfect for taking on the go.Sweet Tombow Dual Brush Tutorial 12 Thanh wm

Here’s another ‘galaxy/starry night’ themed background that Thanh created. Now she has several of these lying around to be made into cards for the future.

Sweet Tombow Dual Brush Tutorial 13 Thanh wm

Some final thoughts from Thanh on creating these backgrounds:

I’m bad at this myself, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and have fun! Get messy because there is no ‘right way’ of creating these backgrounds using these markers!

What did you think; does it look easy enough? What are some other colorful combinations can you think of and what themes would you create?

Don’t forget – the Tombow team is playing along with us this week, too! Follow @TombowUSA on Instagram for more inspiration and of course, if you don’t follow Sweet already, here’s our Instagram, too.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for more inspiration! Make it a great day.

Supplies Used:
Sweet Stamp Shop
Birthday Sentiments
Life is Sweet
Starry Night
Sticky Paws

Dual Brush Pen Art Markers
Mono Permanent Adhesive Applicator

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Welcome back, readers! This is our second post in our week-long collaboration with Tombow USA. If you missed yesterday’s post, be sure to check out Mamie’s sweet shaker card.


We’re talking ALL about backgrounds today and  our contributor, Mayra Duran-Hernandez shows you a super easy AND quick technique to create your own marbled watercolor backgrounds using those fabulous Brush Pens.

Even though Mayra had never tried the Tombow markers before, they completely resonated with her:

“Let me be honest: I am in LOVE with these markers!”


Mayra Tombow 1

This is how Mayra created her backgrounds:

  • I added a bit of color to my water color base cardstock 
  • I then sprayed some water from a small spray bottle directly on the paper and the bits of color
  • I let them dry and added a couple more bits of color to deepen the tone
  • You can do this until you achieve the look you are going for. 

Mayra Queen Tombow Card wm

As you can see in the above photo, you can continue adding color to create a unique background for each card! Light or dark – it’s totally up to your creativity!

Mayra Believe Princess Tombow Card wm

As you may have been able to guess, Mayra is a huge fan of the princesses and villains collection and the backgrounds she created for the images are perfect.

Mayra Dragon Tombow Card wm

We think this is a technique that can easily be replicated for multiple cards and different projects. Is this something you’d love to try? Stay tuned next week – we may be doing a giveaway!

To see more of Mayra’s work, check out her Instagram. If you’d like to see more inspiration and see videos, head on over to our Facebook page.

See you tomorrow for more inspiration using Tombow’s products.

Supplies Used:
Sweet Stamp Shop
Believe Princess

Dual Brush Pen Art Markers
Mono Permanent Adhesive Applicator

Tutorial: Create Backgrounds with Water Based Markers

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Hello, Sweet friends! Welcome to a week of FUN in collaboration with Tombow USA. We’re SO happy to be showcasing all of these tutorials from our different contributors and guess what? The Tombow team is playing along, too! You’ll find even more inspiration over on their blog.


We don’t have to tell you that there’s been a growing popularity with hand lettering! We bet a lot of you already own a handful of Tombow’s Dual Brush Pens for this purpose, but what if we told you that there’s SO much more you can do with them? Here at Sweet, we love stretching your dollars and we’re going to be bringing you lots of ideas this week on how to get more out of your Brush Pens.

Mamie Carson is showing off how to to color on watercolor paper and to create this rainbow fun shaker card. When we first asked if Mamie wanted to participate in the Tombow collab, she didn’t hesitate to respond YES!

About the markers, Mamie says:

These Markers are amazing. They blend like butter, have a lot of pigment, and the colors are vivid and beautiful. I was already sold on their adhesives, as I’ve used them for years, but now I’m obsessed with their markers, too! I even went out and bought their other marker sets to add to my new collection.

Tombow Life is Sweet Mamie Carson

Here’s the video on how Mamie created this fun card (using REAL sprinkles!)

She continues:

The Life is Sweet stamp set is perfect for watercoloring with my new Tombow markers because you can play with all the colors to create different ice creams and top the card off with the lovely sentiment as the perfect focal point. I had so much fun creating this card!

Have you made shaker cards before? Do you have more ideas to put into the shaker? We absolutely love this fun card and hope that it’s inspired you to get crafting, too!  If you’d like to see more of Mamie’s tutorials, please find her on her blog or even better, You Tube Channel. To see more inspiration from Sweet – head on over to our Instagram.

Tombow Supplies Used:
Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Primary, 10-Pack
Mono Multi Liquid Glue
Mono Permanent Adhesive Applicator

Watercolor Shaker Card featuring Life is Sweet and Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Adhesives

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Hello there! We’re dusting off this ol’ blog and going to be bringing you content on here again. We did a survey a few months ago in our Sweet Fan Club (you’re in all the know there so come on in and join us!) to check in with you on what you wanted to see and we’re pleased that we’ll be bringing you a few different collaborations this coming Fall.


One of the things our Sweet Fans told us was that they’re always looking for organization solutions. Our good friends from Crafts By Two introduced us to Totally Tiffany and it was a complete match! Our planner guru, Courtney Miles, will explain to you how this system is working out for her.

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 3 (2)

Courtney says:

I’m sharing how I’m using my new Totally Tiffany Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer and the 5 Drawer Supply Case. If you’re like me, you are always searching for new and better ways to store your crafting supplies! It’s a constant struggle to find what works best and it seems there really aren’t that many options available. I’m happy to say that I think I’ve found my craft storage peace! Totally Tiffany offers a wide array of different storage options for everyone, from the avid card maker – with their die, stamp and ink organizers, to the planner girl – with their washi tape organizer and for everyone in between.


Totally Tiffany Sweet stamp Shop Collab Courtney 3

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 2

Courtney continues:

I want to start off by saying that this organizer is built well! It isn’t flimsy in the least and looks very finished and can easily be put on your desk, in a storage closest or even within a deep desk drawer. It comes with 3 stadium levels of organization and has 6 moveable dividers for you to create an organizational system that works best for you. Before I began loading the organizer with all my Sweet Stamp Shop goodies, I first needed to decide where exactly I wanted to put it. One of the few things that does work for me in my craft space is my craft cart (similar to a Raskog cart from IKEA) that I bought from Target about a year ago. With that in mind, I decided to see if the Totally Tiffany Die, Stamp and Supply organizer could fit within the top tray of the cart….and it fit PERFECTLY!

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 2

She loaded the organizer with some items that are always in constant use:

  • tape runner
  • Sweet Stamp Shop acrylic blocks
  • Sweet Stamp Shop Sticky Sweet sticker sheets
  • storage envelopes
  • white post-it notes for masking
  • thin Sweet Stamp Shop washi tapes
  • a notebook for trying out stamps and playing with new techniques and her favorite erasers
  • Sweet Stamp Shop stamps (of course!)

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 8

In addition to the Supply Organizer, Courtney also received the 5 Drawer Supply Case which she is using for her Sweet washi. If you already follow her, you’ll know that Courtney has some mad love for washi tape! She’s always wanted something portable and easy to store in her craft space.

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 4 Washi

About the Supply Case, she says:

[The case] is built well and the 5 drawers each have dividers within them to keep your washi (or ribbon — or any other supplies) neat and organized within the drawer. Each drawer holds about 30 washi tape rolls (6 rolls per divided section – 5 sections per drawer) for a total of 150 washi rolls! The handle on the top of the case is key because I’m constantly taking it out from under my desk and putting it on my desk while I’m deciding on which washi I want to use for a given project and then I can easily pick it up and store it back under my desk afterwards.

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 6 Washi

If you’re looking for other storage solutions or would like to get more organized, go and check out the current Totally Tiffany “Getting Organized Challenge” that starts TODAY. Click on over to THIS LINK to learn more about getting and STAYING organized.

Thanks for joining us on the blog today and we’ll be back soon with more inspiration for you! In the meantime, you can always check our our Instagram for more.

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Hello Sweets! We hope you had a fantastic Easter long weekend and got to enjoy the time off or some time with family/friends. We have an extra Spotlight for you today; we’ve been shining the spotlight and featuring all of our latest contributors, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t feature a special lady who works for Sweet. Jennie McGarvey has been our Social Media Manager for the past 2+ years and while she’s mostly ‘behind the scenes,’ the impact she’s made on the Sweet community is phenomenal.


Jennie McGarvey

Jennie McGarvey [ IG | YT ]

If you’ve ever wondered who the person behind responding to most of your inquiries on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s most likely Jennie! If you have ever tagged us or created a project and used the hashtag #sweetstampshop, Jennie will find you and make sure that your project gets the love and acknowledgment that it deserves. She’s really that darn good because social media is totally her jam!

If you follow Jennie on Insta, you’ll see a common theme in her Story feed – she’s usually in her car waiting for one of her boys (or maybe all three) to be finished some kind of sports practice, game or school event. Jennie and her husband are originally from Iowa, but her family currently resides in Southern California.

Jennie started off as a scrapbooker, turned planner and now she has merged both when she memory plans in her Happy Planner®. Her You Tube channel is full of authentic Plan with Me videos and you can watch how she plans her weeks in her different sizes of Happy Planners®.

Here are just a few of Jennie’s fabulous layouts using Sweet swag:

18013007_10211509904399669_2083547169_o (1) 18015701_10211516315999955_329292575_o 18015735_10211516322600120_1031243044_o

For those you who are looking for inspiration with stamping in your planner, Jennie is your go-to gal! To see different ways to use Sweet and to connect with other Sweet fans, check out all the happenings in our Facebook Fan Club. Thanks so much for dropping by today and we hope that you have a great week.

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