Hey Sweet friends! We hope you enjoyed all the blog posts from our collaboration with Tombow USA. Sweet Stamp Shop loves Tombow products and everyone was so excited to play when the goodies arrived! Just when you thought the fun and all the inspiration was over, we thought we’d give you one last summary post that comes with a giveaway, of course!  *Giveaway closed* Make sure you read through the end of the post and follow the instructions to be eligible.


If you’ve been practicing your brush lettering, you probably have plenty of Tombow Dual Brush Pens already! There’s so much more you can do with these pens and the Sweet contributors walked you through a plethora of ideas with their step-by-step tutorials last week. Here’s a recap of ALL the projects that our contributors created using their Dual Brush Pens.

Tombow Life is Sweet Mamie Carson

Coloring on Watercolor paper with Mamie Carson

Mayra Dragon Tombow Card wm

Mayra Believe Princess Tombow Card wm

Creating Watercolor Backgrounds with Mayra

Sweet Tombow Dual Brush Tutorial 9 Thanh wm

Creating Watercolor Backgrounds with Thanh

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 8 wm

Coloring Two Ways with RebekahTombow Sweet Collab Melissa 6

Embossed Watercolor Backgrounds with Melissa

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 8 wm

Coloring and Backgrounds with Jeannie

If that wasn’t enough inspiration for you, there’s plenty more inspiration from the Tombow Team on their blog. Check out the highlights below:

tombow team sweet collab

Tombow Team Projects:

  1. Multi-Color Stamping with Jennie Garcia
  2. Lunch Notes 3 Ways with Beth Watson
  3. Plan with Me with Dani Manning
  4. DIY Planner Stickers with Lauren Fitzmaurice
  5. Colorful Backgrounds with Smitha Katti
  6. Interactive Paper Elements with Katie Smith

tombow sweet giveaway

Let’s get right into the giveaway! *CLOSED

To be eligible to win, please comment below letting us know the following:

  1. If you won this prize pack, what you plan on doing with this fun set of Brush Pen Markers, Zombie washi set and Halloween Doodles stamp.
  2. For an extra entry, go over to our Facebook page, make sure you LIKE us and let us know you’re following below

Giveaway closes on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at 11:59PM PST. Winners outside of the USA will need to help with shipping.

Winner will be announced in this blog post and notified via email. Thanks so much for joining us in in this fun week and have a great day!

The winner of the Tombow Gift Bundle is Meaghan LaChappelle! Congratulations; we’ll contact you via email for your information. 

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It’s time for another Totally Tiffany Tuesday. We’re collaborating with Totally Tiffany for today’s post on organization. If you missed Courtney’s post on how to store your Sweet stamps, dies, stickers and washi – make sure you go back and read all about how the TT systems are working for her.

If you’re looking for other storage solutions or would like to get more organized, go and check out the current Totally Tiffany “Getting Organized Challenge.” Click on over to THIS LINK to learn more about getting and STAYING organized.


One more thing before we move on to today’s post: want to know something totally cool? Sweet made a cameo appearance on HSN last Friday, September 29th, 2017. It was so fun to see Sweet on television! If you didn’t catch the Totally Tiffany segment live, here’s a photo recap of the highlights:

SSS TT HSN on tv

Yup, that’s Shivan Sarna (HSN host) and Tiffany Spaulding from Totally Tiffany. Sweet hanging out on television with two celebrities!

Today’s post features storage on the go. The key requirement that Thanh Vo needs for storage and organizational solutions is that it must be portable.

She explains:

I am always on the go and must make use of the time I have to craft. Besides portability and being able to travel with some core supplies, I need them to be easily accessible! The EZ20 Buddy Bags are clear vinyl bags that are designed to fit crafting supplies and tools and I’m able to see everything in one quick glance.

Totally Tiffany Sweet Thanh 2

Thanh recently made a trip to visit her family and was able to pack up her core supplies and travel with them during her trip. For day to day travel and also long trips, she likes to bring only what she needs and will be using for the short time. The best thing about these Buddy Bags is that they are clear; you don’t spend extra time rifling through your bags trying to find that one item you need!

Totally Tiffany Sweet Thanh 3

Thanh continues:

To maximize my crafting time, a lot of the time is spent prepping at home before leaving my apartment. However, after that – my time is fully devoted to colouring images on the go and then being able to put them together on a card or in a planner layout when I’m back at home (and sometimes, this happens on the go, too, depending on what I’m working on).

The two Buddy Bags Thanh is pictured with above are the Karen and the Debra. The Karen is designed with cardmakers in mind and Thanh loves the fact that she can keep all the supplies she needs for multiple cards or even one single card together within the bag. The Karen bag keeps stamps, dies, embellishments, cards and envelopes – all in one easy and accessible place.

Totally Tiffany Collab Thanh Overhead

The Debra is designed specifically to hold your pens, pencils and markers and holds 20 Copic markers  (Thanh’s preferred coloring medium) perfectly. The top of the Debra folds back and secures with a Velcro connector, allowing for easy access during use.

Totally Tiffany Sweet Washi Thanh 4

We already know what you’re thinking – how about all that Sweet washi? There’s a Buddy Bag for that, too! The Shelly can store up 17 rolls of Sweet washi as pictured below. Totally Tiffany Collab Washi Thanh

About the bags, Thanh has some final thoughts:

I can’t stress enough about the Buddy Bags that the best thing about them is that they are clear and I can see everything with a quick glance! They’re durable and I just pack them in with everything else I’m carting around and YAY I can sneak in some ‘me time’ on the go.

Thanks so much for joining us today! If you’d like to see how others store their Sweet supplies, join the Facebook Fan Club where all our Sweets talk and share everything Sweet Stamp Shop.

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Happy Monday, Sweet friends! We hope you enjoyed our Collaboration week with Tombow – just when you thought we were had wrapped everything up, we’ve got one more bonus post for you.


If you’re just joining us today, go ahead and check out the posts from this week so far:

  1. Coloring on Watercolor paper
  2. Creating Watercolor Backgrounds
  3. Creating Watercolor Backgrounds 2.0
  4. Embossed Watercolor Backgrounds 3.0
  5. Coloring Images Two Ways

Our contributor, Jeannie Lieu, explains how she first used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens but now uses them for so much more! If you are a fan of brush lettering, we know you have some of  these pens sitting around wanting to be used in your crafty projects.

Jeannie explains:

I started learning how to brush letter and naturally, I picked up some Tombow Dual Brush Pens to practice. Although I still letter from time to time to address envelopes, the majority of my use of these pens is now for my card making. My favorite medium for these pens is on watercolor paper. The pens glide so smoothly on the paper and when mixed with a brush pen or watercolor brush, it works like watercolors but with more control. I always heat emboss my images when I use the Tombows because it helps keep the color and water contained within the image.

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 1

This technique is easy; you use the pens to lay down the color you want and using a water brush pen, you drag out the color to look like you are shading your images.

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 2

Jeannie continues:

Coloring with the pens is super easy. Creating a background is my favorite thing to use Tombows for. It’s easy, fun, and unique, since you’ll never be able to recreate the same background exactly. For this particular background, I used two colors for creating dimension on the ground: N15 (Black), 879 (Brown). I scribbled horizontal lines using these two colors and used a waterbrush to mix it up.

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 3 Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 4

Jeannie also uses the same technique for the sky. About this, she says:

I’m creating a background for this great sorceress after all, so it needs to be sky of green: 346 (Sea Green), 245 (Sap Green), 173 (Willow Green), and 133 (Chartreuse). Isn’t that cool?

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 5 Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 6

Jeannie continues:

Once I have everything ready, I fussy cut my image and glue it down using the Mono Multi liquid glue. I’ve always thought of this glue as a staple in the crafting world; so many people love it and I know why! You can’t tell from the photos but I actually didn’t like where I placed the image. Since the glue doesn’t dry right away, it allowed me to move my image to where I wanted it. Once my image is down my front panel is complete I’ll use the permanent adhesive to tape the card front to a card base.

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 7

We love the fact that Jeannie only needed to use a few colors to create this image and background but we all think the card came out to be super cool. A perfectly evil background for an evil queen!

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 8 wm

If you want to see more of Jeannie’s work, you can check out her Insta HERE.

We hope that we’ve given you plenty of ideas to get more use out of your Tombow Dual Brush Pens! We love seeing what you share – make sure you’re always using the hashtag #sweetstampshop on social media or come on in and join us in our Facebook Fan Club.

Thanks so much for joining us in our week long+ of Tombow inspiration!

Supplies Used:
Sweet Stamp Shop
Evil Background
Clear Acrylic Blocks

Dual Brush Pen Markers
Mono Multi Liquid Glue

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Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 8 wm

Welcome to the weekend – happy Friday to you! If you’re thinking this post wraps up our Tombow collaboration week, think again! We have a bonus tutorial for you on Monday and there may possibly be a giveaway involved, too. 🙂


If you’re just joining us today, go ahead and check out the posts from this week so far:

  1. Coloring on Watercolor paper
  2. Creating Watercolor Backgrounds
  3. Creating Watercolor Backgrounds 2.0
  4. Embossed Watercolor Backgrounds 3.0

Tombow Dual Brush Pens are SO easy to color with! Rebekah Weckerly is going to show you just how they blend like butter.

About the markers, she says:

Not only can you take a set of primary colors and get just about any shade you could imagine, but you can also color direct to paper and achieve a great look. On top of that, you can also watercolor with them AND they are totally portable! Perfect for anyone always on the go! Stamp a few images, grab your markers and off you go!

For all these techniques, Rebekah colored on Bristol smooth cardstock and stamped her Sweet Stamp Shop images with Ranger Archival ink.

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 1

For this little pup in the doughnut, she used the Tombow markers on a stamping block and used the block as a pallet. She colored small amounts onto the block and picked it up with the blender pen. When she wanted a particular shade, she was able to mix a few of the colors to get exactly what she was looking for.

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 2

Rebekah recommends:

Test your colors on a scratch piece of paper before you color on your project but with a little practice you will get the hang of how much of each color to pick up to get the shades you want.

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 3

When you want to change colors, scribble the blender pen onto your scratch paper and the color comes right off. If you really like this method you may want to purchase a few of the blender pens!

The next way she used the Tombow markers was as watercolors. She colored directly on the stamping block and used a water brush to pick up the color and add it to this adorable image. So easy!


Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 4

Rebekah continues:

You would be amazed at how well the colors blend when using them direct to paper. I simply used a flicking motion along the mane of the unicorn. I worked in rainbow colors and left some of the lines from the flicking motion to add texture.

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 5 Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 6

Continuing with her Donut Unicorn image, she says:

To get the color of the doughnut, I colored directly to the paper with the brown and then blended it out very slightly with the orange and then yellow and the filled the rest in using the blender pen. I am so happy with the results!! Perfect blend and pretty close to the color of doughnuts my son and I get from our local store. Raspberry filled are our favorites!

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 7 wm

These markers are only limited to your imagination. Try different techniques, mix different colors and you will have a bunch of adorable images colored and waiting to be added to your cards!

YES, we couldn’t agree more with Rebekah. Have we inspired you to go creating with your Tombow pens yet? We hope you get crafty this weekend! If you want to see more of Rebekah, you can check out her blog HERE.

If you’d like to see more inspiration and see videos, head on over to our Facebook page. See you on Monday for more inspiration using Tombow’s products.

Supplies Used:
Sweet Stamp Shop
Animal Donuts
Donut Unicorn
Sticky Paws

Dual Brush Pen Markers
Mono Permanent Adhesive Applicator

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Welcome back to another project in collaboration with Tombow. Both teams are having SO much fun this week playing around with the supplies; we hope you’ve been enjoying all the inspiration so far.


If you’re just joining us now, you’ll want to catch up on everything that’s been posted so far:

  1. Coloring on Watercolor paper
  2. Creating Watercolor Backgrounds
  3. Creating Watercolor Backgrounds 2.0

You’ll also want to see what the Tombow team is creating, too! Head on over to their blog HERE.

Who do we have showing us inspiration today? This little lady has been with us a short while, but her projects always pack a bright punch!

Hello all! It’s Melissa B here today. I’m thrilled to be sharing a post with you for the Sweet Stamp Shop and Tombow collaboration. I’ve used brush pens on and off, but they are still pretty new to me. I couldn’t wait to play with them and create something colorful and happy!  I love watercolor backgrounds and have created them many times in the past just using my basic watercolor palette. Since these Tombow brushes are water-based I thought it would be fun to create a background using them. So that’s just what I did for today. 

Tombow Sweet Collab Melissa 2

Before Melissa shows you how she did created the colorful background, she wanted to share a bit of embossing with you first.

Tombow Sweet Collab Melissa 1

Melissa used the Sweet Thankful stamp set to create her card panel background. She used every single sentiment, attached them to her large stamp block and stamped them with Versamark ink before heat embossing them with white embossing powder. After that was finished, she set it aside and started to prepare her Tombow brush pens to work their magic.

She says:

Here’s the fun part… using my large stamp block again, I simply started coloring it using the pens. Doesn’t matter how you do it, just color it up!

Tombow Sweet Collab Melissa 3

Next, using her spray bottle, Melissa spritzed water over the colors. Now it’s time to lay that embossed card panel over the top.

Tombow Sweet Collab Melissa 4.1

Melissa continues:

We now have a bright and colorful background created by using just a few brush pens. Awesome, right?

Tombow Sweet Collab Melissa 5

Here is the card she created with it. She attached the background to my card panel using dimensional foam and the Tombow tape runner. She then added her stamped sentiment, again using the dimensional foam and Tombow tape. To add a little extra sparkle, she added a few colorful sequins around my sentiment.

Tombow Sweet Collab Melissa 6

Melissa hopes you enjoyed this bright and cheerful card and that she’s inspired you to create a colorful background of your own! Go check out more of her work HERE.

Are you enjoying all these creations so far? Is there a particular question you had about these markers? Please let us know below!

If you’d like to see more inspiration and see videos, head on over to our Facebook page. See you tomorrow for more inspiration using Tombow’s products.

Supplies Used:
Sweet Stamp Shop

Dual Brush Pen Art Markers
Mono Permanent Adhesive Applicator

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