Hello and welcome to Friday! It may be the end of the working week, but we want to kick it off with some inspiration. It’s time to shine the spotlight on our current team members who’ve been sharing their creativity with us for the past while. We’ll be featuring these awesome ladies over the next while so keep your eyes peeled on the blog to see all the deets behind our Sweets!


Our first spotlight is on Liz Ho. Yep, she’s the funny gal who you want as your friend. She’s there to make you laugh and feel at ease. She’s our infamous You Tube star and we know that if you’ve watched her videos, she’s made you laugh plenty of times — and if you haven’t watched her videos – get on over to the Sweet Tube or Liz’s channel – The Hug Life – to brighten up your day! We guarantee you’ll laugh.

Liz Ho

Liz Ho [ You Tube | IG ]

Liz is born and raised in California and is a crafting addict! She participates in DIY as a form of meditation to – in her words – “calm my brain down after a long day.”

Liz says:

I love creating something fun and beautiful in a short period of time. I enjoy making planner spreads, cards, and trying to catch up on my pocket scrapbooking.

I love anything that sparkles or glitters. Unicorns are my favorite animal in the whole world. If something has a sparkly unicorn on it, I will buy it.

It’s a good thing that Sweet Stamp Shop loves unicorns, too! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Liz on our team. She’s truly a unicorn herself.

Here is one our favorite projects made by Liz and of course a video!

Liz and froyo — obviously!

To see other fun creations by Liz and our other contributors, make sure you check out the Sweet Instagram. We’ll be back on the blog on Monday to spotlight another contributor. Have a fabulous weekend!

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Surprise! The Sweet team’s goal is to get back into sharing educational blog posts with you and there was no better way than to jump right in and share some fun ways to use our latest washi. Sweet Stamp Shop has grown from being just a stamp store; the product line has now grown to dies, stickers and washi, too! For the next month, keep an eye on the blog every Wednesday for – are you ready for it? #washiwednesday – blog posts showing you how to get more out of your washi tape.


Contributor, Samantha Mann, will walk you through a cute and fun way to make some embellishments with your brand new Sweet Stamp Shop washi tape!

Samantha writes:

Yes, bows!!! Bows are probably my FAVORITE thing to add to my scrapbook layouts, but they’re cute as a little pop of color on planners, cards and paper clips! So, let’s make some washi tape bows!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a scrap piece of white carstock
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • washi tape

And that’s all! I know!

First, decide which two kinds of washi tape, you want to use to male your bows! Then, place strips of washi tape onto the cardstock and cut them out.

Next, you will need to do some folding. With your first strip, fold it in half,

and then fold the flaps in half again, so you have an ‘M’ shape:

Next, using your pencil, draw a sort of ‘bottle neck’ shape, and cut out along the lines.


This is the shape you’ll see, once you unfold it!

Samantha advises:

Use your strongest adhesive, and tape the flaps behind the middle of the bow shape.
Then, cut one of the strips of washi thin, and fold it three times to create the little part that goes in the center of the bow, like this:

Adhere it around the center and we’re in the home stretch!

At this time, you can either use another strip of either the pattern of washi to create the ribbon parts that are under the bow. Fold your desired strip in half, and then, using your pencil again, draw a fishtail banner on the edges and another bottle neck pattern at the folded part:

Cut along the lines. And then unfold. Once it’s unfolded, cut the piece in half:

All that’s left to do now is to adhere each piece to the bow!

What are some of your favorite way to use washi tape?

For Samantha, she loves using strips of washi on the sides of her cards, under photos on scrapbook layouts and in her planner, too!

Be sure to head over to the Sweet Stamp Shop store to get your hands on all the washi and definitely check back next Wednesday for the next in our #washiwednesday series.

[ Blog Post Tutorial by: Samantha Mann | Blog | IG ]

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Special Guest, Andrea Gray – you may know her better as Retrohipmama, created a video showing her process on creating this totally rad scrapbook layout documenting her favorite mix of songs! We love seeing Sweet Stamps being used as you document your memories.



Hey friends! I am so excited to be back here as a guest for September! I am using some fun sets from August to document some of my favorite tunes from the summer.

To add some fun, I did a process video to take you through the making of this page. Check it out here and then we’ve got some detailed photos below!

Here are all the details up close and if you have any questions, please ask me below or ask directly in the You Tube Video.

AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo1 AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo2 AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo3AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo4AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo5AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo6AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo8

For more scrapbook layout ideas, check out Sweet on social media: Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Happy stamping!

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Every Sweet Stamp can be made into a peekaboo card! Angeline shows us how she created her interactive card that is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Hi Sweet friends. Angeline here to share a quick tutorial on how I made this peek-a-boo card.
Here’s the super cute Pug Life stamp set that I used for my card. I absolutely LOVE this set. I love all the different faces and bodies which you can mix up and just have a pugtastic #puglife party! 🙂
So, first up, I am outlining three squares using my acrylic block to get the peek-a-boo windows. If you have square dies, you could use those too. Then cut out three sides of the squares leaving the top of the square uncut — which you will score instead, so that you can flip the peek-a-boo windows easier!
Next, I am adhering a piece of white cardstock onto my card base — which you will be stamping on this piece. Then grab the piece with the peek-a-boo windows and lay it on top of the white cardstock to just draw out where the windows will be with a pencil. This will show you where you can stamp on.


Once you’re done, simply erase the pencil marks that you have made earlier and you’re ready to finish up your card.
To cut down time, I grabbed some pre-colored Sticky Sweet donuts and fussy cut them. These donuts can be found on every Sticky Sweet sheet and yes.. yes.. YES! You can use them too. DO NOT THROW them out!! 🙂
I adhered my peek-a-boo piece onto my card and then tied some twine. Can you spot the awesome donuts? 🙂

And here’s a peek at the cute pugs, which I have colored with my Tombow markers. Aren’t they just the CUTEST?
Hope you like my peek-a-boo card and do try it out for yourself!
Be sure to share your creations on social media and be sure you tag us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and tag me on Instagram @scrappyscrappy_ so we can all see what you create.Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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Are you a #plannerbabe? Emilee shows us how two of her loves: puppies and planning go hand in hand today. She recently added a new fur baby to her family and she walks us through how she plans puppy activities in her daily schedule.


Hello friends!  Emilee here and today I have something a little different for you animal lovers.  Let me give you a short backstory:  About 4 weeks ago, we adopted a puppy from the Humane Society.  Normally I wouldn’t have chosen a puppy, but I fell in love with her and she honestly looked like an old dog!  Then we found out she was only 6 months old. She has been the most amazing companion for the last month.  I have a very, very busy daily schedule.  I am lucky enough to work mostly from home, but my day is still jam packed.  Having a puppy is like having a toddler: she puts everything in her mouth, she eats, sleeps, and potties.  I live in a loft apartment in the business district of my city and the closest grass is 2 city blocks away.  This requires a well thought out meticulous potty break and walk schedule.  So being the planner girl that I am, I created a planner just for baby dog!

I grabbed a spare Happy Planner (I have an addiction to purchasing these and having no use for them, they’re just so cheap!) that I had on hand.  I got out some scrapbook paper and my Sticky Sweet stickers to create a cover.  I used Sticky Sweet Dog & Cat and Lower Outline.  I colored the Sticky Sweet stickers in with colored pencils, then ran the cover through the laminator.

I’ll be using the month on two pages to notate appointments and when she needs flea medicine.  I’ll also track other preventative medicine here like heart worming, then also notate little milestones and memories.

Now for the meat and potatoes of the planner: I sit down at the start of each week and plan our week.  I try really hard to keep our routine the same, but some days I have to alter bathroom walks around things I have to do that day. This helps me stay organized and have our day scheduled so there’s no surprises.  I put special appointments in just like you would your personal planner.  Like this week, Callie has a grooming appointment on Friday.  Each day I’ll schedule walks, dinner times, training sessions, appointments, and designated play time.  I obviously play with her all throughout the day, but she’s a puppy and very active.  She needs a good long play session to tire her out so she doesn’t get bored and misbehave.

In my sidebar I use the “Notes” section for anything I need to write down and remember.  I also put a shopping list at the bottom of the sidebar to remember what I need to pick up specifically from the pet store.  I have cats too, so you’ll see “cat food” on my shopping list.  They obviously don’t need a planner, so their shopping list gets merged in with this one.

This is a quick and easy way to stay on top of your pet schedules if you have a lot going on like I do.  I love using my Sweet Stamp Shop stamps in this planner to make things cute.  I know I’ll want to look back on her planner when she’s older and remember her puppy days.  I’ll even add in pictures along the way.  The primary purpose of this planner is to organize our day, but I’ll treat it as a memory book as well.

You don’t have to have a special planner for this if you don’t want to. You can just use some of these ideas and stamps and incorporate them into your personal planner.  With planning, it’s always most important to just do what makes sense for you and your day. Do you create planner layouts for your pet schedules? If you do, please share with me how you stay organized! For more planner layout ideas, check out more Sweet on social media and be sure you tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.


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