Tracking Health and Fitness Planning

Hello, Sweet fans! HAPPY NEW YEAR. We gave our contributors a well deserved break from the blog and we’re back to be bringing you more inspiring and creative ways to use your Sweet swag. With the new year, our planner guru, Courtney Miles, is going to show you how she’s staying on top of her healthy and wellness goals for 2018.

Courtney starts:

Hello again! Today I’m sharing a few fun bullet journal spreads I created with some of the new stamp sets that released this week! The newest Sweet Stamps are perfect for planners! I had so much fun playing around with the newstamps and creating fun ways to track and list my fitness and health goals. I created:

  1. Meal Planner
  2. Workout Tracker
  3. Hydration Tracker
  4. Fitness Tracker

She continues:

These spreads were so EASY to create using the new stamps and pairing with some Sticky Sweet Stickers I already had in my collection! (Psst! All the stickers used are only $1.00 a sheet right now!!!)

For these spreads, Courtney  used:

1. Meal Planner
2. Measure Up
3. More Water
4. Workout Planner Words
5. Cartoon Alpha

1. Be Fit
2. Grateful Talk
3. Happy Talk
4. On the Grill

Additional Items
1. Memento Stamping Ink in “Tuxedo Black” (or any other stamp ink)
2. Xpress It Cardstock (or Sticky Sweet Blank Sticker Sheet)
3. Acrylic Stamping Block
4. Copic Markers (or any other coloring medium)

For the Meal Planner, Courtney says:

For this spread I wanted to track my eating habits for one day – basically to test out the set up before creating a weekly planner in the same manner. I first stamped went ahead and stamped all the stamps onto Xpress it cardstock, using Memento “Tuxedo Black” stamp ink because I knew I wanted to use Copic markers as my medium. If you are using color pencils or watercolor, make sure you are using ink more suited for your needs (such as VersaFine Pigment Ink in “Onyx Black” or a similar water resistant ink).

She continues:

I choose to stamp out all the stamps because I set up my meal planner prior to the day and wasn’t sure exactly what my meals would be for the day and wanted to have everything on hand for adding throughout the day. I colored all my stamped images and cut them out and set them aside for use later in the day. I then colored the cheeseburger and fountain drink images in the “On the Grill” Sticky Sweet Sticker sheet and added to the top of my page with my “Meal Planner” Heading. Then it was as simple as adding the corresponding foods to my sections for “Breakfast”, “Lunch” and “Dinner”! Super easy and a great way to see exactly what your eating habits are! (Yikes! I need to work on my lunches!)

For her Workout Tracker, Courtney says:

I started this spread in a very similar fashion as the Meal Planner. I first stamped out all the images and words onto Xpress It cardstock, again, using Memento “Tuxedo Black” stamp ink. I also went ahead and added little boxes around the “steps____” stamp with a stencil in order to color it and have it pop off the page. I stamped out all the images once – then went back and stamped out the “steps ____” image 7 times (one for each day of the week) and the “Rest Day” an additional few times. After finishing with coloring the images and cutting them out, I set them aside and grabbed my “Cartoon Alpha” stamp set for stamping out the first letter of the each day down the page.

I then colored the letters and began adding my workout routine for the week. After adding all the stamps to the page I colored a few of the images from the “Be Fit” Sticky Sweet Sticker sheet and added the corresponding sticker to the task – i.e. the bike on Thursday, the shoe for walking on Monday, dumbbell for lifting on Wednesday and the scale for my beginning “Weigh In” number at the top of the page. I also couldn’t resist adding the motivational quote sticker from the “Be Fit” sheet as well at the top of the spread just for a daily

AMAZING layouts, Courtney! If you want to see more of her work, head on over to her Instagram.

We’d love to see your layouts and everything Sweet that YOU create. If you aren’t already, please join us in the Fan Club where you’ll be up to date on the latest Sweet details. Thanks for checkin in with us today and we’ll see you soon!


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