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December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 1 wm

Happy Monday, Sweets! To all those planner peeps, we got you! Tricia Schaden is on the blog today and she’s excited to be back with another post for Sweet Stamp Shop. She wants to share some easy but impactful tips for your planner layouts. Settle in and read through Tricia’s step by step plan with me. See something new? YUP; here’s another sneak peek of what’s coming in this month’s release!


She starts with:

This December, I created a non-traditional monthly layout that was inspired completely by this month’s releases (releasing December 14 — come join us in the Release event to see all the peeks): Stick Together and To Be List. This layout has the fun whimsical elements of the holiday cacti, but really it is a meaningful reminder for me to focus on being who I am rather than the tasks of my everyday life.

December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 2 wm

TIP #1: Combine stamps to create a ‘scene’

She continues:

I wanted to give my cacti a festive holiday flair, so I have one popping out of a chimney, wearing a santa hat, and carting a pile of gifts! I also have a few others stringing up Christmas lights. Combining images like this will give you a lot more mileage from your stamps and there are unlimited possibilities! Remember, when you are masking – stamp the images in FRONT first, then apply the mask, then stamp the image that will fall behind. So in my “santa cactus”, I stamped the chimney, the hat, and the gifts and then applies masks that I cut from post it paper. Once the masks were in place, I stamped my cactus. {santa hat and gifts are from December Icons}. For the string of lights, I didn’t even bother masking, I just stamped on top on my cacti and then colored them to look as though they were holding the string.

December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 3 wm December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 4 wm

She also combined the new To Be List words with the Banners and More stamps to create keywords for me to focus on this month.

December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 5 wm

TIP #2: Select a few colors and repeat them throughout the design

Tricia definitely wanted a holiday palette but she went for tones of bubblegum pink and fuschia instead of true red. She pulled a few of her brush markers and used them for her lights, the presents, and as pops of color in her banners.

December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 6 wm

TIP #3: Utilize patterned paper

She suggests:

If you don’t have the perfect color of washi or you just feel like you need to add a pop of color on your page, trim out some patterned paper to complete your layout. I wanted some more pink and green on the left side of my spread, plus I wanted my large “title” phrase to stand out, so I layered some pretty patterned papers from my stash behind my stamped image. I love how it draws your eye right to that awesome phrase!

December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 7 wm December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 8 wm

TIP #4: Line up stickers on acetate first

This is a terrific technique that lot of crafters use. If you have letters or stickers that you want on your page – temporarily stick them to some packaging or acetate first. This lets you play with the spacing and get everything lined up straight before committing! Tricia wanted to add these cute green and pink alphas to my header and this way she could move them around to get them centered and then stick them down in a row, all lined up!

December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 9 wm

TIP #5: Details make all the difference!

Sometimes the tiniest details can pull a whole layout together. One trick Tricia useses all the time is to bring life to the eyes of her little characters. These cacti are already adorable, but when she added the black glaze pen to their eyes, they pop to life!

December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 10 wm

She continues:

Some highlights with a white gel pen can go a long way, too! I added little dots of white on the Christmas lights and also on the brim and pompon of the santa hat – just enough to catch the light and give them a hint of glow.

Another great detail is to outline any stickers or images that might need some help popping off the page. In my case, I had a subtle pattern (the washi) behind my word “December”… I ran my pigment liner pen around the letters and it was just what my eye needed to give some definition to that title and make it stand out.

December Planner Stick Together Tricia Schaden 11 wm

Tricia concludes with:

I am so excited to spend the last month of 2017 thinking about ways to be my best self. Of course I will still have my daily plans to keep myself organized, but in this high level monthly view I love the idea of focusing on something even more important – character!  Give them a try in your own projects.

Oh my goodness; we can barely handle how cute her layout is! If you’d like to get more tips and tricks on your planner, make sure you follow Tricia here.

We’d love to see your layouts and everything Sweet that YOU create. If you aren’t already, please join us in the Fan Club where you’ll be up to date on the latest Sweet details.

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