Get Organized with Totally Tiffany

Hello and Happy Halloween, Sweet friends! We are wrapping up our Totally Tiffany collaboration and we hope that you’v been participating in the Get Organized Challenge. It’s never too late to get organized!

If you’re just joining us now, check out how the Sweet contributors have been using their Totally Tiffany products here:

  1. Stamps, die, sticker and washi storage
  2. Crafting on the go
  3. More washi storage
  4. Cardmaking organizer
  5. Nicole’s Top Ten Supplies (Stadium Organizer)


If you don’t know Samantha Mann, just have a peek over on her Instagram and you’ll see her fun and bright RAINBOW creations. Naturally, Sam’s place is also decorated and rainbow inspired. Check out how she stores her colored pencils!

sweet stamp shop and totallly tiffany collab 1 - social media image 2

The Totally Tiffany Pencil Perch is perfect for Samantha – she explains why:

There’s nothing better than having a rainbow of color right at your fingertips!!! This pencil holder not only makes finding colors easy, but I’m inspired just looking at! I already want to color more!

sweet stamp shop and totallly tiffany collab 1 - social media image

She continues:

A little color goes a long way, and a LOT of color makes rainbows!! Ha! I LOVE seeing this pop of rainbow color on my desk! It inspires me to grab some stickers and stamps and color!

The name of the game is ease of use and being able to see the supplies you often use. So how does Samantha store the rest of her Sweet supplies?

sweet stamp shop and totallly tiffany collab 2 - social media image 2

Samantha explains:

I love having this desk organizer! All of my favorite, and most used stamps are right at my finger tips! Alphas on the left, images on the right, and my favorite 2×6 stamp in the middle! PERFECT for creating a card without having to search all over my craft room!

The Die, Stamp and Supply Desk Maid is the answer for Samantha.

sweet stamp shop and totallly tiffany collab 2 - social media image

One final thing, the compartments in the front are perfect to hold Samantha’s colored and cut out images! That way she can grab an image and go! Love it!

To share ideas of your own or to see how others store their supplies, head on over to our Facebook Fan Club. Thanks for dropping by today and we’ll see you again really soon!

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  1. Selina Sanchez says:

    Great post!!! Totally checking Totally Tiffany for all my storage goodies. What do you recommend to store Copics. I see in the last pic they’re in cubbies. I want to use that same storage solution.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love the stamp set in the first photo. Is it still available?

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