Totally Tiffany and Sweet Washi Storage

We’re back with another Totally Tiffany collaboration post. If you missed the previous posts, you can catch up here:

  1. Courtney’s post on how to store your Sweet stamps, dies, stickers and washi
  2. Thanh’s post on storage on the go

If you’re looking for other storage solutions or would like to get more organized, go and check out the current Totally Tiffany “Getting Organized Challenge.”


Do you ever wonder how others store some of their crafty supplies?  Our social media coordinator, Jennie McGarvey, is always wondering if there is a better way to store something or how someone else is storing their products.

Jennie is here to talk to a little bit about her washi tape solutions and how she’s using some Totally Tiffany products to wrangle those little rolls.

She says:

I don’t know about you, but I am always trying to figure out how to keep them organized and accessible.  I’ve gone from glass jars to boxes and now I’m firmly in the Totally Tiffany Stadium Arranger for my washi.


The key for most of us is actually seeing the supplies.  Keep those rolls right in your line of sight. This Stadium Arranger is simply beautiful and takes up little real estate in your craft space.  Jennie loves how it accommodates many rolls of tape but not only that, many sizes of rolls!


Jennie continues:

The Stadium Arranger can also hold the Clearly Organized Boxes easily!  Why is this important?  For me, I usually have a few images I’ve previously stamped and I’m holding onto for future projects.  Enter those little boxes.  I can choose the size that works for my images!  A couple of these thrown in with my rolls of washi and I am ready to tackle my next planner layout!


If you prefer something a little more streamlined or portable, the Die and Stamp Pockets are thick and hold those die cuts perfectly.  Put that pocket in a bag, folder, etc. and you can color or craft anywhere! Jennie also finds they are perfect for holding Sweet Stamp sets. If you tossed out the original packaging or you prefer something more durable – these are just the ticket.  Again, they are easy for long time storage or for crafting on the go.


Do you follow Jennie on her daily adventures? She often does simple planning in her car! About that, she asks:

How on earth can you take washi tape with you in an organized way?  Easy! The Shelly Washi Tape Organizer lets you take a few rolls with you and it’s tidy and you can see exactly what you have with you.  This is especially great if you’re limited on space.

Jennie hopes that some of these ideas are helpful to you. If you’d like to see more inspiration on how she uses all that washi, head over to her YT channel where she does weekly plan with me layouts. Check out the Totally Tiffany website and see how you can use some of their solutions with your favorite Sweet Stamp Shop products.

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