Top Ten Basic Supplies for Paper Crafting

Basic Supplies

We have a very special post today: Mrs. Sweet will be sharing her favorite crafting supplies herself!

Nicole here, owner of Sweet Stamp Shop, and I get asked all the time what my ‘go to’ supplies are for paper crafting! It was hard to choose just 10 – but, I realized that I could go pretty far with just these supplies. There’s not a crafting session that I don’t use all of these items!


  1. EK Tools Paper Trimmer – I’ve used this trimmer for a long time; we’re talking over 15 years! What’s great about this trimmer is the parts that get used [the blade and the track, the piece that the blade runs down] are all refillable. Blade goes dull? Get a new one! Track over used? Get a new one! I’ve replaced my blade and track several times on my cutters – and they work like a gem!
  2. Sweet Stamp Shop Photopolymer stamps ( featuring ” Birthday Sentiments” stamp set ) Of course, we think that stamps are a top ten – do we even need to say anything more?! Ok, well maybe I should mention that if I was just starting out – I would go for one or two sets of images that I liked, and at least one set of alphabets! When you can customize your world, it’s just more fun!
  3. Nennah Paper 110 lb. card stock  – I love Nennah paper, it’s a great card back – and at 110lbs – it’s sturdy and feels ‘store bought’.
  4. 3M Scotch  Mounting Tape  – I call these my ‘foamies’ or ‘poppies’ – they give you dimension on your card, it’s not too much – just right! When you’re buying them – just buy two. You’ll thank yourself.
  5. Martha Stewart Precision Scissors – I have several sets of these, and I’ve marked them all with some washi so I can always keep track of them. There are no scissors that I’ve found that work quite as well! [and I’ve tried them all]
  6. Versafine Ink (black) – This is my ‘go to’ for crisp clean in for stamping. Before you go too crazy getting colors, just grab a black one. I have collected an embarrassing amount of colored ink pads, and I never use them. [Like, ever] This particular pad is good for watercoloring, because it’s water resistant. But, let it dry first! Don’t use alcohol markers with this pad, it doesn’t play well!
  7. Memento Ink (black) – Are you a Copic marker fan – or any alcohol marker?! This pad is for you – and my personal most used pad of all time. It’s not water resistant though, so don’t watercolor with it!
  8. Totally Tiffany Desk Maid Stadium  – This stadium desk holder is perfect to display my most used items, so I have easy and quick access. The problem with crafting is that often times I just can’t convince myself to drag everything out, so I don’t craft. But, when everything I need is organized and reachable – I will take 15 minutes and play around! This stadium is sturdy – and will last you for years to come. Never mind, you can totally paint it – color it – get creative with it!
  9. Pattern Paper – It doesn’t matter what paper you buy, but it’s nice to have some ol’ standards in your desk. Stripes – polka dots … whatever pattern you like! Get a variety of rainbow colors – and you’ll be ready to make cards anytime, for any occasion!
  10. Sweet Stamp Shop Clear Blocks – It’s a ‘must’ for stamping. They’re simple – sturdy – and cleanable. They’re also clear – so grab a few because you’ll be staring right at them and swear you’ve lost em.

If you’d like to see more desktop organizers, you can check out our ongoing Totally Tiffany collaboration HERE. To share ideas of your own or to see how others store their supplies, head on over to our Facebook Fan Club. Thanks for dropping by today and we’ll see you again really soon!


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