Coloring with Tombow Dual Brush Pens Wicked Card

Happy Monday, Sweet friends! We hope you enjoyed our Collaboration week with Tombow – just when you thought we were had wrapped everything up, we’ve got one more bonus post for you.


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Our contributor, Jeannie Lieu, explains how she first used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens but now uses them for so much more! If you are a fan of brush lettering, we know you have some of  these pens sitting around wanting to be used in your crafty projects.

Jeannie explains:

I started learning how to brush letter and naturally, I picked up some Tombow Dual Brush Pens to practice. Although I still letter from time to time to address envelopes, the majority of my use of these pens is now for my card making. My favorite medium for these pens is on watercolor paper. The pens glide so smoothly on the paper and when mixed with a brush pen or watercolor brush, it works like watercolors but with more control. I always heat emboss my images when I use the Tombows because it helps keep the color and water contained within the image.

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 1

This technique is easy; you use the pens to lay down the color you want and using a water brush pen, you drag out the color to look like you are shading your images.

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 2

Jeannie continues:

Coloring with the pens is super easy. Creating a background is my favorite thing to use Tombows for. It’s easy, fun, and unique, since you’ll never be able to recreate the same background exactly. For this particular background, I used two colors for creating dimension on the ground: N15 (Black), 879 (Brown). I scribbled horizontal lines using these two colors and used a waterbrush to mix it up.

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 3 Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 4

Jeannie also uses the same technique for the sky. About this, she says:

I’m creating a background for this great sorceress after all, so it needs to be sky of green: 346 (Sea Green), 245 (Sap Green), 173 (Willow Green), and 133 (Chartreuse). Isn’t that cool?

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 5 Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 6

Jeannie continues:

Once I have everything ready, I fussy cut my image and glue it down using the Mono Multi liquid glue. I’ve always thought of this glue as a staple in the crafting world; so many people love it and I know why! You can’t tell from the photos but I actually didn’t like where I placed the image. Since the glue doesn’t dry right away, it allowed me to move my image to where I wanted it. Once my image is down my front panel is complete I’ll use the permanent adhesive to tape the card front to a card base.

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 7

We love the fact that Jeannie only needed to use a few colors to create this image and background but we all think the card came out to be super cool. A perfectly evil background for an evil queen!

Sweet Tombow Collab Jeannie Lieu 8 wm

If you want to see more of Jeannie’s work, you can check out her Insta HERE.

We hope that we’ve given you plenty of ideas to get more use out of your Tombow Dual Brush Pens! We love seeing what you share – make sure you’re always using the hashtag #sweetstampshop on social media or come on in and join us in our Facebook Fan Club.

Thanks so much for joining us in our week long+ of Tombow inspiration!

Supplies Used:
Sweet Stamp Shop
Evil Background
Clear Acrylic Blocks

Dual Brush Pen Markers
Mono Multi Liquid Glue

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