Organization On the Go: Die, Stamp and Washi Storage

It’s time for another Totally Tiffany Tuesday. We’re collaborating with Totally Tiffany for today’s post on organization. If you missed Courtney’s post on how to store your Sweet stamps, dies, stickers and washi – make sure you go back and read all about how the TT systems are working for her.

If you’re looking for other storage solutions or would like to get more organized, go and check out the current Totally Tiffany “Getting Organized Challenge.” Click on over to THIS LINK to learn more about getting and STAYING organized.


One more thing before we move on to today’s post: want to know something totally cool? Sweet made a cameo appearance on HSN last Friday, September 29th, 2017. It was so fun to see Sweet on television! If you didn’t catch the Totally Tiffany segment live, here’s a photo recap of the highlights:

SSS TT HSN on tv

Yup, that’s Shivan Sarna (HSN host) and Tiffany Spaulding from Totally Tiffany. Sweet hanging out on television with two celebrities!

Today’s post features storage on the go. The key requirement that Thanh Vo needs for storage and organizational solutions is that it must be portable.

She explains:

I am always on the go and must make use of the time I have to craft. Besides portability and being able to travel with some core supplies, I need them to be easily accessible! The EZ20 Buddy Bags are clear vinyl bags that are designed to fit crafting supplies and tools and I’m able to see everything in one quick glance.

Totally Tiffany Sweet Thanh 2

Thanh recently made a trip to visit her family and was able to pack up her core supplies and travel with them during her trip. For day to day travel and also long trips, she likes to bring only what she needs and will be using for the short time. The best thing about these Buddy Bags is that they are clear; you don’t spend extra time rifling through your bags trying to find that one item you need!

Totally Tiffany Sweet Thanh 3

Thanh continues:

To maximize my crafting time, a lot of the time is spent prepping at home before leaving my apartment. However, after that – my time is fully devoted to colouring images on the go and then being able to put them together on a card or in a planner layout when I’m back at home (and sometimes, this happens on the go, too, depending on what I’m working on).

The two Buddy Bags Thanh is pictured with above are the Karen and the Debra. The Karen is designed with cardmakers in mind and Thanh loves the fact that she can keep all the supplies she needs for multiple cards or even one single card together within the bag. The Karen bag keeps stamps, dies, embellishments, cards and envelopes – all in one easy and accessible place.

Totally Tiffany Collab Thanh Overhead

The Debra is designed specifically to hold your pens, pencils and markers and holds 20 Copic markers  (Thanh’s preferred coloring medium) perfectly. The top of the Debra folds back and secures with a Velcro connector, allowing for easy access during use.

Totally Tiffany Sweet Washi Thanh 4

We already know what you’re thinking – how about all that Sweet washi? There’s a Buddy Bag for that, too! The Shelly can store up 17 rolls of Sweet washi as pictured below. Totally Tiffany Collab Washi Thanh

About the bags, Thanh has some final thoughts:

I can’t stress enough about the Buddy Bags that the best thing about them is that they are clear and I can see everything with a quick glance! They’re durable and I just pack them in with everything else I’m carting around and YAY I can sneak in some ‘me time’ on the go.

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  1. margessw says:

    Wow !! These are awesome storage solutions !! Thanks for sharing !

  2. Lisa Ruiz says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Totally Tiffany’s products and I also use the Fab files a LOT to organize my Sweet Stamp Shop stamps for on the go. I don’t have the Karen bag yet, but I will soon I pray. <3

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