Coloring Sweet Images with Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 8 wm

Welcome to the weekend – happy Friday to you! If you’re thinking this post wraps up our Tombow collaboration week, think again! We have a bonus tutorial for you on Monday and there may possibly be a giveaway involved, too. 🙂


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Tombow Dual Brush Pens are SO easy to color with! Rebekah Weckerly is going to show you just how they blend like butter.

About the markers, she says:

Not only can you take a set of primary colors and get just about any shade you could imagine, but you can also color direct to paper and achieve a great look. On top of that, you can also watercolor with them AND they are totally portable! Perfect for anyone always on the go! Stamp a few images, grab your markers and off you go!

For all these techniques, Rebekah colored on Bristol smooth cardstock and stamped her Sweet Stamp Shop images with Ranger Archival ink.

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 1

For this little pup in the doughnut, she used the Tombow markers on a stamping block and used the block as a pallet. She colored small amounts onto the block and picked it up with the blender pen. When she wanted a particular shade, she was able to mix a few of the colors to get exactly what she was looking for.

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 2

Rebekah recommends:

Test your colors on a scratch piece of paper before you color on your project but with a little practice you will get the hang of how much of each color to pick up to get the shades you want.

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 3

When you want to change colors, scribble the blender pen onto your scratch paper and the color comes right off. If you really like this method you may want to purchase a few of the blender pens!

The next way she used the Tombow markers was as watercolors. She colored directly on the stamping block and used a water brush to pick up the color and add it to this adorable image. So easy!


Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 4

Rebekah continues:

You would be amazed at how well the colors blend when using them direct to paper. I simply used a flicking motion along the mane of the unicorn. I worked in rainbow colors and left some of the lines from the flicking motion to add texture.

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 5 Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 6

Continuing with her Donut Unicorn image, she says:

To get the color of the doughnut, I colored directly to the paper with the brown and then blended it out very slightly with the orange and then yellow and the filled the rest in using the blender pen. I am so happy with the results!! Perfect blend and pretty close to the color of doughnuts my son and I get from our local store. Raspberry filled are our favorites!

Tombow Sweet Collab Rebekah 7 wm

These markers are only limited to your imagination. Try different techniques, mix different colors and you will have a bunch of adorable images colored and waiting to be added to your cards!

YES, we couldn’t agree more with Rebekah. Have we inspired you to go creating with your Tombow pens yet? We hope you get crafty this weekend! If you want to see more of Rebekah, you can check out her blog HERE.

If you’d like to see more inspiration and see videos, head on over to our Facebook page. See you on Monday for more inspiration using Tombow’s products.

Supplies Used:
Sweet Stamp Shop
Animal Donuts
Donut Unicorn
Sticky Paws

Dual Brush Pen Markers
Mono Permanent Adhesive Applicator

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  1. margessw says:

    These images are so adorable !! I don’t know if I would have go directly to the paper with these markers. Now I know I can !

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