Contributor Spotlight Bonus – Jennie McGarvey

Hello Sweets! We hope you had a fantastic Easter long weekend and got to enjoy the time off or some time with family/friends. We have an extra Spotlight for you today; we’ve been shining the spotlight and featuring all of our latest contributors, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t feature a special lady who works for Sweet. Jennie McGarvey has been our Social Media Manager for the past 2+ years and while she’s mostly ‘behind the scenes,’ the impact she’s made on the Sweet community is phenomenal.


Jennie McGarvey

Jennie McGarvey [ IG | YT ]

If you’ve ever wondered who the person behind responding to most of your inquiries on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s most likely Jennie! If you have ever tagged us or created a project and used the hashtag #sweetstampshop, Jennie will find you and make sure that your project gets the love and acknowledgment that it deserves. She’s really that darn good because social media is totally her jam!

If you follow Jennie on Insta, you’ll see a common theme in her Story feed – she’s usually in her car waiting for one of her boys (or maybe all three) to be finished some kind of sports practice, game or school event. Jennie and her husband are originally from Iowa, but her family currently resides in Southern California.

Jennie started off as a scrapbooker, turned planner and now she has merged both when she memory plans in her Happy Planner®. Her You Tube channel is full of authentic Plan with Me videos and you can watch how she plans her weeks in her different sizes of Happy Planners®.

Here are just a few of Jennie’s fabulous layouts using Sweet swag:

18013007_10211509904399669_2083547169_o (1) 18015701_10211516315999955_329292575_o 18015735_10211516322600120_1031243044_o

For those you who are looking for inspiration with stamping in your planner, Jennie is your go-to gal! To see different ways to use Sweet and to connect with other Sweet fans, check out all the happenings in our Facebook Fan Club. Thanks so much for dropping by today and we hope that you have a great week.

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