Washi Wednesday Planner Layout

We’re back with another #washiwednesday post. We hope that we’ve given you innovative ways to use your washi tape! If you have been using your washi in ways that hasn’t been shown, we’d love to hear them. Please comment below!


In case you missed them, here are the other fun #washiwednesday projects other team members have created for our blog series:

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Were you just as excited as contributor, Michelle Whitlow, when Nicole announced we were going to start carrying our own Sweet washi?  She has a few great ideas that she wants to share with you.

Here’s what Michelle has to share with you:

I know for most of us the first place you would think of using washi (besides card making) is in your planner. I use washi in my planner every single week. It’s an easy way to decorate your planner and the great thing about washi is that it is reposition-able.

SSS Feb blog post 7

She continues:

If you have a planner with headers, like The Happy Planner™, there’s an easy way to cut your washi into skinny strips. Simply place strips of washi on some wax paper, then cut with your paper trimmer (1/4″ works well), & peel off. That’s it — skinny washi strips!

SSS Feb blog post 1

SSS Feb blog post 2

Michelle uses her washi strips everywhere:

I add them everywhere on my planner pages – at the bottom, on the sides, and to show things like vacations/trips, etc – wherever I want to add a bit of flair to my page.

You can also use strips of washi on wax paper to cut out other shapes. For another planner page, I used the planner boxes die to cut washi boxes. ***If you don’t have a die cutter you could also cut these with your paper trimmer

SSS Feb blog post 3

SSS Feb blog post 4

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Michelle loves pairing her Sticky Sweet with the Sweet washi. It’s a really easy way to decorate your planners!

She also likes to freehand cut washi flags for my layouts. It’s an easy way to add events in her planner.


Before she goes, Michelle has one more idea for your planner – use washi strips along page edges to add a bit of flair. She keeps extra decorated notepaper in her planner – how fun is this!

SSS Feb blog post 8

There are so many things that you can do with washi so have fun with it! You can check out more ideas on Instagram and the Sweet facebook page!






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