Totally Rad Musical Scrapbook Layout – Retrohip Mama Andrea

Special Guest, Andrea Gray – you may know her better as Retrohipmama, created a video showing her process on creating this totally rad scrapbook layout documenting her favorite mix of songs! We love seeing Sweet Stamps being used as you document your memories.



Hey friends! I am so excited to be back here as a guest for September! I am using some fun sets from August to document some of my favorite tunes from the summer.

To add some fun, I did a process video to take you through the making of this page. Check it out here and then we’ve got some detailed photos below!

Here are all the details up close and if you have any questions, please ask me below or ask directly in the You Tube Video.

AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo1 AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo2 AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo3AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo4AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo5AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo6AndreaGray_RadMusic_Photo8

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Happy stamping!

2 Responses to Totally Rad Musical Scrapbook Layout – Retrohip Mama Andrea

  1. Casey Thrush says:

    This is very cool! I love that you have Misery and Death right next to each other!!

  2. gabber68 says:

    so amazing- love love it!!

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