Sticky Sweet Bookmarks or Planner Page Clips – Amy

Are you ready for a quick and cute project you can finish easily? Maybe you’ve been eyeing those cute page markers at the store, but haven’t quite found the right one that says ‘you!’ Amy’s got you covered as she walks you through on how to make these sweet little clips in no time!


Hi all, it’s Amy here with a toot-sweet tutorial on magnetic bookmarks. I’ve been spying these pint size paper bookmarks everywhere and thought the size of the Sticky Sweet stickers would be perfect for this quick, easy and fun project! If you haven’t pulled out your stickers yet, this is a great way to get started.

The supplies I used include two pieces of patterned paper trimmed to 3 by 7/8 inches (this can vary depending on the sticker images you choose), magnets and Sticky Sweet stickers. Keep in mind that you’ll want to use fairly light weight patterned paper so your magnets are able to snap together. Too much bulk will prevent them from doing so.

First, adhere your magnets on one piece of patterned paper as shown, leaving enough room to trim each end into a fishtail. My magnets came with adhesive on them as do most rolls of magnetic tape.

Second, apply adhesive to the other piece of patterned paper and press the two together. Then fold them in half, using a bone folder to burnish the crease. Now your magnets are sandwiched between the layers of paper and will be easier to separate when not holding a place in your book.

Trim the edges into a fishtail. When doing this freehand, I make a vertical snip up the center and then cut from each corner angled to the top of that vertical snip (clear as mud?).

Now for the fun part – color and apply your sticker to the front of the bookmark. You could put stickers on both sides actually, inside and out. The more, the merrier!

Here are a few other versions using the Sticky Sweet Tropical stickers. Cute, fun and sweet! I’d love for you to give this tutorial a try, especially with the kiddos. What a perfect way to keep them busy during summer and sweeten up their favorite book at the same time.

Thanks for taking time to stop by for my tutorial today. I’d love to see your bookmarks, so please tag Sweet Stamp Shop on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. You can also tag me on Instagram @rohla.


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  1. mary Reid says:

    These are sooooooooo adorable! thank you for the fabulous idea and tutorial!

  2. These sweet book marks are adorable, Amy! Love those little fruit faces. LOL.

  3. gabber68 says:

    these are super cute & perfect for back to school! thanks for a great tutorial 🙂

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