Summer 2016 Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

coffee lovers hopWe are super excited to be sponsoring the Coffee Lovers Summer Blog Hop!

BLOG CANDY ALERT. Make sure you leave a comment below telling us what your favorite coffee is and you’ll be entered for a chance to win all of our coffee themed sets including the not yet released  Snarky set and a sheet of Sticky Sweet!

Some of our contributors have created some fun inspiration for you:

Callie Coffee Lovers Blog Hop SweetCallie thought this card would be perfect to gift a friend that you’d like to make a coffee date with.13410801_10156989218150023_244183040_oKylee makes the most perfect coffee tags to go with her handmade soaps.13458642_10209886786389976_3194803285355134575_oKristine’s bookmark is the perfect addition for all of her summer reading!

You may be interested in seeing Thanh’s mini cards from the Spring Hop or Liz’s (The Hug Life) video that uses our coffee stamps to make a fun notebook cover:

For more coffee inspiration check out the Sweet Instagram account.

Before you go, don’t forget to leave a comment below! Please tell us what your favorite summer drink is. Giveaway is open to ALL, but International friends will have to pay for shipping. Contest ENDS at 11:59pm on June 24th, 2016.

Winner is:

Mary Reid says:

Love these coffee stamps!! I love coffee so much! My fav kind is what i call frothy coffee. My hubby and i froth our own milk, add coffee, sugar and creme! So yummy!!☕️☕️


133 Responses to Summer 2016 Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

  1. Nicole says:

    Hello! Thank you for the great giveaway! My favorite summer drink is a passion fruit tea from starbucks!

  2. Wow!! Can’t wait to go and check out everyone’s blog! I am a coffee addict!! My favorite coffee is from Starbucks-once a year their Holiday Blend comes out and I STOCK UP to have it all year! Lol! Thanks for a chance to win!

  3. Claira Reynolds says:

    My drink is Folgers Classic Roast with Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Liquid. Hot

  4. Gladys says:

    My favourite – mocha!

  5. kimheggins says:

    These are all so fabulous…love those fun images. My favorite summer drink is iced tea.

  6. Amy Cooley says:

    Love all these fun coffee-inspired projects! I love iced coffee and make my own concentrate at home. Thanks for being a sponsor and the fabulous giveaway!

  7. Jennifer Atterberry says:

    My favorite summer drink is a starbucks iced coffee with cream.

  8. Danielle Vincent says:

    Every one of these projects is just fabulous and such FUN stamps! My two favorite summer drinks right now are the smores frappicino and the Peach black tea lemonade (venti please :o) ) at Starbucks. Thanks for being a sponsor and offering such a great prize

  9. Suchi says:

    Fav summer drink is Cold coffee!! 🙂 Thanks for sponsoring!

  10. Gail Scott says:

    Thank you for being a sponsor to the Summer Coffee Lovers Blog Hop!

  11. tenianelson says:

    What awesome creations Nicole and crew!! My favorite coffee drink is….an iced cold brew…..that’s what I do! Thanks for being super sponsors!! Woot Woot!! 🙂

  12. Sylvia says:

    I have that cute coffee pot with “the boss” sentiment and love and use it all the time, Nicole! Wonderful cards Ladies! Thanks for being a Super Sponsor once again! Happy hopping and enjoy your summer!

  13. Becca Yahrling says:

    Thanks for being a super sponsor! Very cute projects and I just love that coffee house stamp – cute! I just love Hazelnut coffee – cold or hot, I’m a happy girl.

  14. Mary reid says:

    Love these coffee stamps!! I love coffee so much! My fav kind is what i call frothy coffee. My hubby and i froth our own milk, add coffee, sugar and creme! So yummy!!☕️☕️

  15. Gail Scott says:

    I make my own homemade mocha – love it – thanks for being a sponsor – we are blessed

  16. Julene says:

    Love that coffee card! My fave summer drink is sweet tea! But still gotta have my coffee every morning! 😂

  17. Monica Mowry says:

    Iced Coffee with some carmel is my FAVORITE!

    Monica Mowry
    Hayward Ca (Bay Area)

  18. moonhonu says:

    We had to give up coffee 3 years back when hubby was diagnosed with the big C … his meds made his heart race as it was so …. 🙂 but before that we killed many espresso machines in our home, the last one cost more than my first car! Folks at the gym liked to work out next to me cause i smelled like coffee when i sweat, lol … so not kidding! (6-12 shots of espresso a day) Now, I love a good spiced chai and brewing tea with my french press. Hot or cold 🙂 These stamps are SO cute!

  19. Anne says:

    My favorite is a dirty caramel frappe! At least for summer. Can’t have one often, calorie content is too high… so it is a real treat… I do drink Green Mountain French Vanilla Keurig cups by the boatload all day long though! So I’m ALL over the coffee stamps! LOL Love ’em! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a coffee lovers blog hop! Too cool!

  20. Rissa Webber says:

    I love a Taso Passion Fruit Lemonade from Starbucks for my yummy summertime drink!

  21. Nikky Costello says:

    Love all of these creations!! My new favorite coffee is Starbucks Veranda Blend, it’s a Blonde and I didn’t think I’d like it – but I LOVE it with some vanilla creamer!! Thanks for the chance!

  22. tsurutadesigns1 says:

    These are all AWESOME. Such fun inspiration!
    fav drink: iced venti soy green tea latte/no syrup + extra scoop of matcha💚

  23. super fun projects love the coffee stain

  24. Linda Lipford says:

    You have mini hop in the hop! And a new, big size SWEET coffee set!! Whoop! I drink good old Folgers, hot, 24/7, 365, period. Rarely use ice, just not my thing.

  25. Ann says:

    Such creative coffee cards and bookmark. I’m lovin’ that giveaway. Thanks for being a super sponsor.

  26. Ann says:

    Oh, and my favorite summer drink is Iced Green Tea. Starbucks has some great versions of this. 🙂

  27. Such ADORABLE projects — just LOVE your products!! Thanks so very much for being a Super Sponsor!!

  28. Dee Earnshaw says:

    Lovely projects!!! My Summer drink would have to be TEA – love it – all its glorious flavors. LOL:)

  29. Love all your projects but especially the card! Thanks for an awesome giveaway. My favorite coffee is Dunkin Donuts iced sugar free vanilla coffee.

  30. macimbalo says:

    These are adorable projects and what a great prize with your sponsorship! Thanks!

  31. Love that adorable coffee shop! Thanks for sponsoring a great giveaway!

  32. My favorite coffee in the summer is coffee ice cream! Gret inspiration today!

  33. Seleise says:

    love the card, bookmark and super cute soaps! Great ideas! My favorite coffee flavor is currently Private Selection Vanilla Coffee.

  34. Amanda says:

    Iced coffee for me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. Carly Foster says:

    ohhhhh sneak peak!!! hahaha. my fave is an iced skinny vanilla latte! thanks so much for the chance!

  36. Beverley says:

    WOW! What a wonderful selection of projects, FABulous inspiration. Thanks for the chance to win, my favourite summer coffee/tea beverage is a nice fruity tea 😉 Thanks for being a super sponsor too! Hugs Bev (Uniko) x

  37. Loved the video and the stamps. My favorite summer drink is black mango tea from starbucks. I have to drive a 1/2 hour to one & lets be honest, its summer vacation… so I have some syrup & make a boatload every night so I can drink it all day!

  38. Carla vdM says:

    What a bunch of wonderfull cards and items.
    My favorite summer drink is an Iced Coffee with some vanilla ICE CREAM in it…real yummie on a warm day!
    Thank you from me to for being a sponsor on the coffee blog hop.

  39. I love Turkish coffe and ice Caffè. Thanks for this giveaway

  40. Dessy says:

    My favorite summer drink is lemonade but my favorite coffee is a Sugar Free White Mocha! I love all these creative projects!

  41. Cornelia (fun stamping) says:

    Awesome card! Thanks for being a super sponsor! My favorite summer drin is beer with Sprite!

  42. Michelle says:

    These projects are very inspiring! Favorite summer drink is freshly brewed coffee with a dash of milk. Love your designs and thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Yummy creations! My favorite summer drink is…Iced tea- no sugar-extra-extra lemon! And for the grown-up time: Lemonade and Beer Slushies…MMMM Thanks for being a super sponsor!

  44. sctmg5774 says:

    The DT creations rock! My summer drink….is probably a Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte. That is my go to…all year long. 😉 Thanks for sharing and sponsoring.

  45. Karen B. says:

    Awesome sweet samples! I really enjoy my regular hot coffee all year long, and I love margaritas for summer!

  46. Vinita Jain says:

    Such fun creations! Thanks for being a Super Sponsor! Your giveaway is just awesome!
    My favorite summer drink is chilled cold coffee and iced tea!

  47. Karen Kochjar says:

    Cute cards!! I like hazelnut the best! Thank you for your sponsorship!!!

  48. Nikki C says:

    Love the bookmark so perfect for reading and enjoying my favorite coffee is french vanilla with dark chocolate almond milk thank you for the chance and for being a super sponsor Hugs Nikki

  49. Migdalia Rodriguez says:

    Super cute, cool and fun!! Love everything!
    Thank you for being a Super Sponsor

  50. Sharon Jasper says:

    Love your creations! My favorite beverage is a cup of hot lemon flavored green tea. I love to add 2 teaspoons of sugar and that energizes my morning. I love receiving the crafty ideas and cannot wait to try them out.


  51. omg… love all of these creations! Love your stamps and especially LOVE the gold padded envelope they came in! Thanks for being a sponsor and thank you for a chance to win the blog candy!

  52. Carla Hundley says:

    I don’t drink coffee,
    love the smell though.
    I like root beer floats
    in the summer!
    Carla from Utah

  53. 4hetty says:

    What a great set of stamps! Thanks for being a wonderful Sponsor.
    All the projects and video are wonderful.

  54. Barb Housner says:

    great projects, at home I like Dunkin Donuts Blueberry coffee
    thanks for sharing

  55. Wendi says:

    I’m a coffee lover and this is just adorable! So sweet. Your video… Fantastic! I love your voice! (:

  56. kelly says:

    such a cute card. I love my NINJA coffee maker at home. At Starbucks I’ll get a skim mocha.

  57. Erin L LaVoie says:

    My favorite coffee is any coffee with creamer and stevia. But coconut flavor always catches me.

  58. Ceal says:

    Cute projects, not a coffee drinker so my favorite summer drink would be sweet iced tea. Thanks for a chance to win

  59. Very cool projects! The bookmark is my favorite! In the summer, I love Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino!

  60. Natalie Holm says:

    My favorite summer drink is iced tea 🙂 I save coffee for the colder months when I absolutely need it to survive. Thanks for the opportunity to win such amazing stamps!

  61. Denise Bryant says:

    Such cute coffee projects! Love that card!
    My favorite summer drink is iced tea! Or I will splurge every now and then and get a Starbucks iced mocha, nonfat, light whip!

  62. Amy Corr says:

    Seriously, “death before decaf”, what a great stamp! Love the sweet tags on the soaps – they’d dress up any cookie gift. I drink hot coffee day and night, year ’round; love a hazlenut mochachino for a treat.

  63. Helen F. says:

    So much FUN inspiration.
    Love the iced Caramel Macchiato from Dunkin’ Donuts 🙂

  64. Verna Angerhofer says:

    I love all those fantastic projects shown. As for my favorite summer drink, next to plain coffee I like lemonade.

  65. Lucy E. says:

    What fun coffe projects!
    If it’s hot outside, I like the Starbucks Green tea
    Frappachino, made with non fat milk. If it’s cooler
    out (the upper Midwest does get cool, even in
    the summer!), I’d prefer a cup of black coffee.

  66. Amber Breen says:

    Iced tea is my favorite Summer drink

  67. Jennie K says:

    As much as I love iced lattes, my go-to summer drink is sweet iced tea! And I just tried cucumber lemonade from The Cheesecake Factory, and it was delicious.

  68. Jennie K says:

    And I misread and thought (bc I’m spacey) that we were supposed to list our fave summer drink for this coffee-themed post, sorry! Fave coffee drink – iced vanilla latte when it’s hot out, piping hot mocha when it’s cold out!

  69. trishden says:

    why coffee of corse is my favorite just make it iced for the hot summer. Thanks!

  70. Love all of the creations that your DT’s made! They all look awesome! I’m a tea drinker and love loose decaffeinated teas. Mint is one of my favourites. All the rest of my family are heavy coffee drinkers though and these stamps would be awesome to have to make lots of cards for them.

  71. Love all of your DT’s creations! They all look awesome! I’m a tea drinker and love fresh herbal teas. Mint is one of my favourites. The rest of my family are all heavy coffee drinkers and love Tim Horton’s coffee. These stamps would be awesome to have to make lots and lots of cards for them.

  72. If I’m out with friends its Lemon, Lime and Bitters and if I’m just at home I can’t go past Sparkling Duet or pineapple juice!!

  73. Shelly says:

    These are all so cute!! And *gasp* I no longer drink coffee or anything with caffeine in it. So my go to summer drink is pineapple juice with a splash, or two, or three, of rum in it. lol 😉

  74. Megan Harp says:

    My absolute favorite summer drink is Starbuck’s tea with Lemonade!!!! 🙂

  75. Leilani says:

    I love getting all these ideas! I’m Puerto Rican, so I can’t survive without a little bit of Yaucono coffee, but if I need a treat on a weekend I’ll order a Cinnamon Dolce Mocha at Starbucks. It tastes like a Mexican hot chocolate!

  76. Great projects…love your card with neutral colors, and the tag, and yum for the donut treat. HOt coffee at Tim Hortons Caramel Latte Supreme, and a cold coffee Iced Mocha Latte also at Tim Hortons, a real treat went we go back East. No Tim Horton’s in Arizona only at the hockey games. A small suitcase of Horton’s comes back each visit. thank you so much for being a Super Sponsor and the blog candies.

  77. beckywelty says:

    Cute Stamps! My favorite drink is chai tea. At Christmastime, love peppermint mocha coffee. Yum!

  78. Wow! Beautiful projects! Thank you for being a sponsor of Summer Coffee Lovers Blog Hop!!!

  79. Monica K says:

    Such adorable stamp sets! Who doesn’t love a caramel frappachino on a hot summer day?! 😉

  80. Tee Hall says:

    Gorgeous projects all of them! Is that little donuts soap? Super cute!! I love to make coffee floats with ice cream and whipped cream! Yum!

  81. DebSelby says:

    Favourite summer drink …………same as winter favourite……..Kick Ass Coffee from Kootney Crossing.

  82. Eeek! Sticky Sweet looks so fun! Loving all the fun projects today! Thanks so much for sponsoring! We appreciate it so much!

  83. didlet says:

    I’m an old fashion girl….just give me a regular blonde from Starbucks! Love all the inspiration and love your hop. Thanks for the giveaway.

  84. Indy says:

    Oh such darling stamps and projects! I am a frappuccino girl! Thanks so much for being a generous sponsor to this amazing blog hop!

  85. Michelle says:

    MY all time favorite is a Caramel Macchiato. LOVE anything caramel!! Except for the chewy caramels…don’t like those at all! Thanks for the great give away!!!

  86. Diana Barajas says:

    LOVE that bookmaaaaark! and love my iced Trader Joe’s Vanilla Chai Tea Coffee 🙂 Yum.

  87. Karthikha says:

    Wow beautiful!! Totally love them 🙂

  88. carly pool says:

    My favorite coffee is a white peppermint mocha when I need a sugar kick and a flat white latte when I want no sugar! I just adore the coffee stamp set with the #poop on it, cracks me up every time! Thank you for being a sponsor and for giving away’s such great prizes! I have been loving your videos lately, especially the one in the middle of hobby lobby! hilarious!

  89. Tina H says:

    Thanks for being a hop sponsor and sharing all those fantastic projects. My favorite summer coffee is my Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino 🙂

  90. DebiB says:

    My favorite coffee is a caramel macchiato iced coffee. Super sweet and super yummy! Preferable with a nice warm brownie on the side!
    Thanks for sponsoring the hop.

  91. Lovely card, thanks for sponsoring

  92. Helene Huber says:

    Snarky? I love snarky! Thanks for being a super sponsor! My favorite coffee is locally roasted Black Rabbit Coffee, especially their Buna Blend.

  93. Shana Tackett says:

    Wow, I have just recently found these super cute stamps and the inspiration is so wonderful! I never use to drink coffee until I left Kansas for Washington state, now I am addicted, hot or cold, I love it, but it has to be flavored, can’t taste like plain black coffee, I like it sweet! So these stamps are the perfect treat to go with a cup!

  94. I love iced coffee during the summer but my all time favorite is a coconut coffee. Thank you for sharing.

  95. Megan Harp says:

    Love Starbuck’s Tazo teas in the summer!!

  96. D.Ann C says:

    These are all terrific!! What incredible soaps!! Thanks so much for sponsoring the hop and the extra blog candy! My favorite summer drink is a green tea frap with raspberry syrup. I make them at home for a few cents instead of $5 at SB.

  97. Ericka Strange says:

    Great projects. Love the card and the bookmark is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing and being a sponsor.

  98. Cynthia Kinner says:

    My favourite summer drink is coffee!!

  99. Cebelica says:

    Eeeek, so cute!!! My favourite summer drink is lemonade.
    Thanks for sponsoring the hop.

  100. All the cards are AMAZING. Love the coffee stain on the first one 🙂 My favorite summer drink is ANYTHING COLD hehe. 🙂

  101. Casey Thrush says:

    Oh my goodness so cute!! Liz’s video was fun and adorable!!! Now I want to go make a coffee notebook!!! My favorite coffee drink is a cold Sugar-Free Coconut Breve and my favorite summer drink is a Sugar-Free Redbull Spritzer with Sugar-Free Watermelon, or Cherry or Strawberry flavoring.

  102. SUPER AWESOME PROJECTS! WOW! I love that bookmark 🙂
    Mocca Frappucinno is my most favorite Summer drink.

  103. Cynthia Leslie says:

    Iced coffee with cream!!!

  104. Amber Naross says:

    My favorite summer drink is blueberry iced coffee from dunkin!!

  105. kReN K says:

    Great projects and darling images. Fave coffee drink? Anything that has that “Bailey’s Cream” or anything with Mocha in the name. I’m a pushover for dreamy creamy and chocolate!

  106. Cat G. says:

    Right now I can’t get enough of McAlisters mango green tea. Love those snarky comment stamps 💜💜💜Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. WeezyWee says:

    Awesome video! My favorite summer time drink is Vanilla Iced coffee. 🙂

  108. Andreea Stan says:

    Milkshakes all day long for me!

  109. Dawn~DesignsByDragonfly says:

    Thanks for sharing everyone.
    AND thanks being a Super Sponsor.
    Shhhh I don’t drink coffee but I loVe cocoa. My fav drink is Coke but I prefer to drink it from a coffee mug. lol.
    Crafty hugs,
    dmcardmaker {at Gmail}

  110. Love your adorable images!! My fav’ drink for summer is usually sweet tea all day long, after my first cup of salty carmel coffee, that is!

  111. Catherine L. says:

    My favorite summer drink is iced mocha!

  112. Melanie says:

    So cute!!! <3 Those projects are great!

    My favorite coffee is coffee ice cream! 😀 When it comes to summer, though, my go to is raspberry and mint infused ice water. So good! <3

  113. Cheryl B says:

    My favorite to splurge is a mocha, but more frequently iced tea

  114. Akshma says:

    How cool.Loving this.

  115. Beverly Sizemore says:

    When it is this hot and humid, give me a big glass of iced tea!!!! Thanks for the cute blog candy and chance to win.

  116. Bunny says:

    Love your stamps. I won Cuppa Coffee as blog candy during the last Coffee blog hop.

    My favorite drink for summer is water. I know, boring. But, it’s been 90 degrees and above for a while here in north Florida. We’ve gotta have water to stay hydrated. Otherwise I’d drink sweet something every day.

  117. Celeste Goff says:

    Love your stamps and want to thank you so much for sponsoring our hop! Love all of the wonderful projects here from the DT!

  118. Anne Nunnari says:

    My favorite summer drink is iced tea or lemonade. But everyday starts with coffee!!

  119. Kathleen Wright says:

    Cold brew coffee 🙂

  120. sheryl262 says:

    Amazing giveaway! Love, love, love your adorable stamps. I love iced kona coffee. Thank you for being a super sponsor!

  121. Catherine L. says:

    I love all these cards!
    Catherine L.

  122. Joy says:

    I love your items! Thanks for the ideas!

  123. fitkitty1 says:

    Your projects are gorgeous! I love your cute stamps! Thank you so much for being a Super Sponsor! This is a fun and inspirational hop!

  124. E. Marie says:

    Thank you for sharing all the cute cards. I drink hot coffee all summer and my fav is Gevalia’s Raspberry. Sadly they no longer make it but I do love Barnie’s White Christmas coffee. Actually I just love coffee!

  125. Beck R says:

    What an awesome giveaway. My favorite summer drink is Dunkin’ Donuts Caramel Iced Coffee. (Though if we’re talking grown up drinks I’ll take a mojito anyday)

  126. Tonya says:

    I love coffee stamps, what a great give away! My favorite summer drink is unsweetened iced green tea.

  127. Valeria O. says:

    Soy chai nice and toasty with all that foam hot served on a wide colorful mug!!!! (:

    • Valeria O. says:

      OH MY GOODNESS I’m a tea drinker but all the coffee stamps are adorable and I am a very big fan of the fresh coffee smell 🙂

  128. ionabunny says:

    I love latte. And your stamps. Hugz

  129. Sandra A says:

    What cute stamps! My favorite coffee is Starbuck’s Pike’s Peak, with French Vanilla Creamer. Yummmm.

  130. Congratulations to Mary Reid! She is one lucky lady! Love this combination of all these fabulous coffee stamps and stickers of YOURS!!

  131. Thank you for being a super sponsor and loved all the adorable cards, bookmark, and tags by your fab DT!!

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