Mass Producing Simple Cards – Jes

Jes Brandon shows us how to mass produce cards in 10 easy steps! Follow along for some awesome tips and tricks on how to recreate your own.


Hi everyone! This is Jes.  Have you ever had an event where you had to make several cards quickly?  I just graduated from college, and that means I have thank you cards to send out. I set up an assembly line system to make a lot of cards very quickly. You’ll need: stamps, ink, coloring tools, glue/adhesive, colored card stock, a cutting tool (I use a guillotine), white card stock, and scissors.

Step 1: Cut the paper.  You’ll be making three different piles of cut paper.  I cut twelve piece of 5.25 x 4 card stock for the base.  Then a pile of twelve 3 x 3 squares for my stamped images. Finally, I cut a pile of 4 x 1 strips for the Thank You banner.

Step 2: Color and cut out your stamped images (or stamp directly on your square papers. I have a sketchbook full of stamped images that I color as I have time.  So for me this part was easy, I just cut out several of the images I had colored.


Step 3: Lay out your cards.  I tried to make sure that all my papers were different, but still matched.

Step 4: Decide what stamps will go with what card base.

Step 5: Trim a little flag on the end of each of your small strips, and then stamp your sentiment. I wanted it a bit off centered, so my Thank You is on the end by my flag.


Step 6: Glue or stamp your images in place on your squared papers.  If you’re stamping them on, you’ll want to color them as well.

Step 7: Adhere your banners and your squares to the larger rectangles you cut earlier. I used a foam tape for both of them, because I wanted them to pop.


Step 9: Cut your 8.5 x 11 white cardstock in half so that you have two pieces that are 5.25 x 8.5. Repeat this step until you have enough for each of your card fronts.  Fold each piece in half.  (A bone folder and a scoring board make this so much easier).

Step 10: In this final step, you’ll attach the cards you finished earlier to these card bases. You’ll want to center the colored paper on the card base, and leave a nice white border all around the card


Twenty to thirty minutes later you’ll have a lovely set of mass produced cards that you can fill out and give to your friends and family.


These fit the A2 envelopes that can be found at any craft store, as well as the craft section of Walmart. Tip: To make these really stand out, stamp a sentiment or image on the inside of each card, and add a matching stamp on the envelopes.

I hope this simple card tutorial helps inspire you to make more cards.  Keep in mind that cards can be as simple or as embellished as you want! Tell me below what you’ll be mass producing cards for! If you use Sweet Stamps be sure to tag us on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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