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For those of you who are looking for more ideas on making simple, masculine cards or those that are working to complete Father’s Day cards, Callie has some great Sweet tips for you today!

She’s going to bring it back to basics with some simple card making ‘rules.’ If you are a planner that would like to get into cardmaking, this post is for you.


Hey Sweet Friends!  This is Callie, and I am up on the Sweet Stamp Shop blog today to share some card making basics with you. I have seen a lot of the planner girls asking about how to move into card making since they already have so many of the supplies, so I thought I would put together a simple blog post just for you!

Since a lot of you are already using stamps in your planners, it is a natural progression to move into making cards.  You most likely have all the tools and supplies on hand to create a simple card. Your friends and family will be thrilled with even the simplest handmade card from you, so what are you waiting for?

Here are the basic supplies that I recommend:

  • Stamps – Sweet Stamps of course!
  • Stamp blocks – you probably have these already, right? If not look here.
  • Glue Runner or Glue Stick.
  • Ink Pads
  • Premade Card Bases like those shown in photo above – or any basic cardstock you have. I like to use White and Kraft card bases for most of my projects, and occasionally Ivory.
  • The A2 card bases work perfectly as you can then cut a piece of 8.5 x 11 cardstock into four pieces to use as a layer on top and it fits perfectly. Those packs also come with envelopes which saves you from having to buy them separately. I picked these packs up at my local craft store for $6.00/pkg after using a 40% coupon. That works out to about $ .13 per card!
  • Cardstock – White is the easiest, and maybe some colored cardstock as well, but not absolutely necessary. Nicole recommends X-Press It for use with Copic coloring. You can find it on Amazon, and many other places online.  
  • Paper Trimmer (not totally necessary, but very nice to have). Scissors and a ruler work fine too!   

That is really all you need to get started making a basic card. Pretty simple huh? Ok, you have all the supplies, but now what? Start with a stamp set that inspires you, or one that has a theme that you have in mind for the recipient. I often just make cute cards to keep on hand as thank you cards and really there are so many Sweet Stamps that work great for that. Today I am going to use the “Dads Tool Box” stamp set to make a cute Father’s Day card. I am going to use a Kraft cardstock base and some white X-Press It cardstock to stamp my images onto using Memento Ink.

Decide on your card base first.  Since I am going to use one of the premade card bases, I want to cut a piece of my white cardstock to layer on top of my card base.  I like to cut it about ¼” smaller all the way around to create a layer that shows the base color around the edges.  So measure and cut your paper.

Here is where you can start to play with your layout a bit.   The human eye likes to look at things that are not totally symmetrical and that is where the rule-of-thirds comes into play.  Check out this Sweet blog post by Thanh to learn more about the Rule of Thirds.  Basically you are going to want the focus of your card to be offset on the card and not totally centered.

I will often practice my layout on a piece of regular printer paper just to get an idea of what I like before I start stamping on my good paper.  Before putting them on my project, I also always test my inked stamp on scratch paper to make sure they are stamping well.

Once you have your layout how you want it, it is time to stamp!  I am planning to color mine with Copic markers, so I’ll be stamping with my Memento Ink.  However, for the written sentiments that won’t be getting any coloring on them, I will use my Versafine Ink because it does a great job of making a really great clear impression.

Color in your stamped images how you like them and then it is time to assemble your card.  I am a huge fan of using a removable adhesive glue runner so that I can adjust my card layer in case I lay it down crooked or change my mind – hey, that totally happens!   If you have a glue stick only, just use that.  Glue sticks tend to be somewhat removable for a short time so you can adjust a bit if something goes wrong.

Once you have it assembled, you are done – now how easy was that?  From here you could stamp a sentiment on the inside of the card as well, or just hand-write your note in there.

If you wanted to you could also embellish with some sequins, but to keep it super simple (and “dude-ish”) I left mine super plain. Either way, I guarantee you the recipient is going to LOVE it.   Now, go create something, create a couple of cards and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

When you post your creations be sure you tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and tag me on Instagram @CallieCoPaperTrail so we can all see what you create.  Don’t forget to stop by the Shop to get some of your card making supplies.

Thanks for stopping by
Callie xoxo

4 Responses to Back to Basics Father’s Day Card – Tool Box | Callie

  1. Linda Lipford says:

    Great post and way to go luring all the planner people over to the card making side!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi! I liked how you colored your letters, what do you use to color in your stamps? Do you use colored pencils or something else?


    • Callie Huza says:

      Thanks Michelle! On this card I used Copic markers to color it. I do also use colored pencils on some of my stamped images (Prismacolors are my personal favorite pencils). Coloring medium really just depends on the look you want for your final project. Thanks for asking!

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