Nod to Mod Planner Week using Avery Labels by Sparkle


We’ve partnering up with Avery this week to create some very fun and functional items!

Liz from The Hug Life shared a Plan with Me video. There’s plenty of inspiration on our Facebook  and Instagram if you want to see all different ways you can stretch your Sweet stamps.



Hi Sweets, Sparkle here and I am excited to be showing off some great products from both Sweet and Avery! Today I am sharing some stickers I made and this week’s layout in my planner. With summer right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to use the Nod to Mod set as my main theme. I just love those flamingos and pineapples! Don’t you?

So many of us are busy and always on the go. As a fulltime working mom, I don’t always get as much time as I would like to be crafty. To save time while I’m setting up my planner for the week, I like to have sticker sheets to use on hand. Avery makes labels in every size imaginable!! I like to use these small label sheets to stamp out my routine weekly tasks.


I love to color, so most of the time my images are stamped in black. Depending on the color scheme I chose for the week, I will color the images to match. I also like to use coordinating ink colors for my sentiments and tasks. These Avery label sheets are only 4×6 inches, so they are easy to slip into a pocket or a folder in your planner.


When setting up my planner for the week, I use the sections and boxes for events, to dos, and whatever we’re eating for dinner that night. Since I don’t use the headers that are pre-printed in my planner, I like to cover them. Most washi tape is translucent and you can see through it once it’s placed down. To prevent that, I used Avery full sheet labels to cut strips, and cover my headers before I place my washi tape. You can see the difference in the top two sections of my planner page below.


I mostly color images with my Copic markers, and if I tried to color on my planner page directly, they would bleed through. To prevent that, I stamp and color my images on Avery label paper. Since most of the images aren’t that big, I like to use the 2×4 inch label size. I then fussy cut the images and place them in my planner. To see what my layout will look like, I like to place all my pieces down first. This also gives me the opportunity to change things up if I don’t like it or my mood changes!


Once I get everything in place and my images colored, I start sticking my images down. After that’s done, I write and stamp everything else in. I use my far left column for tasks that need to be done this week, but not necessarily by a certain day. My week is pretty filled, but I do like to leave a little bit of white space in case anything changes or anything comes up at the last minute. All of the stamps I used today are linked below.


Do you stamp planner stickers with Sweet Shop Stamps? Or use label and sticker paper in your planner? Let us know in the comment section below and I’d love to see it if you do. Tag me @sparkle__creations on Instagram, and @sweetstampshop too, so we can all see what you create! I hope you all have a wonderfully sweet day!

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Great looking planner using some great looking stamps. I like how you are using Avery products. You gave some great tips. Thanks so much!

  2. tsurutadesigns1 says:

    Absolutely FABulous.

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