Embroidered Dish Towel using Veggin | Jes Brandon

We have a super sweet project how-to on the blog today! Earlier this month, we posted a social media image of an embroidered project and you asked to see how it was done. We’re happy to have Jes Brandon joining us as a contributor and showing you exactly how she created this fun project that is perfect for gift giving.


Hi everyone, I am Jes. I am visiting from KJB Stamping with a recent project featuring Sweet’s awesome stamps. When Sweet released the new VersaCraft ink, I saw an excellent opportunity to combine two of my favorite crafting hobbies: embroidery and stamping.

Jes Brandon Embroidery 1

The hardest part was deciding which set to use.  I ended up ordering the Veggin set when I ordered the VersaCraft ink pad. I like to have decorated dish towels on hand to give out as gifts. The adorable veggies were perfect for a set of dish towels.

Jes Brandon Embroidery 2

When using a new ink I like to test it several times on scrap paper, or in this case fabric scraps, to get a feel for how it works.  With my smaller blocks I tended to smudge it quite a bit as I pulled up, but with the Fiskars Stamp Press I was able to get a clean impression.

Jes Brandon Embroidery 3

The ink was still a bit light in some places, but I just traced over it very lightly with a pencil since it was going to be hidden with thread anyway. I made the mistake of not ironing out the crease from being folded when I did my project. It didn’t hinder the stamping or the embroidering, but it did annoy me a bit.

Jes Brandon Embroidery 4

Before I start stitching a project, I like to pick out all the thread colors and have them in a little basket that can also hold my project when I’m not working on it. It makes it easier to have everything on hand.  It’s also a habit of mine to finish all of one color before moving on to another.  It can be tedious when working on larger projects, but with this design it moved very quickly.

Jes Brandon Embroidery 5

I zoomed in on this to show you the stitching in more detail. I used a simple stem stitch to outline each of the veggies. I considered filling them all in, but was afraid the cute little faces would not show up as well. So, I chose to just fill in accents on each veggie. The faces were a bit too small for me to stitch in and have it look right, so I traced them with a marker instead.

Jes Brandon Embroidery 6

Here is a close up of the finished project.  My best friend has already laid claim to this towel, and asked for a complete set.  Dish towels are just the first item on my list of things to make now that I have this new ink.  Some other projects I have in mind are: aprons, t-shirts, bags, wall art, wash cloths, bibs, pillowcases, handkerchiefs, baby blanket, pot holders, tea cozy, placemats, napkins, and various clothing items for my daughter.  I hope that this post inspires you to explore outside the world of paper crafting.

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All the best,

8 Responses to Embroidered Dish Towel using Veggin | Jes Brandon

  1. Linda Lipford says:

    It has been ***years*** since I have done any embroidery but this project makes me want to dig out my floss!

    • Jes Brandon says:

      You totally should! I had a blast doing this. And because the stamps are smaller, it’s a fast project. I finished this in about two hours (over a span of a couple of days).

  2. gabber68 says:

    so adorable- what a fun idea!

  3. joanvanc says:

    What a great idea. I haven’t ventured past the paper.

  4. Chris R. from Iowa says:

    Did you use any certain ink to stamp your design? This is really cute and I have lots of stamps and lots of thread! I figured it would be a permanent ink but didn’t know if you suggested a certain brand.

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