Creating Ink Swatches using Avery Labels with Ashley

We’ve partnering up with Avery this week to create some very fun and functional items!
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Hey Everyone! Ashley here so excited to be sharing my next project with you!! I have been working with The Sweet Stamp Shop in collaboration with Avery for some amazing projects!! I had been thinking about my project and decided that i really needed to catalog my Inks so that I don’t buy what I already have. I got this idea from Jennifer McGuire’s Blog. I went ahead and made an awesome ink swatch book. Let me show you how I did it…
Ashley Sweet Avery Labels 1 overlay
I picked out all the things I wanted to use. I had some Coin pouches that I got from Amazon that will hold 2×2 squares perfectly. Then I found that Avery had 2×2 White Square Labels and knew it was going to be perfect. I also already had the Avery Clear Cover 1/2 binder and thought it was going to be perfect.
Ashley Sweet Avery Labels 2 overlay
I was looking through all my Sweet Stamp Shop stamps and needed something that was going to be solid enough to show the color of each ink. I found my Tags set (you can find it HERE) and knew that was the one. I also cut out some 2×2 pieces of yardstick to add my stickers to so they would be nice and heavy duty. I got to stamping and was loving how everything was turning out.
Do you have a favorite Sweet Stamp Shop stamp set? If so, Which one?
Ashley Sweet Avery Labels 3 overlay
Nice images of the ink colors that I have, so then I wrote all the brand and color on each of the stickers and then adhered them to the 2×2 cardstock squares that I had cut out.
Ashley Sweet Avery Labels 4 overlay
Just added a little character to the handwriting to give it some more uniqueness. After that I started adding them to the coin pages inside my Avery binder and was good to go.
Ashley Sweet Avery Labels 5
Here is my finished project and I am still working on getting some more inks in there. Once the page is full I will be organizing them all by color family.
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