Sweet Snowglobe For You!

Hey again, fellow Sweet stampers!  It’s Meredith, and I want to take you back down memory lane with me for a moment…  As a child of the 80s, I LOVED making shrinky dinks!  I specifically remember whiling away many an hour carefully coloring in and cutting out a prized set of Smurf shrinky dinks, then watching in wonder as my mom popped them into they oven — they curled, and morphed, and after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, emerged translucent, tiny, and glorious!  It was like magic!  I also had a small, but impressive-to-me, collection of snowglobes when I was a kid.


So I came up with this snowglobe craft that merges the best of these childhood worlds!  Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Sweet shrinky dink snowglobe:


  • A pack of Crystal Clear shrinky dink sheets
  • Super glue
  • Glitter of your choice
  • StazOn ink  in jet black (you MUST you StazOn)
  • Sweet Stamp Shop Super Boy and Girl Power stamp sets
  • Plastic snowglobe kit (you can also use a small jam or jelly jar, or even a mason jar!)

Begin by stamping your images on the shrinky dink plastic sheets using the StazOn ink.  Since the plastic sheets are totally clear, you might want to place your plastic sheet on top of a sheet of white cardstock so it’s easier to see.  Take your time and go slowly, as the plastic is slippery and you can slide the stamp and smudge the image if you rush.  Don’t worry if the image isn’t perfect…you can always trace over the black lines in the coloring step.


Turn the plastic sheet over, and color in your images on the reverse side using Sharpie or other alcohol-based markers (water based markers will not work here!).


Using a nice sharp pair of craft scissors, carefully cut around your stamped images.  It’s a bit easier to cut out if you leave a bit of space around the images, and since we’re using the clear shrinky dink sheets, you won’t even notice the space!  Following the shrinky dink package instructions, bake the plastic images in your oven to shrink them down to size.


Ta da!  Aren’t they adorable?!  I also love how even though they have shrunk, the images have still retained all of their detail…even the polka dots on the Sweet girl’s bow!  And the translucent quality you get to these shrinky dinks is gorgeous!


Now that we’ve created the images for our snowglobe, let’s assemble!  Using your superglue, adhere the shrinky dinks to the base of the snowglobe, being careful not to glue your fingers together!  🙂  Let those dry thoroughly (preferably overnight) before you move on.


Time to get sparkly!  Go ahead and fill the globe (or your jar if that’s what you’re using) with water, and add your choice of glitter!  Here I used a variety of fine and chunky glitter so that when you shake the globe, you get a variety of textures and colors, but feel free to experiment and see what you like!


Screw on the base with your images (make sure it’s tight!) and then shake, shake, shake!  Personalizing the boy and girl to look like you and your sweetheart would make for a super cute and unique handmade gift idea!


That’s it!  An incredibly Sweet and fun way to make a personalized gift.  I mean, who wouldn’t love to receive a handmade snowglobe?!  And those shrinky dinks have me thinking of so many other crafty projects you could use your Sweet stamps with!  Speaking of other crafty projects, make sure to follow Sweet Stamp Shop on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook so you can see all the fun, new ideas using your Sweet Stamp Shop stamps!

5 Responses to Sweet Snowglobe For You!

  1. Heather K says:

    Meredith, this is adorable! It would make a great party craft. You could have things pre stamped so that the participants just have to color them in. Bake while they are having treats!

  2. Swoon…. So adorable….. I want tiny sweets all over my house.

  3. Linda Lipford says:

    Great idea for a personalized gift!

  4. Amy says:

    you can do so much with these stamps. i’m amazed!!

  5. Jo whight says:

    Meredith…you are a genius

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