Sweet Idea For Kids!

Hey Sweets, Michelle here with a fun project for the little Sweets in your life! I have a 4 yr old who is always fascinated with my Sweet stamps. I mean, can you blame her? They are super cute after all!!

SSS Feb blog post 1Whenever I’m in my craft room she’s usually in there with me crafting away at her little table. And since she likes to be a part of what I’m doing I discovered quite a while ago that she loves when I make her her own Sweet coloring pages.

SSS Feb blog post 3

I simply cut up 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock into 4 pieces (so that they all evenly measure 4 1/4 x 5 1/2). Then I pull out different stamp sets and stamp some ‘scenes’ on the cardstock.

Often I like to have a bunch of cut up cardstock ready to stamp on. And whenever I have a stamp set out working on another project I’ll stamp a card or 2 for her book so that I always have extra coloring pages on hand.

SSS Feb blog post 4Then I punched holes in the cards & held it together with a ring (and a cute ribbon!)

You can see my daughter loves her Sweet coloring book…there’s some intense concentration going on right there!

SSS Feb blog post 5

I also like to keep some of these little coloring books on hand when we have to go to dr appts, sports for the older kids, etc to help keep my little one busy!

Here’s an idea: Laminate the pages & bring a wet/dry erase markers so your little Sweets can color on the go!

Do your little ones craft with you? I bet we have lots of little Sweet crafters out there 🙂

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