Super SWEET Sandwich Wraps 

Hi SWEET friends! Tiffany O’Grady here, with a quick project to add a little love to someone’s lunchbox. My son is eight, and once in a while I like to tuck an encouraging note into his lunch. Lately though, it seems like he’s so busy talking to friends, he never notices them. I even tried a bright pink sticky note, and found it crumb-covered and sticky in the corner of his otherwise empty lunchbox – he didn’t even see it!

True confession, I’m not the kind of mom who makes bento boxes with smiling sandwiches every morning, or even the kind who puts a bright pink sticky note in with his PBJ each day. Still, I know there are days when my son needs a pick me up, so I had to think of a note he couldn’t possibly miss. And that, my friends, is how Super SWEET Sandwich Wraps were born!

Spoiler Alert: Here’s the finished lunchbox love note, so you have an idea of where we’re going with this.


I used:

White cardstock

Scraps of patterned paper

Tombow Dual Brush Markers

Black Versafine Ink

Super Boy

T-Rex Hugs

Mixed Alpha

Smile More


I started out by picking some of his favorite stamps, and thinking of some positive messages to join them. Then I stamped my main images on 2”x2” squares of white cardstock.


To add a pop of color and really make them stand out, I cut 3”x3” squares out of scraps of patterned paper and matted the stamped images on them.

SWEET Tip: Think about what colors you might want to use on the images and choose patterned paper that coordinates, at least a little.


Next I needed a band to actually wrap around the sandwich. I cut strips of white cardstock about 1” tall, and I actually ended up cutting them in half and adhering them to each side of the main image so they would be long enough. You could absolutely leave these as is, or even include a couple of crayons so they can color it themselves if they have time for that sort of thing at school lunch time.


I wanted to do some more stamping, but patterned paper would be cute for the wrap pieces too. I added some punny sayings and some additional stamps to fill out the main squares a bit. Some coloring with bright Tombow markers, and before too long I had several of these sandwich wraps ready to go.


The next morning when I got his lunch ready, I wrapped his sandwich in waxed paper and then added my Super Boy note to it – washi tape in the back keeps it secure so he has no excuse that it fell off and he didn’t see it!


For once, he not only SAW and READ the note, but he brought it home with him and was so excited. He showed all his friends. Mom win, my friends, mom win! Of course, now he wants me to put them in his lunch every day, but I told him that would make them so much less special ;). Do you add little notes to your significant other or child’s lunch? Or maybe you just want to encourage yourself some days! I’d love to see it if you do. Don’t forget to tag me @breathecreatedance on Instagram, and @sweetstampshop too, so we can see what you create!

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I hope you have a Sweet day!

3 Responses to Super SWEET Sandwich Wraps 

  1. Leah O'Neil says:

    Seriously the sweetest idea ever! And you made the step-by-step SO easy to follow!

  2. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Very cute idea. I occasionally send notes but nothing this fun. Will have to try.

  3. gabbe says:

    i so love these- my 5th grader loves a cute note in her lunch 🙂

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