A Sweet Decoration

Hello, it is Wan back again on the blog and today, I am going to share with you how I made a decorative mobile for my little girl’s room.

Some of you might be following me on Instagram and you would know that we have moved fairly recently. Consequently, we are still decorating our place slowly. This couple of weeks, I have been focusing on my little girl’s (little E) room and she has, in return, been giving me suggestions on how she wants her room decked out (she might be only four years old, but she definitely knows what she wants!). One of the things she has asked for is something to hang underneath her bunk bed. It is her play area (she has her play kitchen and her writing table underneath her bed), and I think she views this area as her ‘house’. After some brainstorming with her (think going to some shops and her pointing out things she loves), I figured a hanging mobile would be the way to go. However, rather than buying it, I thought we would make it together with some Sweet Stamps. So, if you think you might be interested in making the ‘contraption’ in the picture, do read on….

SSS 7th P1


For this project, you would need:


Stamps you want to use

Stamp ink (I used Memento because I was going to use Copic markers to colour the images in)

Medium to colour with (I used Copics)

Adhesive spray

Scrapbooking paper


1/16” hole punch

Three lengths of clearing beading wire (or some kind of threading material that is lightweight and transparent)

Beads (or whatever kind of weights you want to use)

Hoop (you can use a straight dowel or stick, too)

Washi tape


To start off, little E chose the stamps she wanted for her mobile ~ the unicorn from Unicorn, the castle from Royal Wish and one of the balloons from Balloons. I then used each stamp three times to create nine images, before colouring them in.

SSS 7th P2

Once they were all coloured in, I adhered them to some pretty scrapbook paper using spray adhesive. For variety, I used three different papers, one for each set of the same images.

SSS 7th P3

When the adhesive was fully dry, I fussy cut out the images. As you can see from the picture, adhering the scrapbook paper behind the stamped image means that you get to see something pretty no matter where you stand. You can obviously choose to stamp out mirror images, so that the stamped image is on both sides of the paper, but doing what I did is faster and less complicated, plus I get to use some of the paper I have been hoarding too ~ win win!

SSS 7th P4

After all the images have been cut out, I used a 1/16” hole punch to punch holes at the top and bottom of all the stamped images.

SSS 7th P5


I then tied a bead (you can use any weight you like) to the end of a length of clear beading wire before threading the wire through the holes I punched in the images. I threaded through three stamped images on one length of wire, as I wanted three sets of strung together images.

SSS 7th P6
And, to get the images to hang where I wanted them to hang, I just tied a big knot in the wire right before I threaded it through the top punched hole of the images, so that the image sat on the knot and stayed in place.

SSS 7th P7

Once all nine images were set on the wires, I moved on to wrap some silver washi tape around the bamboo hoop that I have planned to hang the wires from, so that everything would be colour coordinated.

SSS 7th P8

When the hoop was completely covered with the silver washi tape, I went on to tie the three sets of strung together images onto it, all the while making sure that the strings of images were equally separated from one another, so that the hoop would hang in a balanced fashion. I then finished everything off by tying a length of pretty ribbon to opposite sides of the hoop (as seen in the picture), for the mobile to hang from.

SSS 7th P9

So there you have it, a decorative mobile with a touch of whimsy, all ready to be hung. The beauty of it is that it is EXACTLY what little E wants, and we didn’t have to search for hours for it.

SSS 7th P1

And this is it from me for today. I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that it has given you some ideas on how to stretch your Sweet stamps even further. If you do use Sweet stamps to make your own decorations around the house, please remember to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, because we would LOVE to see them. Have a great day and happy Sweet stamping!

~ Wan

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