Transferable To-Do Lists

Hello SWEET friends! I’m Tiffany, and today I’m going to share a solution for those tasks that sometimes have to be transferred from one day (or week) to the next.


I don’t know about you, but sometimes instead of one To Do list, I have a Must Do and a Can Do list, or even just a list of things that need to happen at some point in the week. I was writing all of these tasks down each day, but I found it discouraging to leave some things unchecked. Not to mention that I didn’t enjoy re-writing those less critical tasks every day until I completed them.

I decided to make a list that I could easily move from one day or week to the next, without having to re-write them all the time. I use a six ring binder, but you could use this idea with any kind of planner.

I started out with very simple supplies. A black pen, my favorite black ink, a 3×4 grid journaling card, a small image stamp and an even smaller stamp to act as my check boxes.


I stamped the little unicorn in the corner just to make it cute, then a line of the flowers – one for each task. I stamped “list” at the top but you can label it in any way you like.

SWEET TIP: Using cards with a pre-printed grid makes this super easy to line up.


Next, a pop of color. I used Tombow Dual Brush markers here, but you could use whatever coloring medium you prefer, or you could even just leave it black and white.


It’s as simple as that, but the possibilities are endless! I made a list of gifts to buy, books to read, and packages that I’m waiting on in just a few short minutes of stamping.


You could make this once and laminate it, then use a permanent or wet erase marker to write on it. I don’t like to carry an extra pen with me when I’m running around town and I love the way paper looks and feels, so I rarely laminate anything in my planner. Instead I decided to make a base for these lists that can easily pull in and of my planner by cutting down some patterned paper. I punched it to fit my planner, then made slits from the edge to each hole so I can just pull it in and out without opening the rings.


I have way too many cute paperclips, so I was glad to find a practical use for this one – it makes it easy to swap out the cards when my tasks are completed. You could also use washi tape.


I love the way it looks in my planner, and it has really streamlined my planning process!


If your planner is spiral bound, you could use a coil clip for this, or you could just use washi tape to fasten it at the top of your week. It would be easy to flip up and out of the way, and it would come right off when your week is over.

What kind of ongoing lists do you like to keep in your planner? Comment here or on Instagram and let me know!

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  1. Wendi says:

    I LOVE this little list idea! So cute!!

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