Stamp Storage!

Hey Sweets, Michelle here! Today I thought I would share some insight in how I store my stamping supplies that might give you Sweets a few ideas. So here we go!

First off, let me tell you a little bit about my crafting area. My space is in our basement…which is unfinished (i.e. no real walls…hoping to change that this spring!). I do have a decent amount of storage but my work table is prime real estate for me so I’m very picky with what takes up that space. Since I stamp on an almost daily basis most of my stamping supplies are on my table and within easy reach.

So this is the left side of my table. I have this storage piece that holds mostly washi, inks, & acrylic blocks and a few tools.

SSS Jan blog post 5Labels made with Blocked Alpha and Sweet Stamp.

SSS Jan blog post 10SSS Jan blog post 11SSS Jan blog post 9 I keep my Versamagic inks in little buckets so that I can easily pull them out & have them on my table for stamping.

I organize my Sweet stamps in 2 ways – retired stamps are in a 6×8 album and current stamps are in these buckets that I keep on my table.

SSS Jan blog post 13 You’ll notice that I don’t have most of my stamps in their packaging. I use them so much that it’s just easier to keep them out. When working on my planner I could have 5 or 6 stamps sets out at a time (or more) so it just doesn’t make sense to keep taking them in and out of the packaging all the time. It’s worked really well for me this way and I can just flip through my stamps & find what I need. I also have a little basket for Petite Sweets.

The rest of my Sweet stamps are kept in a 6×8 Project Life album. I found that the pocket pages hold my stamps perfectly! And no need for labeling…in case you haven’t noticed the title of each stamp set is right on the front.

SSS Jan blog post 3

SSS Jan blog post 4

The bigger stamps sometimes have a tendency to want to slip out so I added a small piece of washi at the top.

For the stamps that are roughly 2″x6″ I used my fuse tool along with a 6×8 page protector to make 2 separate slots for my stamps. If you don’t have a fuse tool you could also use a sewing machine.

SSS Jan blog post 1

SSS Jan blog post 2

Can you tell I used a lot of red ink at Christmas time?? Stains the stamps but that’s perfectly ok!

Now just to give you an idea of how many stamps these albums will hold I have roughly 30 stamp sets in my book and it’s just about full. If I were using this kind of organization exclusively I would probably need at least 3 albums to hold all of my stamps. There are bigger albums or albums with a winder spine that would also work.

On my desk I have pretty much everything I need for stamping.

SSS Jan blog post 12 The storage piece on the left which has all of my inks & washi. Planners and notebooks all stacked up and ready to be decorated along with my stamps album. Copic markers – I don’t have a ton so as of now this works for me. Next to those are a bunch of premade cards & card fronts that I can just grab when I need them (you can see my previous post on that). And to the right is some patterned paper pads & my stamps. I have multiple mugs filled with pens, pencils, scissors, etc that get moved around my desk on a daily basis as I need them. I love to collect mugs on trips and they are perfect for organizing (and decorating) your space! Side note – I always put my colored pencils in upside down. I find that the ends stay much nicer this way.

SSS Jan blog post 8Don’t forget to decorate your space with some of your creations! I always rotate a few cards around on my desk. And another mug with chocolates…must have chocolates 😉

SSS Jan blog post 7

So here are a few tips in organizing your stamping supplies:

Figure out what your needs are. There are lots of ideas on social media so look through that and pick and choose what things would work for you (and what won’t).

Shop your home! Do you have something in another room that’s not working so well that might help organize your space? Switch things around and see how it works.

Get thrifty. I’ve found lots of furniture and little shelving units from garage sales, flea markets, & thrift shops. Usually all something needs is a coat of paint and it’s like a brand new piece (plus you don’t have to go broke!)

If it’s not working, try something else. I’ve lived in 4 different states in the last 12 yrs and had 4 very different homes. I’ve had to adjust my organizing style (usually multiple times) until I figured out just what worked best in that space.

Do you have any great organizing tips?? Be sure to share and check out Sweet Stamp Shop on Facebook and Instagram!!



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  1. Casey Thrush says:

    I love love love that storage solution in the top photo withe the wire racks and the locker looking bins!! That card at the bottom is awesome! And the ones above it. Thank you for the ideas on how to store stuff.

  2. Linda Lipford says:

    Some great ideas in this post! Off to “shop” my home!

  3. Ashley says:

    I loved that storage unit so much, I spent a few hours hunting….and…found it!!!! Thank you for the inspiration!! 😉

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