Making A Sweet Scene

Hey there, stamping friends, it’s Meredith!  As a stamp addict and Sweet fanatic, I’ve got quite the collection of Sweet stamps in my stash…and I’m sure you can relate!  One of my favorite things about having such a fabulous array of stamps to choose from is being able to mix and match sets and combine stamps to create whole scenes or mini vignettes that I can use on cards or put into my planner.  But sometimes I want to do more than just stamp individual images on a page…that’s where masking comes in!  Let me show you how I used masking to create this whimsical sky fairytale scene with my Sweet stamps!  I mean, who couldn’t use a cloud castle in their life, right?!  🙂


To get started, you’ll need to gather up a few simple supplies…a piece of white cardstock, VersaFine ink in onyx black, an acrylic block or two, the Unicorn stamp set, the Royal Wish stamp set, some sticky notes, and a good pair of sharp scissors.


When you’re masking and trying to create the idea of depth using two dimensional images, you want to keep in mind that you always want to work from front to back…so the things that will appear in the foreground we will stamp first, and then move our way in layers to the background.  Let’s start with that super fun cloud castle!  To make it look like it’s floating in the clouds, we’ll need to mask the castle and layer the clouds around it.  Start by stamping the castle onto the white cardstock, and also onto a sticky note, making sure that the image is stamped onto the sticky part of the note so that we can stick it down onto the cardstock to use as our mask.


Next we’ll fussy cut the castle out of the sticky note to create the mask.  Make sure to cut the bottom part of the castle precisely, or the lines of the images won’t connect when we’re finished, but you don’t have to be as careful with cutting the top, as we won’t be stamping any images over the top of the castle.


Now stick the mask you just made right on top of the castle image you stamped onto the cardstock, lining them up as exactly as you can.


We’re ready to stamp the first layer of clouds!  Using the large cloud stamp from the Unicorn stamp set, stamp a cloud on each side of the castle, making sure to overlap the clouds onto the castle image.  You might be a little nervous at first at how it looks, but don’t worry, the mask is protecting our castle!


That’s it for the first layer of clouds, but that’s a pretty big castle, and I think we need some more clouds, don’t you?  Let’s make a second layer!  To do that, we’ll need to mask off the clouds we just stamped.  We’ll make some masks for the clouds just like we did for the castle…  Go ahead and stamp that same cloud twice onto a sticky note, making sure, just like before, to stamp the clouds across the sticky part of the note.


It’s time for more fussy cutting, which I know can be a pain, but good news!  Once you make these masks, you can reuse them!  So don’t think of it as wasted effort.  And the results are totally worth it!  Go ahead and cut out both cloud masks, being careful to precisely cut around the part we’re going to stamp over, but you can be a little more free with the other edges.  Just like with the castle, place the masks directly over the stamped clouds on the cardstock to mask them off.


Now that you’ve got your masks in place, stamp two more clouds around the castle to create the final cloud layer.  Be sure you overlap these last two clouds with the castle as well as the two clouds you just stamped.


Now it’s time for the magic!  Slowly peel off each of the four masks…


And voila!  Cloud castle!  Isn’t that so fun?!


But we’re not done yet!  Remember how I said all the fussy cutting would be worth it?  Let’s reuse those cloud masks to add even more fairytale goodness to our little scene…  Stamp that cloud again onto the white cardstock on one side of the cloud castle.


Then take one of the cloud masks we just made and place it over top.  Now, using the smaller cloud stamp from the Unicorn stamp set, stamp it overlapping the larger cloud.


Peel off the mask…


And you’ve got a little cluster of puffy clouds!  Stamp on one of the expressions in the Unicorn stamp set for a little extra burst of sweet!


You can use that same idea to create another part of the scene…  How about a tiny unicorn popping out of one of those clouds?  Reuse that cloud mask and stamp on the adorable unicorn from the Just Icons stamp set, and BAM!  The stamped scene is complete!


Color in the images, add a bit of sparkle with a Wink of Stella glitter brush, and you’re done!  Now you’ve got a whole stamped scene you can use on a card or to decorate your planner!


What about you?  What scenes have you created with your Sweet Stamp Shop stamps?  What scene can’t you wait to create?  Try out some masking if you haven’t already,and be sure to tag Sweet Stamp Shop on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook so we can see your projects!  We love seeing what you create!

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  1. Casey Thrush says:

    So cute! I like masking even though it takes a little time.

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