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Hey there fellow stampers!  It’s Meredith, and I don’t know about you, but even though I consider myself a crafty person, I by no means fancy myself an illustrator.  Drawing is definitely not my strong suit!  But that is precisely one of the reasons I love Sweet Stamp Shop stamps so much!  I can use their host of adorable stamps in my planner pages, cards, and other crafty endeavors, and they make me look good every time!  But even though I can’t draw doesn’t mean that I can’t take my creativity one step further…let me show you how I use a little doodling to customize my images.  Using just your Sweet Stamp Shop stamps, a black pen, and a few stragetically placed strokes, you can create personalized images that are totally unique to you!

Take, for example, the adorable girl from the Girl Power stamp set…using an ordinary black pen (I like to use a medium point Papermate Flair), I drew in a few lines to add detailing to her hair, doodled a heart on her dress, and sketched in a few stripes.  And just like that, you can have a personalized stamped image that looks just like you!  Or your daughter… Or your mom…  Or your best friend… You get the idea.  Color in the image with your favorite coloring tools, and you’ve got something that is over the top amazing!


How about the sweet boy from the Super Boy stamp set?  You can quickly give him some jean shorts and a pocket T-shirt just by adding in a few lines!  Color him in with the appropriate colors to create the spitting image of your nephew…  Or your son…  Or your dad…  See where I’m going with this?  You don’t have to get super fancy, just adding a few simple lines is all it takes to create images that are totally personalized!


Do you have a furbaby that you’d love to create in stamped form?  All you have to do is stamp out the dog from the Dog & Cat stamp set, add a few lines to create his unique spots and markings, color him in, and presto!  Your canine family members have their own personalized images!


This doodling technique can be used on any image!  Here I added some detailing to the archway, windows to the turrets, and brickwork to the wall of the castle in the Royal Wish stamp set to create a fairytale-ready image worthy of any crafty project!  And the great thing about it is you can change it up every time…use the same stamp but add different doodled embellishments to get several different looks!  Talk about great bang for your stamping buck!


Of course, if you feel like getting fancier with it and adding more details, you can certainly do that, too!  The mermaid from the Mermaid Shelfie stamp set really comes to life when you add lots of doodles.  Here I doodled lines for detailing in her hair, gave her a belly button, and created scales on her tail.  How sweet is that?!


The super girl stamp, also from the Girl Power stamp set, is another image that begs for your to add lots of your own personal touches!  Adding stars to her skirt, detailing to her hair, and an M initial emblem to her crown allowed me to create an stamped image perfect to give a friend who is one of the most heroic super moms I know!


But don’t think that doodling is only for the larger stamps!  I love adding details to the stamps in my planner to really customize my week!  Here I added stripes to the bra and panties stamps from the Plan Women stamp set, but you could certainly add polka dots or other doodles to represent your favorite bikini or set of lingerie!

So, what about you — how will you doodle your stamped images to create something truly unique?  Try it out and be sure to tag Sweet Stamp Shop on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook so we can see your projects!  We love seeing what you create!

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  1. Casey Thrush says:

    These are GREAT! Love that just a little change can make something COMPLETELY different. Love the M on the crown!!

  2. Michéal says:

    Love it as always Meredith!! Can’t wait to give it a try!!!

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