Sweet Tags This Season


Samantha here, and today I’m sharing some cute, fun and festive ways to dress up your gifts, or even your tree this holiday season!

This is by no way, a new idea, but I thought it would be SO FUN to create these little festive tags (or ornaments!) with some adorable Sweet Stamp Shop images! You could also easily make these for a birthday, anniverary, wedding or any kind of celebration! Just change up the image!

To get started, I used the wood slices (I just bought a pack of these from Michael’s), and asked my sweet, supportive husband if he would drill a few holes for me (Insert batting eyelashes and innocent look here! Ha!).

His desk is…slightly messier-dirtier-saw dustier than mine! :p

Once the holes were drilled, I covered each  slice with a thin layer of gesso. Gesso is essentially a paint primer. It prepares the surface of whatever you paint it on, in this case, it makes it easy and seamless to stamp and watercolor,without any bleeding!

After the gesso dries, the fun cans start! I used images from Holiday Pup and Mush Day, and stamped them directly onto the gesso-ed surface of the wood slices! Then I just went to town and had a ball watercoloring with my Peerless Watercolors!

Everything dries really quickly, and so once it was dry, I just tied some decorative yarn and gold thread through the already drilled holes! I also added some fun dimension with my Snow Marker!

The Snow Marker applies a liquid to wherever you color. Then you dry that liquid with a heat tool, and it puffs up, like magic!! Instant snow!

So those are the adorable tags, or even ornaments that I made today!

I hope you were inspired, and if you decide to make your own wood tags, be sure to tag Sweet Stamp Shop on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook! We would LOVE to see what you make!

Thanks again!

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  1. Casey Thrush says:

    Those are soooo cute!!!

  2. Elva says:

    So cute! I need Gesso!! 🙂

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