A Sweet Fridge Magnet

Hi there, it is Wan back again on the blog, and today, I am going to share how I made an interchangeable fridge magnet using some of my Sweet stamps.

During our recent house move, we lost a few of our fridge magnets, and I haven’t got round to replacing them. So, when I saw some small acrylic photo frames with magnets attached to them in my local art supplies store, I figured that I should have a go at making the fridge magnets, rather than buy them. That way, I get to play with my stamps AND I get to make exactly what I want ~ win-win!

With it being so easy to change things out with these photo frames, I thought I would keep things interesting by making two inserts for one frame. Now, I wanted one image to be good for when I want the magnet to hold stuff like travel photos, and the other to be suitable for days that I need the magnet to keep to-do lists in place, so I decided to use Love Life to create one insert and Epic Notes  to make the other.

For the insert using the Love Life stamp set, I wanted to use the distress ink bleed technique demonstrated by Jennifer McGuire as I thought that would jazz up the image. So, I started by cutting down the watercolour paper I was going to use to size and choosing some distress ink colours that would go well with the paper that I planned to use as an accent on the insert.


After preparing the paper and deciding on the ink colours, it is time for the fun to start! As distress inks tend to pool rather than coat stamps evenly, I inked my stamp up with VersaMark first. This is because VersaMark helps stick the distress ink into place and thus, ink pooling would not happen as much.


Then, I just inked different parts of the stamp with the four different colours I have chosen, making sure that all parts of the stamp were adequately inked, before stamping the image slightly off centre on the watercolour paper I have prepared (you will see why I did that later.)


Now, it was hard to not ink some areas twice with different colours while ensuring that all parts of the stamp were covered, but as you can see, it just makes the resulting image even more colourful, so don’t worry if you do ink the same area a few times.


Next, I used a Mini Mister to spritz water over the stamped image. I tried to use only one spritz of water over each part of the image so that there wouldn’t be too much bleeding (of course, this isn’t an exact science and you can see that the yellow areas probably got a little bit more water compared to the other areas).


I then set this insert aside to dry (you can also speed up the drying time by using a heat tool, but I don’t have one, so I just had to let time do the work!). While waiting, I stamped the second insert using the Epic Notes set and coloured the image in with Copics.


Once the Love Life insert was dry, I inked the Love Life stamp with Versafine Onyx Black and stamped over the exact same spot with the black ink. That way, you have that really pretty contrast of the black ink against the soft coloured background


Next, to dress this insert up even more, I used a strip of scrapbook paper as an accent on the insert (that is why I stamped the image a little off centre to begin with, so that there would be place for the accent).


With that done, the two inserts for the interchangeable fridge magnet were complete. I really like having two completely different images to use, because for someone like me, who likes her fridge magnets to fit the theme of the items being held in place, this makes the magnet really versatile.


And before I go, here is a picture of it in use.


This is it from me for today. If you do decide to make your own fridge magnets using Sweet stamps, don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, because we would LOVE to see them. Have a great day and happy Sweet stamping!

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  1. Patty Arnett says:

    I am so excited to do this project! I actually have all the supplies to make this! Another beautiful job by Wan. 🙂

  2. Casey Thrush says:

    So cool! Love it.

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