Planners and Coffee!

Hello again, Sweet stampers!  It’s Meredith, and I’m back to show you one of my absolute favorite ways to use Sweet Stamp Shop stamps…in my planner!!  Sweet Stamp Shop stamps help me take my planner from looking like this…
…to THIS!coffeeblogpost2WEB

What a BIG difference a little bit of Sweet makes!  Of course Sweet Stamp Shop offers a line of awesome stamps designed specifically for your planner, but who says that you’re limited to just those?  One of my very favorite planner decorating techniques is to create structure and organization with Sweet Stamp Shop’s planner stamps, and then mix in some happy with their decorative stamps to make my week a little more fancy and a whole lot more fun.  And let’s face it — I’m more likely to actually use and follow my planner if it makes me smile.  🙂

We’re moving into fall when the temperatures start to drop a bit, and I can finally start thinking about crisp air, flannel jammies, and a nice hot mocha…or pumpkin spice latte…or…well, you get the idea.  So when I was deciding what stamps I was going to use to decorate my planner for next week, I just couldn’t pass up the Coffee Town and Cuppa Coffee stamp sets!  Just try and look at those adorable coffee cups and not crack a smile.  I dare you!


coffeeblogpost4WEBLet me share with you how I did it…  The top section of my planner is where I house my events for the week.  This is where Sweet Stamp Shop’s planner stamps really shine!  There are loads of cute icons and helpful words to make sorting out the week’s activities not only practical, but cute!

Keeping track of my kids’ school specials and extracurricular activities can be a challenge, but I got it all organized here by using the Outline Lower Alpha stamp set to stamp each of their initials in a different color for easy reference, and then I used various icons from the Plan EverydayPlan FitnessPlan HomePlan to Eat, and Plan to Go stamp sets to denote who’s doing what.

Anyone else out there a list maker?  I definitely need lists to keep myself on task and remember important items!  Making a to do list in the middle boxes of my planner was super easy with the Take Note stamp set…I simply stamped the heading at the top of each box, and then used the solid mini heart stamp from the Plan to Eat stamp set to create the list items that I’ll check off later in the week.

See how just a touch of Sweet can take a boring checklist and make it into something a little more special?  (Mini hearts are so much more fun to check off than traditional check boxes or bullet items if you ask me.)  🙂

The bottom section of my planner is where the real magic happens!  This the section where I track my overall fitness plan for the week, but it’s also the section where I have some room to play!   Since each day only has one or two fitness related items and I usually take some rest time on the weekend, I have a little extra space to fancy up my planner — and this is where the other Sweet decorative stamps I was talking about earlier come in!

This week I used the adorable coffee shop stamp and sentiments from the Coffee Town stamp set and the different coffee cups from the Cuppa Coffee stamp set to express my true love for that magic elixir that gets me through my mornings.  🙂  Stamping the images and then coloring them in with colored pencils is my favorite way to make them pop and coordinate with my overall color scheme.

coffeeblogpost8WEBAnd that’s it!  Armed with a little bit of forethought and a little bit of Sweet, I was able to put a whole lotta fun in my functional planner design for next week!

coffeeblogpost9WEBWhat about my fellow planner stamping addicts out there?  Which Sweet Stamp Shop stamps are your favorites to you use in your planner?  Show us how you inject a little bit of Sweet into your week and be sure to tag Sweet Stamp Shop on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook so we can see your Sweet plans!


12 Responses to Planners and Coffee!

  1. Wan says:

    Another awesome post, Meredith!! I love it!

  2. Mari says:

    Oh I love your planner! Yo choose the cutest designs. Coffee, dragons… Love them all!

  3. Holley RIchardson says:

    AMAZING as always! Love the Sweet Stamp Shop stamps! I have to say I am a SSS Girl with touches of others… but her shop is my MAIN Resource!

  4. Sara says:

    How did you copy the morning, day and night headers? Was hi and some kind of pen? I LOVE this layout!

  5. Rechelle Louis says:

    Awesome stuff, love your creativity with stamps….I’m still getting inspired and collecting stamps.LOL

  6. Kristine says:

    So cute! Love those coffee stamps!

  7. Love it! Thanks for sharing your process!! 🙂

  8. Jennifer mole says:

    looking forward to all your post!i am a mom of three and I love your colors and designs!more power Meredith!

  9. Keri Dawn says:

    Super cute! May i ask what you use to color in the stamps? And how is the bleed?

  10. Heather K. says:

    Sweet Stamp Shop and Meredith…your inspiration and creativity have really brought me closer to planner peace. I wasn’t feeling it when filling my planner with stickers because it just didn’t feel true to my creative spirit, but this combo of steps and coloring really speaks to me. Thank you!

  11. Don’t have a planner but loving what you have done!!!

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