Creating Your Own Sweet Planner!

Hello, everyone, it is Wan back on the blog, and today, I am going to show you how I use Sweet Stamps to customize a grid style fauxdori insert so that it becomes a daily planner and journal all rolled into one.

For those of you who follow me on IG, you would know that I usually use an Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP) for my daily planning. However, during my recent house move, I found it impossible to squeeze my super long to-do list into my ECLP, so I started using one of my fauxdori inserts as a planner. It was nothing fancy, just two columns, one with my scheduled events/appointments and the other with my to-dos, but I absolutely loved it. Consequently, I decided to try and keep using it as a planner even after the house move, but I did redesign the layout so that not only can I do more of my planning in it, I can also journal in the same insert.

As with designing any layout, the first thing to do is to consider, in some detail, exactly what you need or want. Personally, my top priority is that I have enough space to plan and journal, so I have allocated 2 pages to a day. One page would be for planning and the other, journaling. With that decided, let’s focus on how I customised the pages to fulfil my needs.

In terms of planning, I like having separate areas for my scheduled events/appointments, to-dos and health related items (meals/hydration/Fitbit steps), so I used slim washi to mark out the pertinent areas.


Once that was done, I was ready to start stamping. First, I stamped the banner flag from Plan to Work at the top left of the page so that I have a place to mark the date.


As you can see from the picture, I have turned the stamp sideways so that it fitted better into my layout. On that note, I must say that this is one of the things I love most about clear stamps, you can get really creative about how you use them. Mask some parts of them, use them in a different orientation, layer them….the possibilities are endless.

After creating a place for the date, I stamped my headings for the two columns, “Today” (for my scheduled events/appointments) and “To-do”. Both stamps are from the Plan Everyday set.


Next, I stamped the cutlery and hydration cup icons from Plan to Eat at the bottom area of the page, so that I have an area to plan family dinners and track my hydration.


I then finished off the planning page by stamping in the sneaker from Plan Fitness so I can track my FitBit steps.


Now, onto the journaling page. This is where I write down my prayers and document my thoughts (from reading the Bible as well as thoughts about that particular day). And ever since I adopted the practice of having one word to inspire me through the year, I have endeavored to choose a word every day to help further anchor me, because my thoughts tend to race at a hundred miles an hour. Sweet Stamp Shop has just the perfect stamp set to remind me to pick my word each day – One Word, and I stamped the relevant stamp right at the top of the page to make sure it is super prominent,.


In addition, because the One Word set has the stamp “Define My Week”, it gave me the idea of using Sunday to think about what I would like to work on in the week ahead (a little more long term than day to day, but not so long term that it is impossible to envisage with any clarity). Therefore, Sunday’s journaling page is a little different in that I used “Define My Week”, rather than “Define My Day” when stamping in the prompt.


With that done, the basic layout for the day on 2 pages is complete.


I usually stamp this layout a week at a time, because I like to vary aspects of the layout to keep things fresh (like I use different washi/ink colours/date markers in different weeks). However, one big advantage of customising a blank insert like this is that you can do whatever you want (change it up day to day, change it up month on month or stamp an entire insert in the same way all the way through, it is totally up to you and there are no rules). And just so that you have an idea of how this layout would look like all filled in, I have attached a picture of one of my completed pages (my journaling is private, so please accept my apologies for not showing that).



As you can see, there is plenty of space for everything. I have even managed to find a space to document the Bible verses I have read that day (I repurposed the box on the left hand side of the stamp from the One Word set because I didn’t need it for the date anymore with this layout). This is the beauty of designing your own planner layout, you can basically create exactly what you need/want, and Sweet Stamp Shop has so many fabulous stamps that the sky is your limit.

This is it from me for today. If you haven’t found planner peace yet, I hope this has given you some ideas on how you can create your own layout and perhaps be some steps closer to this sometimes too elusive phenomenon. If you do start using stamps to create your own Sweet layout, please tag us on Instagram or post on our Facebook page so that we can all have a peek. Have a great day and happy Sweet planning!

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