Decorating Insert Covers With Stamps

Hello there! It is Wan here and this is my first time contributing to the Sweet Stamp Shop blog. Thank you,  Sweet Stamp Shop, for having me! In this post, I am going to show you how I use stamps to decorate a fauxdori insert.

I use an Erin Condren Life Planner as my daily planner butI also love my Foxydoris from The Foxy Fix! I use my Foxys in a wide variety of ways, from planning my snail mail exchange with other planner girls to tracking my expenses to having a place where I can brain dump all my ideas.  Due to the fact that I use so many inserts, I like to keep things interesting by decorating my inserts. I know many people use scrapbooking paper to do that, but given that I love stamps, I have started using them to decorate some of my inserts.

With me needing a new brain dump/brainstorming insert, I turned to the Sweet Stamp Shop set Royal Wish to do the job (afterall, I like to believe that some of my ideas would be dreams come true). However, before I did any stamping, I had to decide on the medium I was going to use to color in the stamp. In this case, I decided I wanted to use watercolors and thus, I found some watercolour paper to cut down to size. Using the insert as a guide, I drew out the dimensions of what would be needed to cover the front (and the back) of the insert.



I then cut the paper down to size using a paper trimmer (you can do this with a craft knife too but a paper trimmer is a lot faster) .



To finish off, I rounded the corners with a corner rounder, because the moleskine insert I wanted to use had rounded corners.



After cutting the paper down to size,  it was time to do some stamping! I used Versafine Onxy Black ink to stamp because the ink would not bleed with watercolors.  I stamped the image of the castle first followed by the phrases, so that it was easier to see where best to place the words,  In addition, although I didn’t do it here, you would want to stamp the images such that it is slightly off to the right if you are super obsessive about having your stamped images dead centre when the insert is all done (the reason for this would become apparent later).



Next, I colored in the castle using a Waterbrush and my watercolor palette. To ensure that the decorated insert have a coordinated look, I deliberately chose colors that would go well with the washi I was planning on using later.



Finally, to give the stamped image a even more magical feel, I used the Wink of Stella pen to add a hint of glitter to the turrets and doorway of the castle.



With the image done,  I started putting the insert together using a glue stick and some washi tape. First, I trimmed the watercolor paper a tiny bit to make sure that the watercolor paper was just a tad smaller than the cover and back of the insert (as you can see from the picture, there is a hint of the yellow peeking out on the left hand side). This would make applying the washi tape a lot easier. I then used the glue stick to adhere the watercolor paper to both the cover and the back of the insert. After doing that, I used washi tape to cover the spine of the insert and also to hold the front and back pieces of the watercolor paper together.  I covered the spine twice so that it would hold up better and then, I taped down the edges of the washi tape at the front and the back with more washi tape, so that it looked better aesthetically.



And with that done, voilà! I now have a brain dump/brainstorming insert that I love, although as you can see, the image is not right at the centre because of the application of the washi tape. It doesn’t bother me, because it is just a little off, but if you are one of those people who would be upset about this, do remember to position your stamp such that it is slightly over to the right.



This is it from me for today. I have linked all the essential supplies I used in my process so that hopefully, you can easily gather all you need to recreate what I have done. I hope you have enjoyed the post and happy ‘sweet’ stamping! If you do start using stamps to decorate your inserts, be sure to tag us on IG or post it on Facebook, so we can all enjoy what you have created!

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  1. Kara S says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, Wan! Your coloring/shading is incredible. Great idea for inserts!

  2. justtyra says:

    Awesome tutorial! This covers looks lovely!

  3. Casey Thrush says:

    Love this!!!!!!! I got this set in my last order…going to have to copy!!

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