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Cleaning Clear Stamps Sweet Title

Hi Sweet friends! It’s Thanh here and I’m happy to be hanging out with you on the Sweet blog again. Have you seen all the other Sweet posts I’ve written lately? I’ve touched on several different topics that may be of further interest to you.

I’m talking about stamping basics again today because I’m always looking to improve on executing techniques and making the most of my crafting time. As some of you may know, I love being in my craft room and creating fun projects, but most of my time this year has been spent wedding planning. I try and spend most my time creating and so cleaning my stamps has sometimes been set aside. Don’t worry, super clean friends, I try to remember to wipe down my stamps right away with baby wipes. Keeping your stamps clean (especially clear stamps), helps maintain the quality of them over the years.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how I deep clean my stamps. As I said above, for day to day usage, I try to remember to wipe down my stamps with baby wipes. When I start to notice that my stamps are not clinging, it’s time to take them to the pool! This method is meant to thoroughly clean clear stamps from ink, dust, debris and the oils from your hands. When you notice that your stamps are not clinging to your acrylic blocks or if your stamps are cloudy, these babies need to be dunked!

Cleaning Clear Stamps Supplies

Supplies you’ll need:

  1. Soiled clear stamps
  2. Paper towels and/or cloth towels
  3. Lukewarm water
  4. A very small drop of dish soap
  5. Two plastic containers or two deep bowls

Cleaning Clear Stamps Sweet Thanh 1

First and foremost, don’t be afraid to dunk these babies into the pool! They’ll thank you in the long run! Maybe dropping them into the pool isn’t the right wording, perhaps taking a bath is better? Ha, however you word it, these babies are going to be squeaky clean when you’re done!

Cleaning Clear Stamps Sweet Thanh 2 Cleaning Clear Stamps Sweet Thanh 3

If the stamps are heavily soiled, I scrub them by using my fingers to massage them in the water. Remember that you are only using a small amount of dish soap in your water, but because dish soap can become sudsy, your stamps may be quite soapy!

Cleaning Clear Stamps Sweet Thanh 4

Time for the rinse cycle; you will want to fully dunk the stamps into the water only container to give your stamps a good rinse from the soap and any remaining debris.

Cleaning Clear Stamps Sweet Thanh 5Cleaning Clear Stamps Sweet Thanh 6

Now comes the drying part and it requires very minimal work on you! All I do is lay out a big towel or several pieces of paper towels and lay all my stamps flat to dry. I come back a few hours later and start putting them back on their backings and put them away. So easy, right!

Cleaning Clear Stamps Sweet Thanh 7

Here are some things to note and further tips for you:

  • Maintain every day cleaning by using baby wipes
  • If your stamps need an extra clean or are heavily stained, use some Staz-On All Purpose Cleaner before dunking them in the pool
  • Keep in mind that not all the stains will be removed and that’s okay! It just means that your stamps have been well loved
  • This deep clean method is only worthwhile if you have a stockpile of stamps to clean
  • Make sure that you are doing this on a surface that you won’t mind getting wet or can easily clean up spills (it happens!)
  • Let the littles know that this is a no-go zone for the time being and keep the furry family members away; you may have stamps go missing otherwise

The stamp sets you see in this post are as follows: Coffee Town | Hedgehog Kiss | Royal Wish

Thank you so much for stopping by the Sweet blog today! If you have further tips that would be useful to other stampers or any comments, please drop them below.

For inspiration and to see how the stamp sets above can be used in your projects, head over to Sweet’s Instagram.

See you next time!

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