A Sweet Planner Layout

Hello there, it is Wan back again. In this post, I am going to share how I use “Sweet” stamps to create my weekly planner layout in my Erin Condren Life Planner. Given that my first planner stamps are from the Sweet Stamp Shop, I thought it would be a fitting and fun post to do.

For me, the whole process of stamping out my planner layout for the week starts on Sunday morning, when I rummage through my washi stash to see what speaks to me.  For the week beginning the 3rd in August, I chose to use this fun polka dot washi.



While I don’t always choose washi that matches the colors of the month, there are times like this when I do because the washi is just too cute not to be used. I then picked out some possible ink colors to choose from, all of which would go well with the washi. In this case, I settled on Versamagic Mango Madness and Brilliance Pearlescent Thyme. It was a tough choice between the Versamagic Gingerbread and the Brilliance Pearlescent Thyme, but the sparkle of the Pearlescent Thyme won me over in the end.

With the colors chosen, it was all systems go to create the layout. As I use the same basic layout every week, I don’t have to waste any time planning it. I use the top row for my weekly goals, to-dos and scheduled appointments in my 7 focus areas for the week. it serves as my overview of the week and I refer to it as the week progresses to make sure I am getting what I planned to get done done. I find that it keeps me focused and more organised than I would be otherwise. I have gotten this idea from a friend right when I first started on this planning journey and I have found it SO useful that I have never strayed from it. As for the second row, it is for all my appointments and scheduled events while the last row is dedicated to my to-dos for the day.

To create my layout, I started by making some banner flags. I used a blending tool to apply background color (in this case, it was Versamagic Mango Madness) to full sheet sticker paper.



I then used the American Crafts 1.5 inch banner punch to punch out the banner flags. I usually punch out a couple of extras because sometimes I mess up on the stamping, and it is handy to have extras around. If I don’t mess up, it is a bonus because I then have some extra flags I can use in other layouts, win-win!



Next, I used the To Do stamp from Take Note to stamp on the banner flags. As you can see from the pic, I made sure that I stamped fairly low down on the flags because I would be cutting them down after they were stamped.


After stamping out seven banner flags for the week, I cut them down using my paper trimmer, so that they fitted into my layout. You might want to play around with how much you want to cut them down, because you might do your layout slightly differently from mine, but for me, cutting them down to just over half an inch works really well.



After cutting down the banner flags, while the trimmer was still out, I used it to cut the washi I was going to be using in the layout into half, so that it would not be quite as thick. Again, this is so that it would fit well into my layout.


With these steps done, it was time to start putting things together for the layout. First, I covered up the headers in the bottom section with the washi tape I chose. To get the washi tape to the exact length required, I find that the easiest way is to use a ruler to tear the washi at the appropriate place.


Next, I used the other half of the washi at the bottom of the middle section. I do this because as part of my regular schedule at night, I usually journal and do my Bible reading, and blocking off this section is my way of indicating that.


After adhering the washi, I proceeded to stick my to-do headings in place.


I then used stickers to cover up the top headers. To ensure a more coordinated look, I usually choose stickers that are of a similar color to the banner flags, which, in this case, is orange.

Once all that was done, I was ready to do more stamping! I used the lines from Check It Twice (an exact fit for the boxes) to stamp all the boxes in the top and bottom rows. To help get a crisper image, I placed my cutting mat below the page I was stamping on, so that I had a firm surface that had just a little give in it to stamp on.


After the lines, the check boxes were next. For this layout, I chose heart check boxes, again from the Check It Twice set, to complete my top and bottom rows of checklists. Now, it is always a little tricky to stamp the check boxes in the Thursday boxes because of the coil and what I usually do is to leave those boxes for last. Once I have done all the other boxes, I move the stamp so that it is right at the edge of the acrylic block, and then I ink and stamp as usual. I also make sure I try to go straight down and press gently without rocking the stamp (which can be difficult because of the position of the stamp on the acrylic block). Otherwise, the stamped image would be distorted.


With the checklists done, I then moved on to the lines at the bottom of the page. This is where I usually plan our family dinners and track my hydration. To do this, I first stamped the word “dinner” from the Plan to Eat set on the second line under each of the days. Again, Thursday was tricky, so I did it last and moved the stamp to the edge of the acrylic block. I also used the smallest acrylic block I could find to make the task as easy as possible.


Next, I stamped the cups, also from the Plan to Eat set, on the bottom two lines. As a side note, in this close up, you can see that that the word “dinner” is not as neat as it could have been, because I have managed to over ink the stamp (The Brilliance “Pearlescent Thyme” is a very wet ink, and I still find it really hard to get the inking just right.). In my experience, Versamagic chalk ink is the most forgiving in that respect (as in even if you do over ink a tad, it wouldn’t have such a big impact on the image), so if you are new to stamping, I would suggest that ink to start with.



Once the cups were all stamped in, the layout was complete, all ready to be filled in. Creating this layout usually takes me 30-45 minutes and while it is a fairly simple layout, it works very well for me. I like that it doesn’t take that long to create, and yet, I can still have fun with pretty washi and colors.



And just so you get an idea of what it looks like all filled in, I have attached a picture of the completed week.



This is it from me today.  I hope that you have found this post useful, and that it has given you some ideas for your own layout. Do remember to tag us on IG or post on Facebook when you use “Sweet” planner stamps in your layout, because we would love to see how you use the stamps. And last but not least, happy “Sweet” planning!

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    So many great ideas, Wan! I think I need a sliding paper cutter now to cut washi.☺

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