All Stamps Are Planner Stamps!

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Hi Sweet friends! It’s Thanh and we’re going to talk about turning regular “card making” Sweet stamps into planner stamps today. I’m right in the middle of wedding planning and I love stretching my dollars! I would like to save any extra pennies towards the wedding at the moment. Let me show you how it’s done.

As of late, I feel as if #planneraddict has taken over the world! Everywhere on social media, I see planner this and planner that. As a young girl, I loved all types of agendas and planners – from the ones we got in grade school to saving up enough money to get that super fancy planner from the office supply store! When the planner craze started, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to fully commit. Haha – all you planner addicts are cringing right now, aren’t you? I mean, I loved writing things down and adding sticky notes, but was it necessary to buy all these stamps when I could write things down myself? I fully admit, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea. All these manufacturers were coming out with different planners and eventually, I found one that I loved! I wanted to test the waters and only get my feet wet before investing into planner stamps. It’s actually really easy – in technique and in the pocketbook!

Sweet Stamp Shop Foodie Cheese Please 1.1

A few weeks ago, the above photo was posted on Instagram. This was before the newly released June stamps had come out. I wanted to pretty up some planner pages, but egads! No planner stamps on site. Well, luckily I have the following sets on hand to help me out: Cheese Please | Foodie | Coffee Town

I coloured in the stamps using my Copics – just like I would if I was cardmaking. You’re probably wondering, “But Thanh, doesn’t that leak through to the next page?!” Yep, it sure does, but check to see what else is on the next page:

Sweet Stamp Shop Planner 3

This doesn’t bother me! After the week is done (or in this case – the month), I don’t need to look back at this page and I’ve already enjoyed a good giggle with the witty french fry image. To me, getting a little creative and adding color to my weekly page was more important.

Here’s my latest page that I was working on the other day using some of the June releases. Just Icons is meant to be used in planners, but I wanted to mix it up! I used old sets as well as stamping the new Treats set, too.

Sweet Stamp Shop Planner 4.0

Sweet Stamp Shop Planner 5.0

Here’s my awesome tip for you – if you don’t have a spiral planner, or are not able to remove your pages from your planner, no worries! Binder clips are your friends. To optimize stamping clear and crisp images, a flat surface is ideal and binder clips are perfect for keeping pages flat. Be careful though, they may also mark up your pages if you keep them in for over a period of time or if you’ve clipped too many pages together.

One last thing, sometimes life happens and appointments or dates get cancelled/rescheduled, check out these sentiments in the Just Icons set that are perfect for rearranging your life events around:

Sweet Stamp Shop Planner 7.0

Here’s a look at all the images I used from the “non-planner” sets as well as a close up on the Just Icons and Treats sets.

Sweet Stamp Shop Planner 6.0 just icons treats

I hope that I’ve encouraged all you cardmakers who are thinking about getting into planning that there are ways to stretch those hard earned dollars into using your stamps! For all you intermediate #planneraddicts, you NEED the Just Icons set – haha!

We all know that Sweet makes an awesome plethora of planner stamps. As a matter of fact, Nicole, continually stays on top of what planner addicts are wanting – have you been keeping an eye out on the Sweet Facebook page? She’s been asking for your input on what to create next! So if you’ve been wanting a planner stamp set that you haven’t seen yet, your idea may come to fruition if you let Sweet Stamp Shop know!

That’s it for me! I’d love to hear your comments or ideas so please drop them below.

xo – Thanh

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  1. Adding the Just Icons to my list now! This happens all too often! Resched/Cancel

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