Adding That Extra Touch

Hello everybody! I’m so happy to be showing you guys how I use my Sweet Stamp Shop stamps for my planners and Etsy Shop. In this particular post, I will be showing you how I use the handcrafted stamp set for my Etsy business! 


To start off, I took my Memento ink and lightly dabbed my stamp with it. For the front of my envelope, I used the stamp that says “handmade by.” Underneath that, I used the blank line stamp so I could write the name of my Etsy store. When I finished stamping, I used an unscented baby wipe to clean off my stamps. I find that using baby wipes is the easiest, most simple way to clean and take care of my stamps!


When I was finished with the front, I packaged my item and sealed the envelope. I then took the “this card was made with the good stuff” stamp and used it over the seal of the envelope. I thought this added a nice touch to the package. Not only does it make the back of the envelope look cuter, but it lets the customer know that the product was hand made and packaged carefully. 


Here is what the front of my envelope looked like after I filled it in. Like I mentioned before, stamping adds a nice personal touch and it really tied the overall look of the package together. I think taking the time to stamp each package personally makes the customer feel valued, and that’s important! Another thing I love about this set is that you can get really creative with it. You could add cute stickers or washi tape for a cute personal touch as well. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post! For those of you that own businesses, I hope you took something from this post that you can use in the future! Even if you don’t, hopefully you can use this on the letters and cards you send to loved ones. Don’t forget to follow Sweet Stamp Shop on Instagram and Pinterest!

Thank you for reading and happy stamping! 

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  1. I agree with you, each time I get an order from Ellen Hutson there’s an image in it with a thank you. I just think that card and a little envelope of ribbon is the perfect touch and keeps me coming back everytime.

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