Sweet Stamp Shop Mash-Up!

Hello, sweet friends! I am happy to be here at the Sweet Stamp Shop blog today! I’ll be joining you for the next three weeks with some projects that I’ve created. While I’m here, I thought I’d share a little method that jumpstarts my creativity, (and I’m hoping it will jumpstart yours too!) I’m calling it the Sweet Stamp Shop Mash-Up.

I’ve enlisted the help of two stamp sets for my Mash-Up. In the music industry, a mash-up is two songs that are put together into one track. In our crafty universe today, our Sweet Mash-Up is going to take two unrelated stamp sets and combine them into one fabulous project.

On today’s card, I formed a Mash-Up using Turnip and Hedgehog Kiss. The speech bubble, heart, bow, and the word “love” are all from the sweet hedgehog set. I paired it with the words “turnip” and “the” plus the fabulous vegetables in the Turnip set.  (A veggie with a bow on her stem, I mean seriously – need I say more?) I paper-pieced all of the elements on this card, and I added just a little bit of dimensional glaze on the heart for an extra POP!

So, friends – the challenge is yours. Dig into that stash. Pull out your old, well-loved stamps or pull out your new stamps. Just pick two unrelated sets, and mash those babies up!  You might create something fabulously unexpected, and we’d love to see it! Post a link here in the comments, or share them on the Sweet Stamp Shop Facebook page! I’ll be back next week with another SWEET Mash-Up! Till then, my friends. . . .happy crafting!

I’ll be back again soon! Until then, keep following Sweet Stamp Shop on Facebook and Instagram!

4 Responses to Sweet Stamp Shop Mash-Up!

  1. anja curvers says:

    Such a great mash up love, love it.

  2. Teresa Doyle says:

    LOL. What a cute card.

  3. Carisa says:

    I love how perfect these worked together – great play on the pun as well!

  4. Annie @ AMLC says:

    This is such a super cute card!! Adore your mash-up! 😀 Beautiful work!

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