Stamping On Your Monthly View and Beyond!

Hello everyone! It’s Ally here and this is my first ever blog post! I’m so excited to be here to show you all how I use my wonderful stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop! I hope this post answers any questions that you may have. I want to show you my system that I have working in my planner and how I use these stamps to make my planner more functional. As of right now, I use two planners. My Erin Condren life planner and my Filofax. I do most of my stamping in my Filofax because like I mentioned before, it makes my planner a lot more functional! 

I look at the monthly view in my planner the most. I like being able to see everything on one page. It gives me a better idea of things I need to get done each day as well as throughout the month. As you can see, I also love using washi and stickers to add cute little details for spaces that need filled up!

Since I started stamping, I have used this lined acrylic block. It’s perfect for stamping because you can really see what you are doing and where you are placing your stamp. You can pick these up at almost any craft store and of course there is a set of these available at Sweet Stamp Shop

My favorite inks to use are the Memento Dew Drops. I absolutely love the bright, vibrant colors. I stamp lightly with these because they tend to bleed through since they are dye inks. They tend to soak into the paper, so make sure if you use these inks you push lightly. I’ve had better luck with these in my Filofax vs. my Erin Condren because the inserts that I use in my Filofax are thicker than the Erin Condren pages. Almost every craft store carries these, so if you are looking for a quality ink to start your stamping, this is what I recommend! 


Here is a better look at my pages. These inserts came with the Websters Pages planner that I ordered awhile back. The paper quality is amazing and perfect for stamping! I love using the little side section for my to dos for the month. Right now, there isn’t much writing for the month of April but I will start filling it in as I go. The check mark stamps, which are part of the Plan Everyday set, add a nice touch in the right column. I have really small handwriting, so I left enough room so I can write my monthly to do’s next to it. Another thing I like about these stamps is that they fit perfectly in my little monthly boxes. I start stamping at the top of the box and then add more stamps underneath it. It really depends what I have going on during that specific day, but I typically like to leave myself a little bit of room in the box to jot down quick notes or tasks that need to get done within that month.

Stamps that I used for the month of April: Plan EverydayPlan Women & Plan To Go. I will be back with another post for the month of May!

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