Hi there, Sweet Friends! Have you tried the no-line technique yet? It took me a few tries to get my coloring the way I wanted it, but I have to say, the end result is pretty cool! I’m loving the look of stamped images without that solid black line!

Let’s get started! First things first: stamp your image in a light color.  I chose to use Distress Inks for my outline (Antique Linen) along with the awesome Taco Bout It set.  I wanted ink that would blend away with watercolors.  Using Distress Ink isn’t required.  You can stamp in any ink; it just has to be a light color so your coloring essentially hides your lines.

You can color with markers, pencils, paints, crayons (LOL) – whatever works for you.  I decided to use watercolor markers.  So I scribbled on an Acrylic Block and added some water from my water brush pen.  Below, you can see I have the right side colored already and I have just started on the left, with a light wash of color.

I hit my image with the heat gun a few times and then kept adding layers of color.  This way, I didn’t have to wait at all for anything to dry (super impatient over here) and I still got that layered watercolor look that I love so much!

I wanted to add in some of the details I lost with this no-line technique.  So, I simply took a black pen and drew in the little faces. I used the stamp set for reference.  I thought about leaving it as-is, but seriously – that mustache face is too funny to not have!

Now, onto the shaker part! I know shaker cards can seem scary.  But honest – they aren’t! They are actually pretty easy if you use the right supplies.

You need fun foam.  I will say it again: Fun Foam is the key to a shaker card.  I die cut an outer ring using some circle dies.  I held them together with washi tape so both rings would be exactly the same.


Then I die cut the ring to cover these sweet little foam rings. I chose to do a scalloped outside, just so everything would be covered 100%.

Then I cut the background for the inside of the shaker along with the acetate window.  I only use heat resistant acetate because I am impatient and I don’t want the ink to smear if I stamp on the window.  This way I can use my heat gun (and I can pretend I’m only using it to dry the ink so it doesn’t smear, when really I just don’t want to wait an hour) and it won’t warp anything.

Glue your background on the card and your two foam rings together.  You can even add more than just two.  It all depends upon how much room you want in that shaker.


Glue down the foam rings to your card base.  I also recommend using a chalk bag (most people use it so embossing powder doesn’t stick) to get rid of any static build up inside your shaker.  Remember, that acetate window that covers your shaker objects can be pretty darn static-y!

Now it’s time to stamp on your acetate window (if you want to).  I like to do this because I really think it adds interest to your shaker! I recommend an ink like Staz On since it is formulated to stamps on non-paper surfaces.  I also had the little avocado guys hanging out.  I was playing around with my design, trying to decide if I should have them by the window or a taco.

Once you know the glue is dry and that nothing will stick to the inside of your shaker (oh, hey, that heat gun can get a lot of use with this project, huh?!), add your shaker materials.  I only added beads and a few sequins, but it would be SO fun to add other elements, too.  I’m not just talking about glitter or shaped sequins – I mean color in and cut out other images or sentiments from the Taco Bout It set!

Once you are happy with adding in all of your fabulous shaker elements, glue your window onto the card.  I use actual tacky glue, not just a runner.  Why? Because I don’t want to give this to someone and have all of the beads fall out onto their lap! Regular glue assures me that this baby is going to stay together.  Forever and ever.

Now comes the hard part: set it aside (preferably under a heavy book) for 1-2 hours and let it dry.  It’s agonizing, trust me.  🙂  But it is worth the wait.  You can’t rush the awesomeness of the shaker card!

Once you’ve waited that 1-2 hours and everything is flat, dry and perfect, finish up the card! I opted to also no line color a taco, using the same technique as the avocados.  I thought those little guys would look better at the top, hanging out on some twine.

So, what do you think? Do you want me to do a future video on this instead of pictures? Have you tried the no line technique? If you have, upload them to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram so we can be inspired!

Stamps: Sweet Stamp Shop (Taco Bout It Set)
Ink: Distress Ink (Antique Linen), Staz On Jet Black
Medium: Spectrum Aqua Markers or any other means of coloring images
Other: Fun Foam, Beads, Sequins, twine, glue, circular dies, patterned paper, brushes (or waterbrush), heat resistant acetate


10 Responses to No Lines? NO PROBLEM!

  1. Holly says:

    I really loved the great detail in making this card. You did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure when I sit to make this I will review your steps again. Basic and easy.

  2. Margo says:

    Adorable! 🙂 I haven’t tried a shaker card…as I do feel intimidated. Though your blog was a very good explanation, I do think a video tutorial would be also great!!! 🙂

  3. Sandi says:

    Can’t say thanks enough for the shaker directions. foam?? who knew??
    I have foam glue so I’ll try that (Michael’s).
    All that to make a shaker??? worth it!!!! worth it !!!!
    Anyone getting this card will be thrilled!!!
    Thanks again for sharing.
    VIDEO???? YES YES YES!!!!

  4. LOVE…awesome tut and photos!

  5. Penne Norris says:

    Being a person that has always struggled with shaker cards… I LOVED your tutorial! I see (now) the mistakes I was making. Thanks so much for this tutorial!!!!

  6. Kristine Vencel says:

    This is a great version of the shaker card & I love the “no line” stamping. I have been watching videos for years so I guess I would say these photos taught me all I need to know!

  7. Billie says:

    Great tutorial! Would love a video! What glue did you use for foam ?? Thanks!!

  8. melanie says:

    Was looking for a shaker card tutorial to keep my shaker bits from sticking to the foam tape (everyone else recommends for shaker cards). Your idea of using fun foam is FABULOUS! I’ll be trying it this weekend

  9. Pamela Taylor says:

    Wonderful tips!! I love to make shaker cards but have never tried this before…so much easier than what I usually do!! THANKS!!!!!!!

  10. Marie Andersson says:

    Thank you for an easy tut! Never done this but happy to get inspiration when doing christmas-cards. Going to do this right now =)

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