Customizing Your Planner With Inserts

Hi guys, Michelle here! I’m pretty excited to be here sharing some planning ideas that I use with my planner. I’ve used all sorts of planners/calendars over the year. This year I’m using the Erin Condren life planner and I love the big sections which allows me to add lots of fun stamping with the Sweet Stamp Shop planner stamps!

I watched a video a while back about making your own coil clips for the EC planner. I loved this idea because it’s much more economical and you can customize them to fit your needs. Plus, they’re repositionable so you can switch them out to fit your needs!

So here’s what you’ll need:

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The process is pretty simple – you’re going to take one of the Post-It tabs & mark where the rings are on your planner. I found it easiest to just attach one to my EC ruler so that I can punch the holes exactly where they need to be but you can certainly mark the spots with a Sharpie as well. You don’t need to use a Crop-a-dile but if you do be careful! I wouldn’t be surprised if that thing can punch right through your ruler!

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Once you do that you can snip the holes so that you can clip it right into the rings of your EC planner. Obviously, if you have a ringed binder/planner this process would be even easier!

And now you can attach whatever you want in your planner! And here’s what I like to do to customize it to my needs:

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I take some cards from my Project Life kits and, using the Planner Script stamp set, I like to make lists of what I need to remember coming up in the following week. I don’t necessarily do this every week, usually on the weeks that I have a lot going on (mostly during the spring when we have lots of sports & school activities going on).

Since I usually do my planning in my planner on a Sunday for the following week, it makes it nice to have this list right in front of me to know the big things that are coming up in the following week.

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I usually stamp several “next week” cards at a time & put them in the back of my planner to have on hand. The great thing about these DIY coil clips/custom stamped cards is that you can use them for a multitude of things – shopping lists, upcoming events, school info, etc. And with all of the cool SSS planner stamps you have all sorts of options to customize them!

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I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your planner!! As always, be sure to follow Sweet Stamp shop on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest for more ideas!

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