Using Planner Stamps to Create Your Own Lists!

Hello again, Sweet Fans it’s Candi and I’m happy to back to share something a little different with you all.  Today I am taking a note pad, trimming it down and creating lists to stick inside my planner 🙂
Here are a few things that you will need to complete this project = single hole punch, note pad, paper trimmer, SSS planner stamps, ink pad and your acrylic blocks!
First thing I did was tear off several sheets from the note pad and trimmed them down using my paper trimmer.  I wanted to trim off the top which had “notes” on it…plus they were too long for my planner.  The width was fine, but not the length!  Next thing you need to do is grab one of your inserts from your planner and use that as a template to mark spots on those note pad sheets with a pen.  Take your single hole punch and punch out the 6 holes.  (I ended up punching through about 6 sheets since they were pretty thin…)
My first list is for my day…AM and PM, using the Plan Everyday set!  I am not creating a list like this for every single day, just my busy days which happen to be Saturdays and Sundays.
Here I used the Plan to Eat set to create a grocery list and for my March bills…
For my next list, I used Plan Everyday and Plan to Go to create a wish list for myself…I think this has got to be my favorite list {wink}!  Pretty sure this will be filled up with so many stamps for the SSS 🙂
Here are all of the lists that I created!  There are so MANY lists that you can create using these planner sets!!!  I even colored in the girls hair, hair bows and heart using the Kirarina-2win Markers 🙂
All ready to fill in my handmade lists!!!  I have them placed inside my planner, right before my “March” tab…
As you can see these planner stamps are not only great for planning out your weekly spread/monthly spread, but also PERFECT for creating lists too!!!
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Happy Planning…

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  1. Great idea – thank you!

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