Putting Sweet Planner Stamps To Work

Hello, it’s Stephanie and I am thrilled to be back to share with you today. It’s no secret that I am a complete planner nerd so the planner series of stamps that SSS offers are the perfect addition to my planning supplies! I love that each set is geared toward a something specific whether it be fitness, home or work.


I own a few different planners and actually use them all for different things so I like having a lot of options when it comes to my supplies. One of my favourite ways to stay organized is to prepare stickers ahead of time that I can use in my planning. It’s super convenient to just pull out my pre-stamped stickers and add them to my planners wherever I need them.


I use all types of different stickers and Post-it notes, but my favorite are office supply stickers from Avery. You can get them in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours and even re-positionable, which is perfect if you want to be able to move them around in your planner. I have a few sets of coloured ones, but I prefer to buy them in white so I can add colour to them myself with my Copic markers or other types of colouring mediums.


I usually decide on a colour scheme for different events or schedules, colour a bunch of stickers and then stamp them repeatedly with the images so I have a lot on hand. It takes no time at all once you get going and I love the end result. There are so many great images in the SSS planner sets and they fit perfectly on the Avery circle and small rectangle stickers.


The little computer image from the Plan Home stamp set is my favourite to plan out my blog posts. I fill a few sheets of the small rectangle stickers with this stamp image and then I just add them to my calendar on the days I want to do a blog post. It’s so quick and easy to just glance at my calendar and plan out my creative week with my blog posts all scheduled this way.


I create planner stickers for the mortgage and car insurance payments, savings, prescription pick-ups, weather, blog posts, work deadlines, social media posting, etc… There is seriously a ton of options when it comes to the planner series of stamps, because there are so many to choose from. I definitely encourage you to create planner stickers using the stamps… once you start, it’s addictive! 😉

I’ll be back again with some more tips and tricks on my planning process! Until then, keep following Sweet Stamp Shop on Facebook and Instagram!


3 Responses to Putting Sweet Planner Stamps To Work

  1. Carisa says:

    Seriously love this idea!!! I’m not a planner nerd at all, but this might be the idea that gets me on board!

  2. elijem says:

    Which ink did you use, please, Stephanie?

  3. rDinx says:

    Yeah, this is exactly what I want to start doing. Love these.

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