Using Those Planner Stamps

Happy Wednesday, Sweet Fans!!!

Candi here today to share another planner post with you all.  First up…I am a HUGE planner fan and love many planners AND own many planners too 🙂 I am always switching out different planners each week…just depends on what I feel like using!  Plus…I love to share with my social media followers all the different options that are available out there!  I do know one thing for sure..I really enjoy using the planner series stamps from SSS!!!  Easy to use and the perfect size!!!

Let’s get started 🙂 This week I am using my Blue Sky Planner from Target and the Plan Everyday and Plan to Eat stamp sets…
Most important thing of the day…drink that water 🙂 I stamped out the water reminder stamp under each day of the week!  I must get better at drinking my water and I think this will help with marking off my water intake…
I am currently doing project life, I stamped out that little camera so I can jot down my photo of the day…PERFECT!
Easy to keep track of dinners by stamping out the plate and silverware stamp!  You can jot down all 3 meals or just your dinners…I chose to jot down just my dinners…
Added a “to do” list for each day.  I am using the awesome markers in the SSS called Kirarina-2win!!!  It has been about two full weeks now, using these babies and they are the BEST!!!  I definitely recommend them 🙂
I grabbed one of my project life grid cards and stamped “notes” all along the top of the card and attached it to my week with a paperclip, just in case I needed to write down some miscellaneous notes…
This is a shot of the whole week…now as the week goes on, I am sure more things will be jotted down and maybe even more stamping!
I will be back again real soon, so I will show you how my week is going, along with some more tips on using these lovely planner stamps!!!

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Happy Planning…

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  1. Casey Thrush says:

    This is AWESOME!!! I love to see how people use their planner stamps.

  2. Chelsea says:

    love it … those 8 glasses to track water intake are brilliant!!!

  3. Michele L. says:

    That is pretty cool!

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