Battle Of The States

Nicole here, I know it’s been a while that we’ve updated the blog but, trust me – we’re working hard in the back end to build a new design team – a new website – a new blog – a new everything. I mean, if I’m not pulling out my hair and having several nervous breakdowns, it’s just not a normal day here around the Sweet shop!

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.14.26 AM{wanna teenie tiny peek at the coming website?}

<———– We’re going for bright and fun – and everything a functional website should be: *easy to shop – easy to find what you want – EASY! {but you know – simple websites are anything but simple to design and create! So, we have a team of amazing people helping us!}

We hope to be debuting the new website by April 1st. So, we’ll have a grand ‘re-opening’ and a party! So, keep your eyes peeled for that!

Today we released 6 new stamp sets – I’m excited about all of them! We’re starting a new ‘States’ series, starting with Washington and California! Check out these stamps, we think we did the natives of these states justice! {helps it’s where we’re from too!}


California Lovin’ 

Washington-LifeWashington Life 

Seattle copy


These state stamps are really fun to use! And, now I bet you’re wondering: ‘That’s great Nicole but, what about MY state?’ and so we’ve decided to settle this the old fashioned way! A Battle Of The States!


Here’s what we’re going to do, simply comment below – with the state that you’d like to see next, and some ideas of stamps you’d think would go nicely with your state. {perhaps the flower – a funny saying that people only from your state would know – a popular landmark}

We’ll open the voting for one week, and the states that win {we’ll take the top two} – the people who voted will get put in a drawing to win the new states!

Small Print: *One vote per person – if you place multiple votes they won’t count. *International people can vote but if they win, they’ll chip in for shipping

Lobbying – bribing – and begging people to vote for your state is not only allowed – it’s encouraged!! Get out the vote!! {I’m voting for HI personally – so come on HI peps, let’s get that in!}

We did release three more stamp sets today, wanna see?


I Made This 


Plan To Travel

MyPlan copy

My Plan 

{love that last little stamp set – check it out in action here}


I’m sending out a newsletter later today too – so, be on the look out in your inbox for that. Thanks so much for all the support and love – and just being such amazing customers during this transition period!

Be back soon with another update! Promise!

Happy Stamping,


224 Responses to Battle Of The States

  1. Chrissie Tobas says:

    Illinois – the Chicago skyline, or the City flag – even something with deep dish pizza or no ketchup on our hot dogs (take that, New York!)! Da Bears or Ditka, too! 🙂

  2. Hesther Westgor says:

    Hey Nicole!

    How about Wisconsin!?

    You could do cheese, beer mug, a cow, the Green Bay Packers, a badger for our state mascot…

    Thanks for the consideration! Fingers crossed!

  3. Samantha M says:

    4 out of 5 Great Lakes prefer!
    The only state that gives YOU a high five!
    Home is where the hand is!
    Smitten with the Mitten!
    Mackinaw bridge image, leaves, sailboats, trees, snowflakes!

  4. Kristen Foreman says:

    Florida! Sunshine state! Get your shine on! Oranges! If FL is picked, I’d keep it general. North FL [where I’m from] is like a whole new place compared to South and Central FL!

    • Sara says:

      I would love a Florida stamp …. I do agree with keeping the ideas behind Florida very general because it is very segmented. I love in SWFL and it is totally different than say Orlando…. I would do something with Oranges / tropical flowers / palm trees etc.

  5. jenna says:

    Texas!! What do we say in Texas??? Y’all!!!!!!

  6. chelsea jennings says:

    Texas! Alamo cowboy boots and hats Texas stars!

  7. Autumn says:

    Nevada. Too many fun things to go with vegas or maybe little rocks for red rock a tree for mt charleston and a boat for lake mead. Things that are vegas other than the strip.

  8. OMG!!!! Need, I mean NEED Minnesota. Did you see my new tattoo. I LOVE MN!

  9. Cynthia H says:

    North Carolina with a dogwood flower, Ice Tea, and hey y’all somewhere on it.

  10. Texas!!! The lone star state! Second largest state in the 50 states…Home of the bluebonnet flower, the Alamo and the San Antonio Spurs! Texas is the place to be! Boots, the flag, spurs symbol, bluebonnets etc

  11. retrohipmama says:

    how fun! you’ve already got Cali so i’m just gonna say that your new releases AND THE WEBSITE are looking fabulous as always!

  12. Vicotoria says:

    New York of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Georgia says:

    Ohio. Lake Erie, Rock Hall of Fame, Cleveland Skyline, Home if LeBron James.

  14. Emily says:

    Ohio !!! And not all about Cleveland… There’s better cities in the state lol North Carolina is my 2nd vote!

  15. christy says:

    Louisiana Please ☺️

  16. Polly Wright says:

    The Great State of New Hampshire! We have it all, 4 seasons and our own language up here 🙂

    Old Man of the Mountain (Landmark)
    The White Mountains
    Atlantic Ocean
    Lake Winnipesaukee
    Hampton Beach
    Birch Trees
    Evergreen Trees
    Whitetailed Deer
    State Flower: Lilac
    Maple Leaf

    Live Free or Die (State Motto)
    The Granite State
    We Love it Here!
    Not for Nothing but…..
    Bang a Left (NH slang for turn left)
    U-eey (NH slang for U-turn)
    I am not a tourist…I live here.
    You can’t get there from here.
    Leaf Peepers.

    • April says:

      Interesting. I live in Maine and people around here claim all those saying as Maine things. I’ve never even hear someone from NH say some of those things…

  17. Julie Fowler says:

    Colorado! Hiking, camping, skiing, mountains, wild critters, aspens. “we’ve got altitude” “air is rare” “more than a state – it’s a lifestyle”

  18. Polly Wright says:

    Of course, I am hoping for all the States at some point!! 🙂

  19. wendyp81 says:

    New Jersey!
    Jersey Girl , “You guys”, Fuh-gedda-boud-dit, the Jersey Devil, Piney Power

  20. Linda Lipford says:


  21. danielle says:

    Florida! Sun, sand, The mouse house!

  22. Sharon says:

    New York! Big Apple, New York skyline, concrete jungle, Empire State Building.

  23. Kathy says:

    Love the states!
    Love to see OR (Oregon football, Ducks!), AZ (cactus) and FL (Mickey and Friends!).

  24. M.E. says:

    Would love Virginia — “birthplace of presidents,” “cradle of democracy,” Thomas Jefferson obsessed, dogwoods, sweet tea, ham, peanuts, beaches and mountains, first landing in U.S.
    Or NC (someone else had listed, but also include state motto, which is perfect, Esse Quam Videri, which means “to be, rather than to seem.”)

  25. Gayle shepherd says:

    Florida! The sunshine state!

  26. Michele says:


  27. DCDianne says:

    Washington, DC–our Nation’s capital, ‘nough said 😉

  28. Betsy says:

    Wisconsin! Mad-town, Titletown, cheeseheads, badgers, beer

  29. Linda McFadden says:

    New Jersey and of course sun and sand at the beach. Don’t forget a lighthouse!

  30. NJ! “The Garden State”. “I’m going to the shore”. A tomato image.

  31. Larelle-Susanne says:

    “WHO DAT NATION” – mardi gras- LSU and other great thing the sportsmans paridise

  32. Angel B says:

    OREGON! PORTLAND! TREES! Pacific Northwest ROCKS. I mean, c’mon, Washington and Oregon are slightly similar in shape? So you’re almost done! 😛

  33. elly says:

    absolutely Wisconsin!

    our state food is the cheese curd
    our state drink is beer
    our state of mind is (generally) drunk
    our state bird is the mosquito
    our state teams are the Badgers and the Packers (and i guess the Bucks, and stuff)
    we’re really the mitten state, please ignore all Michiganers.
    plus we’re home to a number of serial killers.

  34. Kimberly says:

    Minnesota!!! (PLEASE no ‘Ya betcha – we really do not say that!) 😉
    However, what about…
    Food on a stick (for our State Fair)
    “Twin Cities”
    MN Twins baseball and MN Vikings
    Land of 10,000 Lakes and lots of snow!

  35. vicdd says:

    I’m putting in my vote for GEORGIA!

  36. Mel says:

    Virginia- Virginia is for Lovers!

  37. Meg says:

    Don’t mess with Texas!
    Cowboy boot, bluebonnet, ya’ll, cowboy hat

  38. Laura M says:

    Nebraska!! The Cornhusker state. Go big red! The good life. With little corn, stalks and footballs. Skyline of there capital and stadiums in Lincoln. There is no place like Nebraska, where the girls are the fairest and the boys are the squarest (from the fight song). Where we wear blackshirts and bleed husker red. You know you’re from Nebraska when… Something about beautiful sunsets and wide open plains.
    I could go on! I love my state! 🙂

  39. Sarah says:

    Must have MN!!! Snow, lakes, cabins, the shape of the state is ahhhhadorable, the mall of America, did I mention lakes!, the skyline, boats as lakes are a big deal, loons, Mosquitos!!

  40. Stef says:

    Texas!!! How is it not already a stamp?! 😛
    Lone Star State, a yellow rose, “y’all”, cowboy boots, The Alamo, of course The Spurs, a longhorn, the list can go on.

  41. Raegan L says:

    Love this idea!

    Kentucky – Bluegrass, pic of a whisky bottle & race horse, est. 1792, state bird cardinal

    I’m born and raised in CA and love the state stamp, but now reside in KY for the past 17 years. This is now home, but miss CA!

  42. Sarah says:


    4 out of 5 great Lakes prefer.
    Smitten with the mitten.
    Salt and shark free
    home is where the hand is.
    Northern Michigan
    Mighty Mac for a saying and an image of the bridge.

  43. Yolanda says:

    Texas – TX state flag in the shape of our state, “Lone Star State”, “It’s a Texas thing, y’all”, glass of sweet tea, major city skylines (Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio), cowboy boots, Big Tex, Alamo, cactus, longhorn silouette, cowboy hat, etc

  44. Carol W. says:

    Everything is BIGGER in TEXAS!! Star of Texas; Forever Texas; Ya’ll; Don’t Mess With; Bluebonnets; Horse. Beautiful new release!

  45. Amber says:

    Why not just do all and everyone will be happy!! If not, then Alaska or Texas!!!

  46. Becky says:

    Michigan! 🙂

  47. Sheri R says:

    AZ all the way! Home of the 5th largest city in the U.S.(Phoenix, FYI), and the #2 “foodie” city in the US (Scottsdale), one of wonders of the world – the Grand Canyon, the uh-mazing AZ Cardinals, Spring Training Baseball, world-class resorts and spas, some of the best golfing and hiking in the world, Native American heritage, and oh yeah the desert stuff (cacti, coyotes, red rocks). C’mon AZ peeps!!!

  48. Debbie Fortenberry says:

    Louisiana!, Mardi Gras, Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler, Let the Good Times Roll! Alligators, Fluer de Lis, the list is endless.

  49. Liz B says:

    The obvious choice is New York!

  50. Stephanie says:

    Louisiana! We’ve got Mardi Gras, baby!! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  51. dianajfisher says:

    New York — with a heart than can go over upstate somewhere! There’s more to NY than the city. 🙂

  52. Melissa says:

    Illinois!! Land of LIncoln—maybe an Abe stamp? heehee A cardinal (state birdy),
    state flower Viola (I had to look that up)! Chicago skyline, Grosse Point Lighthouse (historical site), professional sport team logo…. How about a picture of me? Checking to see if you really read this? 🙂

  53. Mary Holshouser says:

    Illinois – Land of Lincoln

  54. Kelly says:

    Michigan – besides the state (‘the mitten’), cherries, snow, skiing, something about lakes (“salt free, shark free”) etc

  55. Elizabeth Wall says:

    ALASKA!!! We have moose & the Aurora Borealis. Fairbanks is known as the “Golden Heart of Alaska” =) We’ve been stationed here a year & LOVE it!!!!

  56. KIM T says:

    Colorado! “If you dont like the weather here wait 5 min!” Anything with the great outdoors, denver broncos, mile high city….

  57. Kim Sykes says:

    Ohio!!! Buckeyes, Rock and Roll Hall of fame, Football hall of fame, Cleveland, the Heart of it All!!!

  58. Maryland! Maryland Blue Crab, Civil War sites, Ravens football, Orioles baseball, Ocean City- Beach, Ft. McHenry, U. S. Naval Academy, Baltimore honfest-Hairspray movie!

  59. Michelle Sambajon says:

    Since Cal is already there, I vote for Hawaii. You can include “Aloha”, “Mahalo”,”Mele Kalikimaka”, the state flower, a pineapple, surfboard, a snorkel, etc.

  60. Jenn Henrichs says:

    Texas!!! The Lone Star State, “Howdy Y’all” , armadillos, the beveled star, the flag, the yellow rose, bluebonnet flowers, & of course the Alamo, Texas joined the United States in 1845.

  61. Samantha says:

    Texas! Lone star state, cowboy boots, y’all!

  62. Cassie says:

    My vote is for Minnesota!! Cute sayings to go with it could be “land of 10,000 lakes” or “you betcha” 🙂

  63. Kelly says:

    Illinois! Maybe the Chicago skyline, or corn.

  64. Andrea P Thomas says:

    Love this idea…. New York with statue of liberty gets my vote. YAY! for the BIG APPLE! I LOVE YOUR STAMP SETS!

  65. Joey says:

    TEXAS! There’s so much to do and love here 🙂

  66. Danielle P says:

    Iowa!! The Hawkeye State!

  67. Katherine Lee says:

    Texas, Y’all! The Lone Star flag definitely! Love the Bluebonnets, majestic Oaks, armadillos, the Alamo!
    USA by birth…Texan by the grace of God!
    Don’t Mess With Texas Everything’s bigger in Texas

  68. Sarah M. says:

    Florida!! Palm trees, Disney, flip flops, margaritas, thunderstorms, hurricanes, beaches, and gators

  69. Trevor says:

    Utah The Beehive State bees, the Sego Lily Deseret Mormon Pioneers
    Seagull Snow, Rocky Mountains
    Salt Lake Temple Mormon Tabernacle Choir

  70. Valerie Ward says:

    Illinois! Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks… I mean, come on! Sears Tower, John Hancock, the first McDonald’s, Reagan grew up in IL, Chicago Water Tower and Pumping Station, Navy Pier, Abraham Lincoln’s home in Springield.

  71. Chris Baker Cox says:

    Wisconsin for sure!! Cheeseheads rule! 🙂

  72. Jane HF says:

    There’s probably no hope for Indiana being in the top two but that’s my vote. We’re the Hoosier state, lots of corn fields, Indy 500, basketball, Indianapolis skyline

  73. Ooook-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain
    The wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain.


    Need I say more!!!!

  74. Casey Thrush says:

    Well I am lucky because I am a Washintonian so I am covered with the Washington and the Seattle 12th man! But the one that sticks out to me is Texas and Keep Austin Weird…I went to Austin in 2014 and loved it!

  75. Cindy Groh says:

    Michigan where Michiganders are from. Art Prize. Motor City. Tulip time. Trolls live below the bridge.

  76. Holly Rixon says:

    Pineapple ,flipflops, plumeriai, surf board, lei Hawaiian dancer,

  77. Hiroko says:

    Yay, thanks for making a California set. My vote is for Florida! It’s the Sunshine State. And you can’t forget Orlando (The City Beautiful) where almost everyone visits WDW, Universal, Sea World, etc.

  78. Carol Coleman says:

    Hawaii. Lots of people travel there and there aren’t many stamps nationally available. Themes: islands along with hibiscus, volcano, tiki torches, hula dancer, Waikiki, cruise ship, airplane, surf board, honu (turtles)

  79. Jennifer says:

    GEORGIA! – peaches, sweet tea, peanuts, cotton, ATL and Savannah

  80. Chandi Walsh says:

    Georgia and maybe a peach stamp to go with it. Or Southern Belle stamp.

  81. Jennifer R. says:

    I’m not personally from Hawaii, but I have family from there and have been there enough times to pick stuff up. I would love to see a Hibiscus or Plumeria flower, a Sea Turtle, Pineapple, Shaka, the islands. Some sayings: Aloha (Hello/ Good-bye/Love), Mahalo (Thank you), Da’ Kine (anything/ the thing being referred to/ any word you cannot think of), Ohana (family), ‘ONO (Delicious), Howzit? (Hey, How are you?), 808 (Area code of Hawaii), Eh, Brah! (Hey Friend/ brother)

  82. Dana W says:

    Michigan. Odd English D, motor city, hockey town

  83. Alicia Monahan says:

    Put a bird on it!
    Keep Portland Weird

    I also need NEVADA, since that’s where I was born and raised. The Silver State. Spelled out “Nah-VAH-duh” (it’s NOT Nuh-vaw-da)
    Reno’s motto: The Biggest Little City

  84. MICHIGAN!!! Great Lakes State, mitten state, Mackinac Bridge would be a great stamp – Mighty Mac

  85. Shelly says:

    Lovin’ this! I’m a Florida girl! Would love see something with a cute little gator, an orange, sun, waves, the 7 mile bridge, or just the state with a heart…perhaps the word ‘Sunkissed’ 😉 You see (I could go on and on), there’s A LOT you can do for Florida! 😉

  86. Robyn Ventura says:

    New York! More than just the Big Apple

  87. Rebecca says:

    Nevada! The Welcome to Vegas Sign!

  88. Misty says:

    Please make a New Mexico set. Land of Enchantment (aka Entrapment). No cacti ;). A cute roadrunner. Little Zia symbols. Kokopelli. Tribal. Yucca, “Going native”

  89. Kathy W says:

    How about Maryland. With a Black Eyed Susan, Crabs, Est. 1788, Old Line State, Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens and a White Oak Tree

  90. Chris R. from Iowa says:

    IOWA! Could go many routes from the 1st Caucus State – boy, could I have used stamps for this in preparing for all the presidential wanna be’s in the past who visited! Corn and pigs of course are a given. Hey, isn’t the Bachelor show guy from here? RAGBRAI bike ride. Covered bridges for Madison County as in the book and movie? Field of Dreams movie. Des Moines skyline or a farm scene against a sunset? BACON – where else do they have several bacon festivals? John Wayne even. Iowa State Fair with food on a stick? Tons of stuff would be fun to have. We even have two different Tulip Festivals in two towns here in Iowa.

  91. Susan W. says:

    Texas!! An image of the state and the Texas star. And also a tiny star so you can landmark where you live. Because Texas is huge! And for a saying, “Don’t mess with Texas!” with the words y’all, girls (or ladies) and boys (or men) to put at the end of the sentiment. Oh, and Texas Y’all in that gorgeous scripty font like the word Golden in the Cali stamp. A cowboy boot or hat would be cute! Okay, I’m done. 😉

  92. Nancy H. says:

    OREGON!!! A Beaver of course, we are the Beaver state.! Maybe a rose. Portland is know as The City of Roses. RAIN!!! RAIN!! RAIN and more RAIN!!
    Douglas Fir tree!! Maybe the saying…”Keep Portland Weird” We have Crater Lake, Mt Hood!!

  93. Ashley says:

    Indiana of course. Hoosier state. Hoosier daddy?? There’s more than corn in Indiana. IU basketball. The Big 10. Indiana Pacers. Indianapolis Colts. We’re a big sport state. Indianapolis 500. The Brickyard. JohnMellencamp & John Dillinger were born here. State bird – cardinal. Indiana Dunes. Santa Claus, Indiana.

  94. Patty M says:

    Oh Wisconsin needs another vote. Green Bay Packers and don’t forget the Hodag (it’s a mythical creature). Country music (“Happy Hodag”), Cheese, Beer, and cranberries (the largest producing state).

  95. Ruth Appleby says:

    I’m going with FLORIDA!

  96. Vanessa says:

    Texas! As others have said: star, the Alamo, bluebonnets, the flag, cowboy hat and boots. Also a longhorn, a football, space shuttle, taco. And phrases like, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” “Don’t mess with Texas,” “Houston, we have a problem.” Love what Samantha M posted too about MI. My husband and I each have family there and it’s a beautiful state!

  97. emily says:

    Florida!## sun, oranges, gators, bridges, beach, manatees, boats oooh my pick florida 🙂

  98. Kelley N. From North East Iowa! says:

    Iowa!! Hawkeyes! Is this Heaven? No it’s Iowa!! Little Brown Church! Iowa State Fair- foods on sticks, Pella Tulip festival. LeMars home of Blue Bunny Ice Cream! Prince Farming! If you build it he will come! John Deere! 76 Trombones- Music Man! Ragbrai! Oh too much to list!!

  99. Hey Nicole 🙂 I agree with Chris R. IOWA!!

    • peggy propst says:

      I agree Iowa. .Iowa State cyclones…ragbrai bicycle ride across iowa…is this heaven, no its iowa….field of dreams

  100. DebGem says:

    It’s got to be MICHIGAN!!! Love that mitten! Motown. Cherries. Check out the D. Lions, Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons – that covers all the major sports. Tulips. Bronners Christmas shop. There’s so much here in Michigan. You’ve got to pick us!!!

  101. Sue s Ellsworth says:

    TENNESSEE – volunteer state – rocky top – Nashville skyline – gatlinburg mtns – Memphis blues – southern BBQ – rolling hills – Tennessee orange (color) – homes of goo-goo bars and moon pies – sweet tea
    My favorite place. Thank you.

  102. Alicia Flick says:

    Another vote for TEXAS!!! Bluebonnets, the Lone Star State, oil derricks, “Everything is Bigger Here!” Cowboys, rodeo,
    There’s so much you can choose from for stamp ideas!

  103. I would love to see Wyoming! You could have a buffalo, Devil’s Tower, Cheyenne Frontier Days and the Yellowstone park sign as part of the set… Oh and don’t forget “Cowboy Up!”

  104. colleen z says:

    Iowa… it’s NOT flat!! Wind turbins, field of dreams, field/tractors, iowa great lakes(okoboji, spirit lake etc.) State fair, cycling,

  105. Tessa says:

    Missouri!!!!! KC plaza, the Arch, Show-me state, loudest stadium in the NFL, pony express, Mark Twain and Walt Disney, Branson/ozarks, don’t like the weather? Wait a minute it will change, stubborn as a Missouri mule, Harry Truman.

    • kelly says:

      I agree. How about the show me state? It’s the gateway to the west. You already did costal states. Do a Midwest one. The arch is a perfect and amazing landmark

  106. Well, I live in Kansas… but who wants a stamp of Kansas? I would love a stamp of Colorado because it’s my place. “The mountains are calling and I must go” is my favorite saying and I say it often in my mind when I’m having a bad day. I’d also go for a Wisconsin stamp because the Dells. I’d need something about the Dells or water parks in there to make me really go crazy. Those are our two remaining vacation destinations for this year.

  107. Kristina M says:

    I’m torn. I live in Illinois, but I’m only 12 miles from St. Louis, MO. So I am pulling for both!

  108. We need a MInnesota Stamp! We have attractions like Mall of America, Talking Paul Bunyan, Boundary Waters, Lake Superior and Gooseberry Falls.

  109. Danni says:

    Love love love the new sets!! Cannot wait to see your whole new website and all of the hardwork you are putting into everything! You are amazing 🙂 Washington and California are my first picks (and you’ve got those covered) followed by…Alaska, Georgia, and Florida 🙂

  110. I was born and raised in WA and my home is in CA, so I’m pretty happy already. I vote for my Mom’s home state North Dakota – Woo Hooooo!

  111. Lisa Tubbs says:

    NY! The skyline, rose, Broadway marquis, crystal New Year’s Eve ball, Empire State!

  112. Amy R says:

    I’d love to see Wisconsin.

  113. Michelle R. says:

    Ohio! O-H-I-O. Hang on sloopy. Buckeyes. Cardinal.

  114. Maria says:

    Texas! The lone star state, longhorns, cowboy boots and/or hats, blue bonnets and of course stars!

  115. Patty says:


    Michigan…where you experience all four seasons in one day.

    Lions, Tigers and Red Wings…oh MI

    Welcome to Michigan. Great Lakes. Great times.

    Michigan…Ohio is beneath us! (Come on, be a good SPORT)


  116. Ali T. says:

    Another vote for Hawaii, the Aloha State (est 1959)!! I like the idea posted above about using “da kine” — that is so local!! May I also suggest images of Diamond Head, shave ice, rubber slippers (flip flops), flower leis, ukulele, and hula dancer(s)?

  117. nicole says:

    Hawaii please!

    You could have a coconut tree, sea shells, starfish, hibiscus or plumeria flowers,

    Saying could be “aloha,” “mahalo,” “808 state.”

  118. Lisa says:


  119. Tianne says:

    Oregon please! Especially the Oregon Ducks and a few pine trees wouldn’t hurt!

  120. Tami Vetter says:

    Iowa of course – the secret from the center of the country! Stalk of Corn, or Wind Turbine for tall image. Hawkeye for a word, Fields of Possibilities – IOWA – everyone wants to be here!

  121. Vicki Smith says:


    Have to have a Route 66 sign.

    My home state where people are friendly,
    Garth Brooks and many more wonderful people born here.
    I could go on and on!!!

  122. Linda Zick says:

    Florida, of course! Maybe highlight Orlando; little icon of mouse ears; little icon of a flamingo; a little icon of a branch of oranges. A great saying would be…”we know, we know, it’s better up north, BUT, you don’t have to shovel Sunshine in Florida!!!” Or, “Come, Relax, there’s plenty of Sunshine for everyone”

  123. renee m says:

    Texas, y’all! Lone Star State, bluebonnets, Don’t mess with Texas!, Fort Worth or Dallas skyline

  124. Michelle Etter says:

    I agree with Colleen Z. & Colleen D…… IOWA!! Don’t forget RAGBRAI So many FUN things to do in Iowa 🙂

  125. jellybeanerz says:

    Washington! Seahawks fan here! I love living here!

  126. Rachael says:

    I am an Okie by Birth and a Coloradoan by transplant. Oklahoma would be great with “State bird – Mosquito no really it is Scissor-tailed flycatcher (I mean Moquito)” “Rather get there Sooner than Later.” “State flower: Oklahoma rose” (with a stamp of the flower) “Established On November 16, 1907” and don’t forget “Native American” with an stamp of an “Indian Feather” which can be very versatile I think. Now on to Colorado….”if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes or drive 5 miles” “Established on August 1, 1876” “Centennial State of mind.” Bird stamp “Lark Bunting” flower stamp “Rocky Mountain Columbine with a stamp of the flower…”Nil sine numine- Nothing without providence.” “One of the Four Corner States” and sorry folks a ganga leaf heh.

    • Oreet says:

      Great ones for CO, the weather one is classic! Additions– Mile High, y’know, because 1) Denver has an altitude of a mile high (5280 ft), 2)most visitors feel light-headed due to said elevation and 3).well….

  127. Jessica says:

    Wow a lot have voted already and I didn’t see any vote for South Carolina. I know I’m out voted but here’s some ideas for SC

    South Carolina – The Palmetto State
    state flag
    state capitol – Columbia
    state flower – Yellow Jessamine
    state tree – Sable Palmetto
    Charleston Harbor
    Fort Sumter

  128. Dima says:

    texas all the way!

  129. Tiffany O'Grady says:


    My personal favorite thing is sea turtles, so I’m just gonna throw that out there.

    Flip flops (or slippahs as we call them)

    I only get to call this place home for a time so I’m sure real Kama’aina (locals) will have better ideas for images!

  130. Heather says:

    New York! NYC skyline, taxi, Broadway!!

  131. Nicole says:


  132. AJ says:


    University of Georgia: 1st Established university in the U.S.
    Georgia Tech
    Stone Mountain
    Six Flags of Georgia
    Civil War
    Plains, GA: Childhood home of President Jimmy Carter
    Warm Springs, GA: Where President Franklin D. Roosevelt came to soak in order to “heal” his polio affected limbs
    Savannah, GA: General Sherman “presented” as a gift to President Lincoln and didn’t burn it
    Atlanta, GA: 1996 Summer Olympics held, burned down during the Civil War by General Sherman, home of Coca Cola, CNN Tower

  133. Wendy Reale says:

    Virginia! After all, it is for lovers! Rich in history and modern military, we have everything from big cities to big beaches, plus good old fashioned small towns like Smithfield (ham and hospitality!)

  134. Samantha Jones says:

    Back home again in INDIANA! We have auto racing, basketball, monument circle, and sweet country life! Go Hoosiers!!

  135. Shanice says:

    Nevada with Reno Motto: biggest little city

  136. Larcy says:

    Florida! – Beaches, Sand, Palm Trees, Gators, Flamingo!

  137. Christy says:

    AZ AZ AZ!! Valley of the Sun (Phoenix) – The Grand Canyon State – It’s a dry heat – and how adorable would a tiny saguaro cactus be!!??

  138. Sandy Davis says:

    I would love Texas with a “Dont mess with Texas”, Bluebonnet and a Star

  139. Jennie McGarvey says:


    Iowa nice
    Is This Heaven, No it’s Iowa!
    Field of Dreams
    In Heaven There Is No Beer (that’s why we drink it here!)

    And on and on and on…

  140. Shannon hernadi says:

    Michigan all the way!

  141. Liz says:

    New Hampshire, The Granite State, flower Lilacs,motto Live Free or Die, icon – the Old Man in the Mountain, maple syrup, Mount Washington, Dartmouth, JImmy Fallon’s summer home on Lake Winnepesauki (his daughter Winnie is named after it BTW true story) NE PATRIOTS COUNTRY!!!!!!! (tee hee.couldn’t resist) the summer trifecta of lakes, mountains and seaside beaches. Lobster. yeah I think NH is the one 🙂 but I do have soft spots for Alaska and CT where I lived for 10 years well.

  142. Shana says:

    Texas, please!

  143. Ian says:

    Texas! Everything’s bigger in Texas, so your stand will need to be bigger than normal. 😉

  144. kellie says:


  145. Another vote for Illinois! Definitely the skyline, deep dish pizza and hotdogs w/o the ketchup… if you do a Chicago theme add-on, you could also do north-side vs south-side and “Windy City” which could have tons of your fun puns

  146. Sarah says:

    TEXAS of course !
    Dont mess with texas; everything is bigger in texas, blue bonnets, horses, big sky, porch chairs, state flag,

  147. Erica says:

    with coordinating stamps of
    Don’t cha know
    Paul Bunyon
    Camping themes
    at the lake theme
    Split rock lighthouse
    fishing themes
    Minneapolis skyline
    Spoon and cheery
    Beer theme
    Hockey theme

  148. cori sharer says:

    Even though I live in Illinois I vote Iowa !!! Born there go hawkeyeS!!!

  149. Beth says:


  150. vanesaa says:

    New York of course!!!!!! The big apple, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, the skyline , brooklyn bridge,

  151. anthea says:

    Iowa of course! A hawkeye and an ear of corn for sure 😉

  152. Carollee says:

    Hawaii. You can have plumeria or sea turtle, a Shaka, ono, 808, aloha

  153. Aly says:

    OREGON! Trees (tree line maybe?) Coastal scape, Wild critters! Wooohoooo!

  154. nitasha g. says:

    TEXAS!!!!! sayings could include “everything’s bigger and better in Texas” “You’re sweeter than Texas Tea” or “Hey, Ya’ll” or “Get ‘er done”

  155. Christina says:

    Florida!!! Palm trees, sunshine, hurricane symbol, dolphin. “living in paradise”

  156. terriburson says:

    Alabama…..My Home’s in Alabama….the song from the group AL? Bird is the Yellowhammer. The gulf coast beaches…..Selma, the birthplace of a movement? Come on! Roll Tide and War Eagle…..the South’s biggest college rivalry…probably the nation’s biggest rivalry.

  157. traupman says:


    Words/Sayings: y’all, fixin to, bless your heart, hold your horses, yessir, Howdy, Supper, over yonder, dadgum, pitch a hissy fit, America’s team and of course Everything is bigger in Texas.
    Shapes: Cactus, Bluebonnet, State Flag, cowboy hat, boots, spurs, rustic star, Alamo

  158. Heather Seibel says:

    Pennsylvania for sure, we have the liberty bell, awesome history, and cheesesteaks!

  159. Amy Tapscott says:


  160. Michigan all the way… stamp sets: Talk to the Hand… I miss my Mitten….we give everything a thumbs up in Michigan… I’m here all night… ta dum dum…

  161. Donya says:

    Iowa! Corn, pigs, publishing, and presidents, lol. I would kill for a good tractor image that straddles the line between kiddie cute and super detailed, can’t color it the appropriate brand shade (worse than sports teams I swear). You guys do that so well!

  162. anna says:

    Texas please! Lone star, longhorn, y’all, cowboy boot, Dallas skyline

  163. Lisa says:

    Texas. The yellow rose, cowboy boots and hats, the Texas Rangers, everything in Texas is bigger and better, when it gets below 39° Texans get to cold and Texas shuts down.

  164. Ashley says:


  165. Jen Mitchell says:

    Massachusetts. The Boston skyline. We say things like “wicked awesome” (we actually say stuff like “wicked pissah” but that might not be what you are looking for)!! And bang a u-ey is not just a New Hampshire thing!

  166. emilie says:

    TEXAS!!! Please!!! I’m an Airforce wife, and as much as we move, TEXAS is ALWAYS home to me… Yall, southern comfort (not the drink.. Or the drink?!?

  167. Katya Bess says:

    Glad you have California! 😀 you can always have a part 2 😉 “I left my heart in San Francisco” We have the biggest trees in the world, The Gold Rush, Golden Poppies, “Hollywood where dreams come true” the list goes on. My next one would be Nevada “Viva Las Vegas”

  168. Megan Pedraza says:

    Texas! Don’t mess with Texas!!howdy ya’ll!!!
    Boots cowboy hat bluebonnet outline if Texas. Lonestar state. Pickup truck horse.

  169. Mary E says:

    Moab and Delicate Arch,
    Beehive, Industry,
    Best Snow on Earth
    Crossroads of the West (transcontinental railroad)
    Salt Lake Temple
    Mormon Pioneers

  170. Anna Natalia says:

    Texas, Houston the Space City!

  171. Julia L. says:

    Minnesota please!

  172. Robin says:

    Hawaii! A lei, Diamond Head, Iolani Palace, “try ‘um” (try it), plate lunch, spam musubi, Aloha,

  173. Melissa says:

    Okay, time to toss in my vote for Iowa! Love all the ideas already mentioned! I’ll also suggest a cute little goldfinch as that is the state bird! The state flower is the wild rose.

  174. Susanna says:


  175. Dani Clements says:

    Why of course Georgia ya’ll

  176. CJ S says:

    Iowa! Makes me smile! 😉 We have a LOT to offer, aside from corn and bean fields. The state fair is ranked as one of the BEST. Low crime rates are always welcome. Diverse weather. Bordered by two major rivers.

  177. Cely says:

    Hawaii! sayings: live aloha, 808 state, da kine, hauoli la hanau (happy birthday). could be a pineapple, hibiscus flower, a cute hula dancer, shave ice!

  178. Mel says:


  179. Jen says:

    Massachusetts ideas 🙂

    You say ‘Puritan’ like its a bad thing
    Beantown (pot of Boston baked beans–there is a specific 2-toned pot, you can find pics online)
    Boston, You’re My Home (unofficial slogan from the song)
    Love that Dirty Water (unofficial slogan from the song)
    #DirtyWater (when Red Sox win a game, they play the dirty water song, so if you ask someone if the sox won, you can just say ‘dirty water’ which means yes. This hashtag trends when red sox win)
    Sox, Pats, Bs & Cs: Title Town
    Witch hunting since 1620
    Pissah (aka pisser, aka good. Wicked pissah. A must-have :))
    Plymouth Rocks
    Cape and the Islands
    Worcester: You’re Saying it Wrong

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