Staying Organized!

Hi Sweet Fans!
Candi here today to show you how I am using my SSS Planner stamps for the month of February!
The stamps I am using are:  Plan to EatPlan to Go and Plan Everyday
I am showing you how I am planning out my month (February) on two pages inside my Purposeful Planner.  Did you all see the new markers in the SSS, called Kirarina-2win?!!!  These markers are amazing…they have a fine tip at one end and the other end is a highlighter!  Another perk…they are scented 🙂 sure makes planning extra fun!!!2

Grabbed some inks, my 3 planner stamp sets and markers…let’s get planning!  Stamping out my pay days and grocery days…
My monthly overview shot…wow, my weekends are loaded with stuff to do and mid-week, not so much 🙂
I used the scissor stamp to mark my design team assignments and the list pad stamp for my planning days…
On the left hand side of my month on two pages is a spot with several lines.  I used the “remember” stamp and used red ink so I knew it was important.  Next, I used the open box stamp and stamped that in front of every line to make a to do list for myself.  Once a task was complete, I used the “check” stamp…
Besides stamping, I jazzed up my month with some stickers and fun paper clips.
I am a Chicago Blackhawks fan so I stamped all of the game nights with “sports”!  I stamped that in black and wrote “Go Hawks!” in red.  Next up I added the blank face stamp to each hockey night…if they won, I drew a happy face…if they lost, I drew a frown…LOVE IT!
Sure hope you enjoyed my planner post and were inspired to pull out those planner stamps and start PLANNING 🙂
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Happy Planning,

9 Responses to Staying Organized!

  1. Casey Thrush says:

    This is awesome! Thank you for sharing ideas with us!

  2. iknight says:

    I am new to your site, and stamping in general, but I love the idea of using stamps in my calendar! However, I feel like I’m missing something. I looked through the store and found the sets I like, but I’m not sure what the acrylic blocks are for. Is that something I need? I thought it might serve as the ‘handle’ for the stamps maybe. If you could fill me in I’d greatly appreciate it!

    • Janette Platt says:

      The acrylic blocks are used to hold the clear stamps, the just cling to the block. Then you pat the stamp with an inkpad and stamp!

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