Well, Hello There!

Hi there! Chrissie here with you today.  I (mostly) work behind the scenes here at Sweet.  I am the Design Team Coordinator.  I might not be in your face all the time, but I’m always here, trying to make sure things run smoothly!

So… you might be wondering exactly what a Design Team Coordinator does.  It’s my job to be the liaison between the Design Team and the owner (Nicole).  That means I answer all Design Team questions that pop up, schedule out blog posts, set up due dates for new releases, work with Guest Designers, etc.  I work side-by-side with our amazing Social Media Coordinator, too! I also have to make sure that photographs and blog posts are up to par.  At Sweet, we are tough – we really expect nothing but the best, so that means I  mentor the DT, too! Yes, I’m there to make sure everything runs as perfectly as possible, but I’m also there to cheer people on and to help them market themselves along with Sweet! Luckily, I’m a very organized person (yup – I was the kid in fifth grade that the teacher STILL remembers because I was her most organized student ever – yikes!), because having organizational skills is essential to doing what I do! The best part of being a Coordinator is working with so many talented people from the industry and forming friendships with them.  I know that sounds a little cliche, but it’s really true.

Now that you know a little bit about what I do for Sweet, I wanted to share a project that I created and a few cards that my little girl made! 🙂

I’ve always enjoyed making shaker cards.  And I love the fact that they’ve been popping up everywhere these last few months! I created one using the stamp set from The On Cherry Street Kit: Day to Day along with Holiday Town.


It was actually easy to make the shaker window – I die cut a window opening a few times using circular dies and adhered them together.  I just cut a piece of acetate and placed it on the back of the circle opening.  That way, I didn’t have to add a gazillion foam dots!


As much as I love Clean and Simple cards, I also love lots of layers – it makes things more interesting to look at!!!

Below are two cards my little girl created using Monster Mash.  She loves to craft with me (and takes up a lot of space on my craft desk, LOL!). Sometimes, in the morning before I leave for work, she asks me if we can both just stay home and craft all day.  Wouldn’t that be the life?! 🙂

She gets so excited when I get ‘stampies’ in the mail because she knows she will get to play with them too!

So, that’s it for me.  I just wanted to pop in and say hi! 🙂 Make sure you Like us on Facebook – we have a new release coming up soon and you won’t want to miss it!

Stamps Used:


Day to Day


Holiday Town


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  1. Super fun Chrissie!!!! that’s awesome that there’s another crafter in the house…your girl is awesome.

  2. carisa says:

    I love hearomg more about your job as DT coordinator! Sounds like you are the perfect womam for the job! I absolutely adore your shaker card – they intimidate me so! Love your daughter’s card, too! My girls are the same way and I swear they craftore withy stash than I do! LOL

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