December Release

Did someone hit the ‘fast forward’ button on December? How is it that I’ve looked up and half the month is gone. I swear, when I was a kid – December was about as slow going as the molasses pouring in the gingerbread mix. Right? Then, hello adulthood – and someone hits the ‘fast forward’ button on all things holiday.

Anyway, long story short – here we are, and it’s release day!


First we should announce the winner of our give-a-way. We had over 400 entries, and as randomly as we could {doing a give-a-way in both Facebook and instagram made it hard to keep it all straight #notetoself} ANYWAY, the winner is….

Tara Rice!

Tara, email us at and claim your prize – including your shipping information. <3

We’re releasing 6 new stamp sets {I kept saying ‘5’ and I think that just goes to show you how fried my holiday brain is – how could I miss a whole stamp set?}

3 new Petite Sweets: Give Em Tacos – Granny Panties – Never Enough

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 2.53.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 2.52.56 PM 10394547_10204695818822603_3802570854091913881_n

2 new 2×6 – with a new planner set!!! Plan to Work – His and Hers 

16112_10204654304904781_7784088469740027780_n 1622773_10204701600527142_3528025801660235576_n

And, finally – my personal favorite this time – one 4×6 ‘Quilt Stitch’ 


We’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing designers work with our stamps over the last few months – and these ladies really went above and beyond…. {did I mention how behind I am with the holidays?!}…. anyway, these ladies took time out of their busy holiday lives – and made some cards for this release. It would mean A LOT to me if you just took a moment and said hi to them on their blogs! {click the pictures to go to their blogs}

1526158_1651745835052294_4795256839941849250_n 10868179_10203368256146406_9128204117483913204_n 10450789_1651744898385721_4111384221248585305_n 10444427_10152828835235289_5402181589163044166_n1743519_10152662256418423_4625098096790204495_n 10857854_10205273140653881_3731893066579896724_n 10846513_10152662248023423_7807563349676640941_n 10388580_1650869975139880_6375773100471151986_n 10565225_10204720604482465_6223686873132175940_n 10849811_10204720614282710_625847064022182643_n 10433120_10203388611697342_1503220002601191625_n 10378247_10153006464294884_1375851403218096911_n

Thank you so much for stopping by the designers and saying hello – it really makes both my Christmas and theirs…. I promise!

Take a moment and visit the shop here:

We’ll be back with lots more inspiration – and we’re kicking off a new creative team in 2015 {we’ll be accepting applications soon so keep those eyes peeled!}



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  1. Teresa Godines #6857 says:

    Very cute

  2. Anja curvers says:

    Such a great and awesome release really love it. All the cards are amazing and my favorite is the his and hers set.

  3. Super sweet and funny new sets!

  4. Lori Kobular says:

    Oh my goodness these are so darn cute!! I love them all!!

  5. Rubeena says:

    soooo cute! I am so glad I placed an order <3

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