The Evolution of Style

Hey everyone! Heather here for another pop of pocket scrapping inspiration. When I first started documenting my projects, I was so nervous about messing up a cute card. What if I spell something wrong, the spacing is off, or my handwriting looks silly? Well that is all ok! I started writing my journaling on 3×4 grid cards, cut them down, and stapled them to the cards. It was a perfect solution! I no longer had to worry about the what if something bad happens, i got to celebrate the look how awesome my completed page is! Now when you watch along side as I create videos, you will be in the know as to how that part of ‘my style’ was developed.


I hope you enjoy this video I put together using a couple cute cards form the On Cherry Street kit, Day to Day. And if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more inspiration!

Until next time, Heather.


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